Tuesday, December 6, 2011

watercolors, gouache, colored pencils and matte gel medium on old paper

this hexagon is one of the many things that have come from my exploration of hexagons/honeycomb, which started here. at the time i had no idea that synchronicity would present me with so many opportunities to learn more about them! one of the latest things i read is that some scientists feel that it's the frequency (i.e. resonance) of the hexagonal shape that calls bees back to the hive - it's what they hone in on. i don't seek these things out - they just pop up out of (seemingly) nowhere! before this all started i'd never thought about the fact that there is a star tetrahedron inside a hexagon...

in case you're wondering what i'm using for a template for these cards, it's a card from the rumi tarot deck. it's about 2 3/4" x 4 1/2". the artwork is by nigel jackson, and there are a lot of great images in the deck.



  1. I am currently reading a very interesting book called THe HIve by Bee Wilson all about bees. It is very interesting. x te

  2. love your hexagon..... hope all is well with you! xo Sandy

  3. loving your little deck of collages that are shaping up. Now you will have to give each one a wise saying!

    Oo, a Rumi Tarot deck, I like the sound of that.

    I saw a great movie a while back called "Queen of the Sun". It's about bees and biodynamic gardening and bee sanctuaries. Oops another thing just fell in your lap!

  4. i always have something to muse on after i visit your blog.

    thank you for being a true inspiration.


  5. So beautiful...the hexagon has a voice of its own. Peace, Mary Helen

  6. Each card you create is different and wonderful. How many cards in your deck?

  7. I love your hexagon within the star...a beautiful deck of tarot cards and that is a wonderful saying (another that I will write in my journal).

    Jacky xox

  8. the things you learn... amazes me... our bees are so very savy... are you collaging on the cards or recreating the same shape.... oxoxox

  9. My favourite patchwork shape is the hexagon. After trying other shapes, I come back to it time and again. I think it's because it's similar to a circle, to me it is anyway!
    That tarot is lovely, lots to inspire!
    Jess xx

  10. The hive....We are Borg, resistance is futile.
    And who can resist your lovely work?

  11. I love the wonderful discoveries that are coming to you. Love that a been finds his way home by the frequency of a shape! Lovely card.

  12. Hi Lynne this one leads me in many directions , a very thought provoking work...

    hugs bev

  13. Oh boy do I love what you do! The Rumi Tarot cards are lovely. ox

  14. Zoomed in as I needed a Lynne Hoppe 'Fix'... arrgh You never fail to disappoint :-)....
    Thank You...

  15. Hi Lynne,
    hopefully this comment will reach you (I lost two I guess). I like your "new" works a lot, special this one and the lost one with the flower. It's always energizing to look at your Blog. And the Rumi Tarot - I know some Tarots - but not this one - very interesing - I will have a further look. Thanks.

    Hope your are fine

    with many greetings

  16. Dear Lynnie, I am fascinated with your new work, the collaged elements that are appearing and reading about your mind wanderings. Happy December...

  17. It's weird how these things happen... my husband is going to start keeping bees this spring, and it seems everywhere I look are honeycombs, hexagons, and bee-stuff. The resonance thing sounds very interesting, but I don't really understand it.


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