Sunday, April 1, 2012

'evelyn' ~ watercolors, gouache, oil pastels & old paper on cardboard - approx. 5" x 7"

i finished 'evelyn' early last week but i haven't gotten around to putting wax on her. she and tina lorene (last post on the easel) will both have wax on them. they're good friends as far as i can tell...

i've been messing around with lots of different stuff - working in different books, trying this and that out. we've had a lot of rainy, snowy, windy days so i snapped all of these pics this morning during a brief period of sunshine.

this is a page in a 7" x 10" 'epsilon' from stillman and birn.
i *adore* the paper in this book. it has a 'plate' surface for working with pen and ink, and it's super smooth. this pic doesn't do the paper justice at all... here i'm using colored pencils and faber-castell albrecht durer watercolor pencils (i used a niji waterbrush on them)... it is serious fun to color with both of them on this paper!!

cut from the 'epsilon' paper... i glued her to the front of the book - i used my .25 rapidosketch pen. this paper is pen delight...

more watercolor pencils and colored pencils in an 8 1/2" x 11" 'alpha' sketchbook. after all of my whining about working on 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" pages in the last post, believe it or not i really like the 8 1/2" x 11" page!

in the large 'alpha' again - i drew her outline with a brush dipped in sepia calligraphy ink, the rest is watercolors...

and for my 'daily book' i'm finishing a 4" x 6" altered book that i bought in 2008.

pages from then... i was still doing a lot of collage, and i had no pogo printer! the image on the left was printed with a 'regular' printer.

this book is amazing; it was altered by bobbi studstill and the main reason i didn't finish in 2008 was that i loved it so much as it was - i just didn't want to mess it up. now i don't feel afraid of messing it up, i'm just very glad that i have it...

the two pics above are pages from this week using watercolors and colored pencils. when i'm done with this i'll start in another 4" x 6" stillman and birn 'gamma'.

and i made a muslin book! woo! i love them so much! here are the pages just before i put the acrylic paint on them. in case you haven't seen it, there's a tutorial for making muslin books in the sidebar. there are many ways you can vary the 'recipe' - here i put walnut ink on the muslin and stuck bits of old prayer flags to it with the acrylic paint as i went. also i now sand the pages with 150 grit sandpaper when the acrylic is dry. it makes for a smoother surface...

the finished book...


: )

* * *

from the (2009) exhibition "Squeak Carnwath: Painting Is No Ordinary Object". i highly recommend it; squeak is way up on the list of people i admire (and whose paintings i love)...


  1. Lynne I can't wait to try a muslin book. I am just so excited by this. Long have I wanted to but I have my fingers in so many pots there hasn't been a lot of time to just dream about what I want to do next. So I've been finishing up some things. I will do a muslin (probably linen actually as I have a whack of it) book. But what I really wanted to say is that your face (the face you painted) up top has a wonderful interesting look to her. Her face is lopsided or unsymmetrical in a wonderfully artistic appealing way. Just so fabby. In real life I play a game with myself. When I see an interesting asymmetrical face either in person, or on t.v. I concentrate on one side only to see what it looks like, and then the other side. I try to imagine what the person would look like with one or the other side actually symmetrical. There would be two completely different faces and neither would look like the actual person. I find this fascinating. I don't know why. But your lovely original fabby art has captured the look I love perfectly. *smiles* Norma

  2. You are just hopped up on creative juice! It is just so much fun to see the wide variety of things you're doing and the fullness and richness of it all.

    The most interesting thing to me is I'd never heard of Squeak Carnwath (great name!) until I went to an artist talk by Sheila Norgate (who I think you'd love) and she said Squeak was her favourite artist. And now here she is on your post. I love it when this happens.

    And Evelyn, well she's just sheer eye candy. She has this warm tropical kind of look to her I think she might be headed to one of those outdoor bars, a tiki lounge or something ready to order a drink with an umbrella in it!

  3. Wow Lynne! Wow! You have been busy! Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous images. It's been the perfect way to start my day. :0)

    I had forgotten about your muslin books. They are perfect! And Squeak! Oh wow! Instant love!
    (I hope you realize that I've used my week's quota of exclamation marks in this comment already! Teehee! :0) )

  4. Hi Lynne! Evelyn is to die for...she could not be painted any better than she is...her perfect colors and texture. I love her!

    You have so much to look at in this! I love your march wind journal pic...the art work surrounding the picture is fantastic.

    I enjoyed the Squeak video favorite kind of have NO plans.

    Lots of love Lynne!

