Wednesday, November 2, 2011

'patrice' ~ casein paint, watercolors, gouache, 8B pencil, oil pastels and beeswax in 'the merry men'

* * *

carsten schmidt photography



  1. O!!!

    Are you leaving the merry men paintings in the book? After you applied the beeswax, does the opposing page stick to it?

    I Really love the idea of beeswax in a book.

    Plus, the painting is so - ethereal in appearance with the wax on it.

    I love it. I need to spend way more time practicing the techniques you shared for your faces - I so admire them.
    But this wax... Is it in the book? Or have you removed the page?


  2. I love the way the text shines through the paint in the hair, a lovely technique! I'm doing lots of experiments with layering and having fun! Your photo is lovely too. Such a simple statement yet so important. :)
    Jess xx

  3. That little Patrice looks fierce and determined! I love the bold outlines you used here. And those big green eyes - oh my!

    Big LOVE!

  4. Yay, another Lynne Hoppe piece. I always look forward to seeing them! This one is a mature face in a girl's hair cut, and her eyes are glowing! Do you use the bees wax over the entire page?

  5. I feel like Patrice looks, I think.

    Love the message, of course.
    Sending big light and love to you, my Friend.


  6. The background is wonderful and I am so pulled to those eyes. Wow!

  7. Interesting how we can see different things. I see Patrice as having quite a gentle look indeed.
    Lynn, it is always such a joy to discover your new face. When I see that you have a new post, my instant reaction is "Oh, goodie!". Sometimes I wait a little just to enjoy the warm feeling of anticipation.

  8. Thank you for sending me to the tutorial on portraits...amazing tutorial is putting it mildly understated. Peace, Mary Helen

  9. Oh Patrice. What a beauty you are evolking many stories. Thanks for this Lynn.

  10. You are getting so much more colorful these days. Happiness!
    love, a

  11. It is so good to be here and see your newness. I love patrice's hair and that her eyes are different, as if she cried out of one and watched with the other.
    Happy snowy day to you.

  12. I Love Patrice also, I love to come here and feel quieted from my rushing head. One feels close to the earth here thank you.


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