Sunday, October 30, 2011

'annette' ~ casein paint, gouache, watercolors, 8B pencil in 'the merry men'

annette is what became of the drawing i did (here) while watching amy's video about drawing realistic faces. i'd say she turned out vaguely realistic. the most interesting thing was that i thought her shoulders were proportional until i painted them, and then it was obvious that they were way too small. so i wiped most of the paint off of her dress to play this fact down, lol.

saturday's video was about collage faces, which is a very cool thing to do if you get stymied by drawing faces. just glue some face parts down and then paint them. it's helpful and it's fun! here's a link...

the weather's been nice! i love that and just can't stay inside when it is... if you've never made a tree love flag i highly recommend it. you can feel the tree smile when you hang it...

in case it's helpful, here's where i get my sari silk.

sari silk, piece from old doily and embroidery floss on muslin



  1. She IS rather gorgeous, I love her eyes. Thankyou for the link to the sari ribbons, scrumptious aren't they. Not that I need anymore stuff! Have always loved your tree flags, have never made them, I tend to feel and hug and listen and look at trees. Just love being around them. Marg. ox

  2. She does look quite realistic, but she still has that special Lynne Hoppe *something* that makes her even more beautiful.
    The sari silk looks luscious (those colors!!!) and is now on my wish list for next year.

    Happy week!

  3. hello...loves trees...
    nice to have good weather, hoping for that this week.. but looks like rain... your annette is dreamy
    love that... xo

  4. I agree with Angela. She has that special Lynne Hoppe magic. Very pretty and serene.

  5. The girl is lovely. But then all the beings that come through you are...

    The trees here are aching. We got 10 inches of scary, wet snow on them while they still had their glorious leaves. Many broken branches and limbs scratching their wooden heads at what in the world is going on ! When you hang your flags today, say an extra prayer for your friends' Northern cousins.
    Much love !

  6. I love her; don't care if she's vaguely realistic or not. She just is.

    My tree flags go on the balcony because I don't have any trees, except in the park below said balcony.

    Luv, C.

  7. Annette is a beautiful portrait ...yes she is very realistic. You are a graceful artist and I feel a bit of human spirit in these wonderful paintings. Happy Halloween! Peace, Mary Helen

  8. Annette is a sweetie and a keeper.
    Love your style Lynne!

  9. Oh I love her! She looks very realistic. Wonderful job, yet again.

    I posted one of my faces recently and I referenced you as an inspiration. You really do inspire me!

    I think you have started a face painting revolution! My Face Art

  10. I buy from desingtalentdone as well!
    Love her shop..
    Oh! this looks yummy;-)

  11. ive been watching Amy's videos since u posted the link and also joined her mixed media facebook group , ( not a real facebook fan lol) anyway love Annette and u still maintained the Lynne look lol

    hugz bev

  12. Oh she is so sort of classy and a bit refined. Her small shoulders just make her seem regal. I like the raised eyebrow and her nose is fantastic.(though inert -))

  13. Beauteous :))))))))

    Your work is so distinct and... And what? It has that *something* that other things lack - I love it.


  14. Annette is stunning! Sorry so late getting here, but we were without power sin last Saturday. Just got it back late this afternoon. I think it's time to show some tree love, as we just lost a lot of them in this snow storm we had. So sad. An apple tree, a big portion of our Mimosa tree, and tree's I dont know by name.


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