Friday, November 25, 2011

untitled ~ thread, watercolors and casein paint glued to a page from 'now we are six' by a.a. milne - approx. 5" x 7"

i first stitched and painted the figure on a page from 'the merry men', then i tore the page out of the book, and finally i tore the figure out of the page! the page from 'now we are six' had been beside my art table for months, and when i laid the pieces on top of it so i could clean off my workspace, i knew they'd found their final home.

for now i'm going to work outside of 'the merry men'. thinking of working inside it just stops me cold, so that's that. if you've worked in books you know this happens. in the past i have forced myself to carry on in a book that i no longer want to work in, but it's not pleasant. and i have way too many pages left in 'the merry men' to even think about doing that (not to mention that i'm just about incapable of forcing myself to do something, especially if the muse is in opposition to it), so outside the book it is for now.

* * *

i watched this video in september and the journals in it spoke to me on a very deep level. you probably know how it feels when you see someone's work and all of the sudden what you're doing seems ridiculously insubstantial; well that's how the art in leigh mc closkey's 'codex tor' series affected me. there are links here to the art in two of the 'codex tor' books - once you click on a page, click on the expansion thingie in the lower right corner and the image will get huge.

and so yeah, onward...

Flying Lotus - Inside the Codex: the Art of Cosmogramma



  1. This has always been a favorite poem of mine and I never considered adding my own touch with a painting. Beautiful inspiration and work! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Happy thanksgiving, Lynne! I love your art... And I have seen this video somewhere before...I know exactly what you mean. That is one mindblowing journal.

  3. why is the part with leigh standing there in his socks the most endearing part?

    sometimes i feel like some people are so much more... alive than others.

    that's the impression i get by looking at his work.


  4. love that this delicious little bird is on an a a milne book ( and love the placement)

    checked out leigh mccloskey. wow, now that's a serious connection to both the creative spirit and something deeper. Or is that the same thing? I love watching him use the pen to create his own language. I've been meaning to buy a speedball pen and some acrylic ink and try them out. I might just remember to do that after watching that video!

    I always feel so creatively inspired after coming to your blog!! Sketch book here I come.

  5. I LOVE the illustration in the first photo!
    A wonderful and honest example of the creative process. Brilliant!!

  6. oh Lynne
    your heart bird sings to me
    hope your thanksgiving was golden...

    xox - eb.

  7. LH, I love your bird and as always your posts!

  8. I just love that! And it's on the perfect book page too!

  9. I feel the same way about painting/collaging in books. I have good intentions that don't last.
    McCloskey -- wow! Thanks so much for the video. I'm in awe.

    As Pooh said (I think) "And is there honey still for tea?" Love the new piece.

  10. Lynne, I so understand what you are saying about pushing oneself to go where the heart does not want to go.....and that goes for art making too:)
    Sweet, sweet bird, I love thee!
    Peace and♥♥♥

  11. Well its found a home lol things happen that way dont they... thanks for the link love it , am in the mandala frame of mind at the moment , its like the 6th degree of seperation i guess, i was meant to get this and u were meant to give it , thanks again Lynne so glad u are part of my cyber family...

    bug hugz bev

  12. hello missy
    i love how you honor what feels right or no longer feels right!
    wonderful bird being....
    thank you for sharing this man and his art/truth
    i had never heard of him and what i saw in this video of his sketches also touched something deep in me

  13. Love the idea of working on book pages! Thanks for sharing the video. Truer words were never spoken. "We are part of something vast and wonderful and we are part of something intimate and true."

  14. lynn, taken me a while to get to commenting...i've been thinking about your latest image quite a bit. i didn't want to just rush with a comment. i see some transition going on here...your muse is really moving things around in your spirit. the spheres are aligning or realigning is some strangely magical way...first there was the stitched/bead piece, then maud wouldn't stay put, and now the bird image. i see this fragmentary piece as something that is coming out of that transformation. fragments merging on the page, part bird, part man, part woman, wounded or healing. but it is a flightless bird it won't lift and leave it's perch. there will be no migration for this fellow. and then there is the return to childhood...your muse is looking backwards to go forward. keep going...i'm curious to see how this bird will be your beatrice. xxx ani

  15. Hey Lynne, the wounded bird just captures my heart. I do know what you mean about seeing someone's work that males you feel yours is 'insubstantial'- that's a good word for how I feel so often. Thanks for sharing McCloskey's work; I keep looking at it again and again. xxoo

  16. Hi Lynne, your little bird is so touching, and yes it sits perfectly on that particular page. Beautiful. Also thakyou for the link to L.Mc's blog. Love the way he writes backwards in an imagined language. His works are so over powering at times. As always a great post. ox

  17. love reading the comments everyone has a different take on the bird...
    and i thought it was a dead bird which i thought was a great juxtaposition for the page...
    a book i have yet to do something with... : )
    leighs work is outstanding... xox

  18. i keep coming back to look at this bird. it's amazing.



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