Wednesday, December 28, 2011

pearl ~ watercolors, oil pastels and gouache on old paper

looking at pearl i'm reminded of the words of henry miller in the video 'to paint is to love again'...

i look at it and i say "did i do this or did somebody else do it?" ... i say often about my writing, i read certain passages and i'm impressed and i say "henry, did you write this?"

lulu, pearl and jeweliette

i haven't been able to get a good pic of jeweliette by herself, so i'll show her as she sat near my chair with pearl and lulu. and yes, with jeweliette too, i could say "lynne, did you paint that?!"


a belated happy birthday to you, henry - born on december 26, 1891.

* * *



  1. WOW Lynne, I'm blown away by these three girls. Lulu has been one of my favourites, and Pearl and Jeweliette are awesome. The hat on Jeweliette is priceless. She reminds me of Miss Marple from the Agatha Christie Books. They make my heart sing!!! These three are gems. Loved the Henry Miller film, what a great bloke. Thankyou Lynne for this feast! ox

  2. I love this series Lynne! The three girls look great all lined up together. The Henry Miller quote made me smile. I often look at old paintings or other things I have made and wonder how I did it. Maybe it is because of getting lost in the creatve process and in a way not having any clear memory of it.

  3. I have to try this LH! I love your display! Now I need to go back and view the video! Thanks!

  4. Thank you for this gift Lynne, they are beautiful together, each unique but related. And the Henry Miller vid- oh, if only all of us could live in such joy... He makes getting old -cool

  5. I always love seeing your "peeps" one at a time but to see them together made me imagine how amazing it is to flip though them all and have conversations with them. Oh, to do this in person !

    Much love to you as we head to the new year, Lovely Artist Heart!

  6. i love this video . it is nice to hear
    him talk about painting . and of course i love the ladies .

  7. I've been in love with Henry Miller (& Anais Nin) for a long time - thank you for the link - great video! And watching your link led me to YouTube -- so I've happily wasted my morning watching Henry . . . well not really 'wasted' - lol
    Love your ladies all together -- and YES - you did paint that - your style - your creativity is wonderfully recognizable!

  8. I really enjoyed the video, thanks so much for sharing it here! I love these paintings, I love the subtle touches of colour and the gentle layering of paper, beautiful!
    Jess x

  9. Somebody like Henry should live forever. Love his matter-of-fact stance on art and life...and his course eastern personality...I was born in Rochester, NY and my father sounds this way. Love it.

    Your faces are awesome! And I agree with the person above...the hat on Jeweliette is divine.

  10. Yes, it is wonderful to see the trio! Is pearl envious of jeweliette's hat or the other way around? we will never know...
    What a gift with this henry miller 's video for the new year, thank you dear lynne!

  11. Hi Lynne what a treat to come back to 3 lovely ladies , so you, and the Miller video wonderful thanks and i love where he says, they said " you have changed your style " and he said they < dont know what they are talking about lol loved that , you know i sort of saw Picasso in him in that video ....

    hugz bev

  12. Yes, God absolutely wants us to be Happy. What a marvelous video, thanks Lynne!
    (Your threesome are very winsome).
    xxoo, sus

  13. Lynne,
    I love how the faces of these girls have such a simplicity, and yet, are so deliberate in the placement of their features....each with a unique expression and personality...


  14. hello Lynnie, I want to wish you an extreme 2012!!! you work continues to inspire and grow and this is one of my fav stops in cyberspace - love from here, J xox

  15. Sister was here for a few (2days) so I wasn't looking at blogs and boy did I miss a finale for 2011 for Lynne. What a wonderful finish to the year for you. Strong and powerful women are being born to flourish in 2012. There's music in these images. May you keep it going. I still want to know what behind their eyes though. I think they really conversing and telling the views - so magically. It's a HB Patti Smith, 65, 30th December...ring in the bells. xox ani

  16. I stumbled and rumbled into your site...and I love your art...I am so inspired. Thank-you for sharing. Do you have any suggestions for taking drawing and watercolor painting classes? Have a great new year. I will keep following you and your artful journey.

  17. Oooh Lynne, your girls....I just loving visiting to see them. What beautiful eyes Jewliette has! I love to see the three of them together, do they quietly chat amongst themselves? I wonder what they say....
    Health, happiness, love and all things good to you my friend.

    Jacky xox

  18. i loved seeing these 3 images together....nice :) x happy 2012 to you sweet lady xx

  19. Oh, what joy you have given me this morning, this chap Henry Miller, with a voice like tyres going over gravel and sublime look on the art world and life.... Amazing. I will be trawling Youtube for the next few hours.... He is talking to me..

    Then I will look at his work and his life, I feel a trip to the library coming on..

    Yet another artist who I knew nothing of until YOU gave me this glimpse of him, thank you. Lynne, you have bought some sunshine into my cold grey morning here in Essex...

    Thank you once again.. And good wishes for the new year..

  20. I found your blog thru April Cole's blog. Whoah what a treat that Henry Miller video was! I felt like he was really speaking to me...that really blew me away!
    Your work is lovely and I'm looking forward to coming back to visit and see what new things you're creating!

  21. Your work is amazing and an inspiration to me....especially love being introduced to Henry Miller. I'm hooked! Thank you, Sam Johnson


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