Saturday, April 14, 2012

watercolors and gouache on manzanita leaf - in my sewing box

* * *

“If you are stone, be magnetic; if a plant, be sensitive; if you are human, be love.”

~ Victor Hugo


  1. I love your photograph of your sewing basket, it would make a wonderful greeting card..... such enticing art...
    Such a wonderful quote!

    lovely Sunday to you~

  2. what a beautiful, earthy tangle! the sewing basket of some ancient forest princess, I think. To be all these things; magnetic, sensitive and love, I think this would be good too!

  3. Those manzanita leaves make the most beautiful canvasses for your sensitive art. Love the quote 'be love' , , , ,

    'Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you
    in time - It's easy.
    All you need is love, all you need is love,'


  4. Oh Lynne, what a beautiful photo. A silk nest for your manzanita leave. Gorgeous. xoxo

  5. ah, a nest yes...maybe made by that wing/air emissary from the other day. the babies that would sleep in this nest would be magical for sure - much more then phoenix, a new form of magical being. the butterleaffly glows so beautifully it looks to be lifting into the air with a breeze - off, up and away. lovely dear one. (hey, who need binders/sketch books when there are leaves, yes!)

  6. Hey Lynne
    the little is wearing it's color so proudly and sweetly, all decked out for spring, just kicking back in it's soft place to land...LOVE. Also thoroughly enjoyed your previous post, ADORE the lil mermaids cavorting about. :)

  7. yes, love.. and laughter.

    hope wrist is better

  8. I love your sewing box. Of course.
    I hope you're on the mend. xoxo

  9. oh a wonderful tangle of magicalness lol is that a word , well if not it should be lol

    wonderful quote and i too hope u are mending well ....

    hugz bev

  10. Your sewing box looks like a nice place to visit. You little painting on the leaf is brilliant.

  11. I just want to dig into that stash and create!


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