Saturday, November 12, 2011

'enid moves on' ~ watercolors, casein paint, gouache, oil pastels, colored pencils & beeswax in 'the merry men'

so i did take a chill pill, ha! and our son was here visiting for a few days... i started this early in the week and finished it at the end. i'm not totally happy with it, but enough to leave it alone...

in case you're interested, this is what the wax looks like before i smooth it out with a quilting iron. i like using a quilting iron more than a heat gun because i have more control over where the wax goes.

i also painted on top of the wax - the tubes are some of the paints i used (ignore the soft pastels in the box - the picture just looked better without them cropped out). if you click the top pic you can see most of the places where i painted on the wax. also i used some oil pastels on it - i put the stick of caran d'ache turquoise in the pic because it was one of the colors i used.

i still feel like some new thing is brewing art-wise, and maybe i'm getting closer to it.... two people whose art is inspiring me now are: ani at 8 1/2 x 11: thread reading and marti somers (click on 'galleries' at the top of the page). total love for what these women do!

* * *

neil young ~ photo by henry diltz

happy birthday to one of my favorite people... 66 today!



  1. Enid, while strangely beautiful, doesn't trust us. She resents being caught naked. She takes it all very personally and is plotting her revenge while keeping a cool, collected persona so we won't know what she is up to.

    Love the links. Spent a bunch of time exploring both of them. Thanks for this Sat evening treat. Such richness and heart, art, like yours, that comes from deep within. Inspiring!!

  2. My what a beautiful painting, athough she does look a little stunned, and maybe thinking...what on Earth are you doing here!? Love the way you have painted here hair. I too, LOVE Ani's work and the way she writes about it. Enid is a treat. ox

  3. Lovely images and links and i can't wait to have a go at that wax technique sometime. x

  4. Enid looks as if she could be singing the song by Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive". I love her. Love the checks too...they just work with this piece.

    Thanks again for all you do Lynne, you are so giving and those of us trying to find our art wings need people like you to help us along.

    : )

  5. So the wax really makes the colors look richer! Love your work!

    Thanks for the links will have to check them out!

  6. These colors are so intense and beautifully balanced. She is amazing. Thanks for showing us about the wax technique. It is amazing how smooth you can make it on the page. And who would have thought to add color on top of it? Reckless abandon to inspiration. You sure do make it beautiful.

  7. I don't know. I am loving Enid and her big bad brave self! I also really love the red/orange/yellow on her one side.

    Happy Birthday to Neil, an artist near and dear to my heart as well. My Dad's main man, so many of his tunes run deep for me.

    Happy Sunday to you, Gorgeous One !
    Happy melting too !

  8. I am fascinated by the whole wax process, so thanks for showing a bit of the before and after.

  9. I am still interested in this wax process but too busy at the moment to try. Thank you for sharing your tips. Blessings, Mary Helen

  10. Loving the colours you are using lately.

    and happy birthday to your favourite person

  11. You, of course, have made me want to try wax again. And anything with a touch of turquoise makes me gleeful.

  12. i really loved using wax... smells so good ...loves them bees, and henriettas work too... not familiar with somers though... nice.. xo

  13. Hi Lynne thanks for the links u never disappoint , as for Enid well she is what she is meant to be...
    im just starting to dabble in wax and bought a little quilting iron cant wait to start ...

    hugz bev

  14. Hey Beautiful. It is getting a bit chilly even down South for that Enid to be so naked... give the doll some cloth to wrap the body heat!

    hope you are well, and etc...

    exo blessings

  15. Hey, Lynne - I like the bold checkerboard and how Enid seems to me to be snapping her fingers dismissively at the past she is moving on from. love, sus
    PS - love neil, didn't realize it was his b-day, but Scorpio - of course

  16. I've been catching up with your the work on the old book pages. Enid is great!!!

  17. I think she's wonderful! Is the wax in a solid sheet before you melt it?


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