  5. Oh LH! So much wonderful eye candy and inspiration! Thank you! I too have been thinking of making a muslin journal and it is funny to see that you have started another. Now for sure you have got me going. I just spotted my plaster cloth and will be using that too. Can't wait to see what you share! Love, love your posts and will get back to looking at them all over again!

  6. Its official. I think of you as an artistic alchemist. Your studio like an art laboratory with handmade books glowing from shelves and colored pencils and chalks blooming like flowers from vessels and tabletops.
    Your muslin book is amazing as is your blue haired lady. I can't wait to watch that video either.

  7. Umm, hi Lynne - this post is so packed with good stuff, I must come back later today when I have time to slowly peruse. xxoo, sus

  8. hello lynne,

    i loved each bit of this post
    so fun to see what you have been up to

    when you add your photos to your art journal, for me i feel as though i am looking into another realm. like your art page is where i am and the photo is another realm. fun effect.

    I love your style of critters and creatures, flowers and all that you put in your journal pages, they touch my heart.

    thanks for sharing about these journals and your journal. I love hearing about supplies.

    lovely week to you.

  9. great video ! i needed to see that .
    as always you are inspirational .

  10. whoooooo hoooooo happily absorbing all the wonderful tid bit's you've scattered around in this post. It's like walking in a gentle spring rain shower, where each droplet explodes into ripples and cascades over everything it touches....can I just say I adore your posts so much Lynne. I look forward to them and today, after a very full and energy zapping weekend, your post was pure delight. I feel refreshed. :)

  11. oh Lynne, Your art is so fun to look at. I enlarge all the pic's as you have something unique in every square inch! And Squeak.... had never hear of her. Thank you for sharing. I LOVED her video- I love the concept of not having to now what's next. My biggest obstacle- the need for creative control. And last but not least, your muslin journal. Gosh, you amaze me. Thank You, thank you, ThAnK yOu!!!!!!

  12. Always so much GOODness here! And thanks for the introduction to squeak...

  13. What a post..So much energy and inspiration and I love the muslin book..Thank you as always and drop by and see we have sheep in the south.

  14. Squeak has been one of my favourite artists for years and years and years! I've never heard her speak about her work but I have read her book over and over again.
    It sounds as though many new fans have been ignited by you including the video in your posting. Wonderful!

    Lynne, you have been busily creative and I'm in awe of your productivity!

  15. Lynne, I had such a lovely visit here! Your work amazes me. I LOVE Evelyn... and so many other works of art here. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

  16. Senorita Lynne, let me tell you about our dear friend Evelyn. I heard her name whispered along the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, Granta, Brazil. Yes, all those that live in the shadow have heard her name. She was a beautiful songstress - fado was the music that came from her lips in the tavernas at night. She sang of her love for the good for nothing Count Vimioso a bohemian aristocrat who left alone to deal with the still birth of her child. The ghostly remains of that last kiss, the white spot of the lower lip, still tortures her at night. You beautiful render the images that she has in her mind of how that child would look - in your sketch books. Sometimes an angel with one wing, sometimes a blossom, a light glowing where the heart should be. And then, re-incarnated as a little field mouse sniffing hoping to find her mama. The bleeding heart, she drips the blood of the Sangria dela Christos. And you, perhaps you are the figure in black - so thinly drawn - black in mourning for our dear evelyn. Her shroud the muslin book. Write her story/paint her heart Senorita Lynne. Her story needs to be told. As you wonder the forest listen to Evelyn sing to you through the oak and pine. (no spell checking was performed. any similarity to actual characters is purely an act of nature.) xox ani

  17. Hi Lynne just finished reading your last 2 posts how i enjoyed them and seeing your art again and the prayer flags flapping in the wind , i love evelyn and lou ann shes different for u .. love that altered book never thought to just go through and prep all the pages and gift one , good idea... an even though ive not made a muslin book i have done pages and like to work on them ...

    hugz bev

  18. Oh, I just love your sweet sensitive painted faces. So lovely!

  19. so glad you followed thru and made your muslin book... and ooooohhhh my... loved the squeak vid... I really identified with her, even though our work is soooo different... in heaven right now... grin xoxo

  20. Oh Lynne, I just love Evelyn, those eyes just pierce right into me. She is just exquisite, and the flower and colours... beautiful. Let me know if she wants to come and live with Jeanette, we'd set up the spare room in a flash. Any way I've been coming back to her for days, she's captivating

  21. wel....first and foremost...i hope your hand heals..(would comfrey ointment help??) and thank you for such a wonderful visual feast. I love your leaf canvases and leaving art in the open and your love of trees...the green shrine is magical. The Squeak Carnwath video is inspirational so a big thank you for bringing her to me today. xxx


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