Saturday, April 7, 2012

two of me side by side would not be as wide as this tree

i took these pics this week on my wanders in the woods... the reason i can tromp around on my own paths, make shrines, and leave things hanging where no one (besides creatures, both visible and invisible) will see them, is that i live next to a national forest.

this kind of art is my favorite... i leave it all in the woods...

the green shrine tree

rust is the *best* thing to draw on with colored pencils!

prismacolor pencils on found lid

hanging beside the green shrine tree

watercolors - this writing is almost two years old!

prismacolor and 8B pencil on bark laying at the foot of the tree in the top pic

a wet weather stream flowing over a big root, bottom center

prismacolor & 8B pencil on manzanita leaves

i carry pieces of sari silk with me for hanging stuff. it comes in so handy.

my sewing/fabric kit with some extra manzanita 'canvases'

watercolors on manzanita leaf

ahh! to see them blow and twirl!!

on another subject entirely... i hurt my right hand/wrist in february when i was out tromping around; i lost my footing on some snowy rocks and fell, with my right hand almost entirely breaking the fall. thanks to a lot of arnica and hypericum and my dh, who did everything possible so i wouldn't have to, it healed beautifully - until a few weeks ago! huh?!! yes well, i've figured out that what's made it start hurting again is using the computer keyboard! in light of this i'm not going to reply to comments until my hand is more fully healed... unless you ask a question, then i'll be sure and answer.

* * *

John Ruskin, 'Chestnut Leaves' - pen, ink & watercolor

“You sent for me to talk to you of art; and I have obeyed you in coming. But the main thing I have to tell you is, that art must not be talked about.”

~ John Ruskin, from 'Sesame and Lilies', via tumblr


  1. I am asking NOTHING. Because I want you to get healed in full. I love love love your nature art. I can smell the pines in each photo. Oh how I love the forest. I LOVE it. Why do I live on the prairie? Who's sick joke was that? Ha ha ha.

    Big big get well hugs Lynne. Your spirit shines and shines in this post. Happy Easter. Happy Everything.

  2. you're pretty cool.

    if you lived near me we could hang out and drink wine.

    but i wouldn't go into the woods because i like nature from a distance.

    i think that suits you just fine - you don't want any company in those woods.


    anyway, i'm in one of those things where i'm restless and on the edge of something.
    that always makes me leave rambly comments.

    and i always feel like you understand the restless on the edge of something thing.


  3. a little acorn flower just sprung up in my heart. i can feel and see the spirit of the little dendrologist inside the artist. the shrine is so peaceful as is this entire post. i feel as though i'd taken a little walk with you today. cheers little friend of the forest, woods and stream. xox ani

  4. Ahhh this is u in your element Lynne and the trees and rocks and leaves lol its how i think of u i told u that when we first cyber met ... take care and rest that hand keep it strapped and have a happy easter my friend ....

    hugz bev

    oh its autumn here and u know ive never painted on a leaf ive use them for printing so im going to paint some ....

  5. Oh those manzanita leaves are wonderful to see them decorated and blowing in the breezes,,,what lovely finery for the trees! Such a happy place to be walking in those woods, making shrines, painting leaves, being so close to nature. I can tell you are in your element Lynne.
    Most wonderful post. Take care of that hand of yours Lynne.
    Jacky xox

  6. Solitude is best where it really isn't. How could you ever be alone with all those redwoods and leaves and the wind rustling the ferns and manzanitas?
    No questions here, just heal. What a treat to see a J.R. watercolor (I picture him in his best brown waiscoat and pants for tramps in the countryside).Bet he'd love yours.

  7. lovely to sort of take a walk with you

    your nature art is lovely and my sense is that the trees love it too

    i will not ask any questions, i want your hand to heal~

  8. I love the idea of leaving little bits of art in the landscape :)

  9. Love the photos! Love the drawing and painting on leaves and your tree alters! Hope your hand/wrist feels better soon! Take care!

  10. Lynne - your wood's art is so wonderful. It's you - your heart - giving little gifts back to those magnificent trees. And I have always believed there's a colony of unseen elves and fairies that inhabit those wonderful forests. I can just picture them smiling after you've been there.

    I need no response - just knowing you are healing. Big hugs and smiles this Easter sunday!

  11. I love going in your walks with you into this bit if paradise. You leave it even better than you found it. I hope you feel better soon and heal!

  12. love the way you draw on those beautiful leaves. I am trying to find something similar in UK to use. Fun experimentingx Lynda

  13. Hi Lynne.
    It is so magical to be able to go out in the woods like that and leave art. I might steal that idea next time I go to any! I have not ever drawn on rust. I like drawing on stones but must try more materials I think. I hope your wrist heals properly. Oh, and I really enjoy what you share/post on Tumblr. I look at it most days and there is so much beauty there.

  14. oh forgot to say...hope you are healing and feeling betterxxxlynda

  15. Thank you for that peaceful walk in your woods! I love how you celebrate the trees with your lovely decorations.
    Take care,

  16. What a beautiful post. There's nothing better to be amongst Trees, Earth and Rocks, to make your heart sing and your Spirit soar. Thankyou for taking us all on one of your special walks. Sorry to hear about your wrist though. Yes you must keep it immobilised, and may I suggest, wrapped in a bandage. Take care, Marg oxox

  17. Such a pleasure to enjoy this walk with you, Lynne. Hope your paw heals again soon. Best thing is to rest it, for sure. xxoo, sus

  18. Wonderful offerings to the trees and such generosity to give your creativity in this way - hug a tree Lynne and the healing will be complete I'm sure!

  19. Thanks again for sharing your nature art, Lynne. I hope you support your wrist with a splint and lots of Reiki. Be well, be well, dear one.

  20. Okay, well, if you're not going to respond to comments I'm only going to say nice things. That'll teach you.

    This is one of the best things I've read in weeks. I'm linking to this on my blog.

    My two readers may come by and say nice things.

  21. thank goodness you don't have comment moderation. one more CAPCHA and I might do myself in.

  22. truly adore your landscape, esp--wet weather stream flowing over a big root. The shrine!

    The energy and spirit there must be deep.

    Its all so beautiful, except the pain in your wrist. Heal well.

  23. I love this, that you just wander and leave a trail of art behind you. You are like peace pilgrim of the woods!

    My favourite is the rusted tin lid when it's hanging. And of course the leaves fluttering on their little stands are marvelous too!

    Take care of that lovely arm. And remember I never got any comments for eons so I am quite happy to ramble on here while your arm returns to it's normal vigour.

    Happy Spring wandering.

  24. I felt I was there with you (loves trees, rubs arnica on my damaged foot that's taking a long time to heal).
    Hope you're feeling much better.

  25. Rest that incredible, important hand, Beautiful Artist Woman. The trees, Nature, the world, and I needs your art.

    Much love and light to you !

  26. Please do not answer this! Oh I do wish I'd read this post before I sent you a long chatty email and which you replied to TWICE today! Dang Lynne! Well my comment to this post is ... awesome, awesome, awesome. Just delicious. I mean the part about the trees. Oh I bet those trees will be chatting amongst themselves about you for a long, long time. *smiles* Norma

  27. I love the mental (and pictorial) image of the manzanita canvases spinning in the wind!

    Heal thyself up soon!

    And good to see you around, even though it's I who've been gone. I've missed my visits.



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