Monday, December 26, 2011

lulu ~ watercolors, gouache and oil pastels on old paper - approx. 3" x 4 1/2"

it looks like lulu might pick a fight with the next person that wanders by! i've painted ten faces on these cards now and they've all been a joy, even feisty lulu...

on december 19th the sun shown in my art room windows illuminating it entirely. the same thing happened yesterday as the sun was in the same position it was in before the solstice. i know, i know, the sun's not actually moving, it's the earth - but it certainly looks like it's the sun! i love to watch the movement of the sun, especially at this time of year...

the wall behind my chair - that red thing is a blanket on the back of my chair...

i snapped a lot of pics, ha! this is what was on the table. it's a 7" x 9" sennelier journal that this lovely person gave to me. i'm really enjoying working on a bigger page... and i'm getting close to finishing another pocket moleskine, and still painting on the cards. i like the diversity of it all...

i don't have a link to the sennelier journal - i'm not sure if they are available online. i've just discovered stillman and birn journals, though, which seem very promising. click on 'paper specifications' (top right on the home page) to quickly see what kinds of papers are used in their journals.



  1. neat room :D
    i Love peeks into artrooms :)


  2. lulu is quite delicious, like a Christmas chocolate, but she might be one with a hint of smoky salt or a dot of chili pepper. I don't think I'd cross Lulu, I see a potential mean streak, ready to be ignited.

    Love to see your work space and be reminded of the sun which is apparently hiding somewhere in your neighbourhood.

    merry everything to you!!

  3. I like a feisty Lulu!
    But my attention was drawn by your worktable so like mine (the stuff on it, and the size, I mean) and the lamp on the left, which is exactly like mine.

    I'm not really surprised -- but I wish I could paint faces like you. I'll just enjoy yours. xoxo

  4. What a nosey little bugger i am...i loved sneaking around your room while you were out. it's a great thing, being un-neat. lulu is again shifting with the tides and the moon. your working is getting stronger. each one has so much voice and passion. I think it's coming from within your soul/sole. i feel 2012 is going to be a magical year for you my dear. i'm so excited by this new work. small piece speak softly and have perhaps more to say...larger pieces may have more volume and more can hear but their passions will all be your's. xxxooo to a happy you.

  5. ps...go to my tumblr sometime. i posted some images there by a robert ohnigian. he calls his work, "painting with paper." I thought of you immediately...paper is part of your paint box.

  6. Gawd, *sigh* I love visiting your blog.

    I love how your work is so subtle and honest, gentle.

  7. I love your studio...I have a big red pillow on my futon to rest when my day is busy and I need to refuel. Blessings, Mary Helen

  8. I love Lulu, unlike me, she looks like she knows where she is headed. Such a treat to view your fabulous paintings. Awesome workroom, I love crowded, looks like my space, hardly room to move. Thanks Lynne. ox

  9. i like this face a lot. lulu? seems like she's got lots of gumption. i like her!

  10. I love Lulu, she reminds me of my grandmother who was Lula. And she was a feisty woman like your lulu. Watch out world! : )

    I am soooooo enjoying Lunette. She sits in a little frame that suits her on my bookshelf I use as my nightstand. I look at her every day.

    I love your work space Lynne! So much to look at and sooooo warm and cozy. No wonder your pieces are so have a lot of inspiration all around you.


  11. I love it when the sun streams in through the window onto my work table. It makes me want to paint and play! Your table looks just like mine when I'm in the middle of painting or drawing. I'm quite a neat person on the whole but when I'm painting I have to go with the flow and sometimes things pile up so much I have to purposefully put things back on shelves to make room for the thing I'm working on! Thanks for sharig this, lovely work!
    Jess xx

  12. Lulu seems a bit pouty and stubborn to me- like some of my students! She might just cross her arms, turn her back, and refuse to do anything. I like her; she's lovely.

    I also like seeing your studio- it's fascinating to me to see where other artists work.

    p.s. darn, darn, darn- I wanted to buy the bird/person. Too late!

    big big hugs to you, and wishes for the best new year ever!

  13. I don't know ... Lulu doesn't look like she's ready to pick a fight, more like she just doesn't suffer fools well and she just had a rather perplexing brief encounter and is sorting it out. Just because I've seen that look on my own face.....
    Love the w.i.p. on the table ... especially the one on the left.

  14. Excellent Lulu, welcome to the world!
    Thank you for the peek into your artmaking corner and the stillman and birn info.

  15. Tell LuLu that I've had days like that... -J

  16. It took me almost an hour to catch up...and I loved every minute. ♥♥♥

  17. Inspiration everywhere!
    It looks small/but then everything is at hand , 'at your elbow' i loved looking at some of your collection of post cards and other images.
    happy happy new year

  18. I love these glimpses into your studio Lynne, Such wonderful art and colour everywhere, but such a feeling of peace when I glimpse in.

    Jacky xox

  19. Seeing your work in a studio setting is such a treat. I'm feeling the creativity. It simmers! LOVE your cards so much!

    2012?! .... Can you believe it? All the best to you Lynne and may your creativity boil and bubble all year long.

  20. When I've been away for a while it's always fun to look at a group of your faces all at once and see which one pops out at me the most. Lulu is the one this time. maybe I'm in a feisty mood. I bet you could use these as soul collage cards. Pull a face card and see what she/he has to teach us at this time.

  21. Thanks for the glimpse into the place where you create. So much inspiration in every nook and cranny!


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