Wednesday, April 11, 2012

emissaries of land, air & water ~ watercolors and 8B pencil in 8 1/2" x 11" stillman and birn 'alpha' sketchbook

in the big (8 1/2" x 11") sketchbook i've been drawing with no thought for composition (of the overall page, that is); that is beyond me. i saw some mermaid creatures on tumblr and i've been drawing a lot of them. trying out different colors, noses, etc...

watercolors and 8B pencil in 8 1/2" x 11" stillman and birn 'alpha' sketchbook

in the last couple of weeks i've come to see that i'm a small book person for sure, but on the other hand i've come to love the big book as a place to try out ideas. (ha, like i ever do anything else) i didn't plan to have the bird girl fly through her hair (is it hair?). it just worked out like that.

i got my 4" x 6" stillman & birn journal!! when i snapped this pic i was sketching a new idea in the big book; another good thing about big books is that you can use them as a sort of lap desk... the small book has ivory paper in it, and the big one, white.

* * *

Sol LeWitt, letter to Eva Hesse via tumblr

you can read the entire letter
here (click on the link under the title of the post)


  1. I love your new paintings - especially the top one - it's wonderful!
    And that letter is rather just what I needed to read right now - thank you.
    Hope your hand is healing well.
    Best wishes.

  2. Your mermaid folk are wonderful Lynne....folky, mythical, magical! Missed the earlier post too...another of your beautiful faces.
    The green hair (?) and the bird girl make me smile. Your art always makes me smile.

    Jacky xox

  3. doing small works in big books seems to work well for you... your emissaries are divine... how is your boo boo? all healed? hope so... xox

  4. Oh yes - love the mermaids and mythic folk! and that letter feels like it was written to me - such excellent timing ... thank you!

    And, yes, very much hoping you're on the mend. Just another opportunity to work with your less dominant hand.


  5. I love the part human emissaries from the natural world, angels of the elements, they are so delicate and graceful. And I was struck by the sheer beauty of the green haired being, what a wonderful face, a wood nymph that you have met on your rambles for sure.

    Everything here made me smile including the letter with it's lovely tossings of words and it's message of truth!

    Thanks for the fun! I especially needed that this morning.

  6. I am always so very grateful for all of the infinite possibilities that there are for our creativity. Big or small, white or not, formal or play, and so on and so on.
    Mermaids speak to me when I go to the beach, just like the rocks. Loving these swimming, grasping ones.
    The message "Do!" is also speaking to me. Less reading and looking at others creations and more diving back into my own...
    Off to do it !
    Much Love, Inspiring One !

  7. As a small book lover I cheer you on in filling your new stillman & birn! I just ordered a new tiny moleskine!

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  9. Oh wow, you've created starmaid's also! Must be connecting into something beautiful! Your art is always so beautiful!

  10. oh what surprising little playfulness you bring us today. new beings and new colors doing new things. there is a little mischief here and there wondering what the new size is doing but making little beings blossom. what joy you have interpreted from your being to their and to us. xox

  11. Hi Lynne lovely work green hair is so cool would be tempted lol wanted purple steaks last week he he
    the letter is great and such a kick in the butt , she must have needed it lol
    i always seem to follow Zani's post they always make me smile too lol

    hugz bev hope u are healing xoxox

  12. I love the flow of colors and the energies in this journal...I splash my large one almost daily with the remaining dyes from my day's process. Peace, Mary helen Fernandez stewart

  13. OMG...that letter! LOL!

    Your art is so interesting and I especially love the fish beings...they make me think of Egypt for some reason and some of the old ancient art from millions of years ago. The lady with green hair....well, let's just say she should NEVER buy a box of Miss Clairol. EVER.

    All kidding aside...these pieces are thoughtful, beautifully painted and illustrated and intelligent.


  14. LoveloveLOVE your floaty beings! I hope your wrist is healing well, and that you're enjoying your days among the trees.

    Your work in books is inspiring me. . . :0)

  15. my first wonder is why you choose "land" and not the usual earth air & water.

    lovely symbolic storyland

  16. Looks like trees to me, but then, trees can be hair- perfect for bird-people to fly through.

    I love that letter to Eva Hesse; it's great advice for all of us, don't you think? I >DO<

  17. Lynne, from what i see, the bigger book has helped you to unfurl if that makes sense. In the smaller books the drawings are exquisite buds whereas in the bigger book they are like blooms opening out. I see the beauty in both but like you, I'm so drawn to your small books. LOVE girl with face bird resting in her green hair!

  18. Your work never ceases to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ox

  19. The 2nd & 3rd paintings are just beautiful; light, airy, ethereal.

    I thought the first painting was a photograph!


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