Sunday, December 18, 2011

holy dolly ~ watercolors, oil pastels and gouache on old paper

* * *

paul klee was born on this date in 1879. i thank the fantastic tumblr 'ordinary finds' for this quote and image...

“Color has got me. I no longer need to chase after it. It has got me for ever. I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour.”

~ Paul Klee


  1. yes, a wonderful quote
    and i love the yellow golden of holy dolly's hair.

  2. hi Lynne i ditto what Tammie Lee said and i love Klee's work , her eyes are very piercing...

    hugz bev

  3. holy doly looks like a caryatid. strong as though she could hold up the world. she's looking one way and pk is looking the other...but both have eyes that see inside and glow to the world. they see what others don't even know exist. they know what it is the understand the meaning and until you too stop asking why then the meaning is lost on that old zen rock - to drag or not to ani - she's very strong.

  4. i love paul klee . he inspired me in my early years as a textile artist .
    i still get a smile when i see his art.

  5. Well. Great gal, she does look holy with those eyes!
    I received an assignment in the seventh grade to do a report on Paul Klee, I've been smitten ever since.....
    Happy Holidays!

  6. Oh wow Lynne, your women always look so deep, and beautiful. Paul Klee, really like his work. ox

  7. I must post my painting of Paul Klee's bird. I wish we could go back in time and meet artists like him. xxoo

  8. Paul Klee: one of the many artists my mother introduced me to as a child, his art still makes me want to paint! Look at his eyes - what a telling photograph. thanks for sharing, Lynne. -sus

  9. Mmmmm...I know just what he means. Thank you for this, Lovely Lynne and your Holy friend !

    Happy Monday !

  10. Holy Dolly is simply that quote and now will read about this man I have never heard of...AND WOW! about the beautiful simple "rose" in your Dec. 15 post. Amazing Lynne! I love how you are tearing up pieces of the book adds a whole new dimension to your work.


  11. Holy dolly is beguiling! Thanks for the new take on happy hour!! A very merry Christmas and lots of good things for 2012 x

  12. What to say after all this? Funny, but first thought, or rather word that came to my mind was "Athena" so I guess that Henrietta and I are on the same wave length :)
    I also noted that I loved the colors on her left cheek!

  13. Lovely little Holy Dolly!
    Love Klee's work and words.

  14. I love your thoughtful artwork....and Klee, always an inspiration. I got to see an exhibition on Klee in Tokyo recently...

  15. I love Holy Dolly, Klee, and YOU, dear Lynne.

    Happy Solstice to you!

  16. I love Klee's words. Merry Christmas dear lady! Peace, Mary Helen

  17. holly dolly seems pretty ethereal for some reason... to me anyway... less solid ... maybe she is a character of the book pages...
    happiest and merriest to you too dear one.... may blessings abound... oh wait... they already do!!! lol xoxox

  18. i am looking to be so colourfully "had" in the new year.
    you are a place i visit always with an expectant heart, never ever disappointed.
    thank you for touching me always in just the way needed in each bright or dark moment.



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