Thursday, December 15, 2011

rose ~ oil pastel, derwent drawing pencil, graphite on old paper

with faces like this i learn so much about the power of line; about darkening parts of the outline of the face, eyes, etc, to pull the eye here or there. in this case i used an 8B pencil for that. i love these pencils - i now have three of them! one for every spot where i might sit down and draw...

everything that i used for rose's face... the oil pastel is a cream caran d'ache neopastel.

* * *

"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. ”

~ Pablo Picasso



  1. i havent decided whether Rose is fading away or if she is emerging , i love mysteries and i love Rose ...

    hugz bev

  2. Lynne, you are on a roll!
    So much with so little, you are right on...i need to remind myself of this right now. In other words sometimes, less is more, right?
    ♥♥♥to you and Rose

  3. She's beautiful and ethereal- I love Rose.


  4. Her eyes are amazing! And I love how it says:


    . . . smack in the middle of her gorgeous face! Beauty is important, yes, but knowledge is a very powerful thing.
    Now that I'm looking closer, there are a few more interesting words tucked away on this piece. . . nice!

  5. I have the same Derwent pencils, so I know why you love them!!
    Yes to Rose!

  6. dear God , thank you for pencils ... ha ha
    I love all my pencils too
    and I love seeing how you use yours Lynne !

  7. rose is very special...she's emerging with her muse to bring you to where you've been journeying to. so minimal but saying so much. she's as close to a tantra face as probably could be found. i think too what is important is that not just your gesture but the materials are minimalist. so beautiful so soft and so like the artist. xxx ani

  8. Rose is actually peering out into the world.. Having a good look at all of us...

  9. Rose make me remember a time of removing wall paper in an old farmhouse I lived in. We peeled back layers and layers of paper and the bottom layer was newspaper - I can just imagine her as one of the first inhabitants of that old house . . . what fun it would have been to discover her . . .
    And I love my Derwent pencils too!
    Merry Christmas Lynn!

  10. Simply beautiful...and I love that you only used those three pencils and your oil pastel crayon. Beautiful...fading.
    My mothers name was Rose too (Rose Rita)... a special person, just like your Rose.

    Jacky xox

    Aaaghhhh... a new pencil. You know I am a collector of pencils. Adore the creaminess of the prisma colours Lynne.

  11. What a sweet face, wonder what she is thinking? Love your faces. Marg. ox

  12. Hello, Rose.

    Hello and love to your Creator too.

  13. You do magical things with those tools you hold in your hand. To have one for every place you might sit is a very good idea.
    Jess xx

  14. so so wonderful Lynne, even I am lately not very often in the blogger world.... whenever I come back , I am coming to check your new work :) thank you Lynne !!!

  15. i love the simplicity of your tools
    and the details that bring Rose to life

  16. I always think of the Author, Ann Tyler when I come here, I didn't even realize till a bit ago I do that. I think of the books, the Accidental Tourist, Saint, Maybe, Dinner At the Homesick Resturant and many more. To me her writing and your art make me feel the same.
    Even her photo in the backof her book makes me think of you.

  17. emilie, i have only seen the movie 'the accidental tourist', and it is one of my favorites. i'll check out ann tyler's books... but yes, i can see (just from the movie) how this would be the case.

    thank you for telling me about ann tyler...

    jude, thank you


  18. Oh what a beautiful series of faces! Inspiring as always! Thank you also for sharing what you use to make them.

  19. Such a beautiful piece Lynne! A new favourite for sure.


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