Monday, November 28, 2011

prismacolor pencils on old paper covered with matte gel medium - approx. 3" x 4 1/2"

not long after i did the piece in the last post, i started making cards by gluing down pieces of old paper to pages from 'the merry men'. i've been drawing and painting/coloring on them since.

blank card before i draw on it

i love the idea of cards - i have for a long time, but have never found my way to making ones that i like. a few months ago i saw - and fell in love with - the collages of tom moglu on tumblr, and, long story short, my construction idea for these cards began to form.

below are a couple of example's of tom's work...

Hêtre by Tom Moglu

Soloré by Tom Moglu ~ 180x180mm

he has another tumblr called the bread quilt, and that's where i found this interview with him. here's his answer to question # 6, "can you describe your process?"

"Sift through huge pile of scraps of paper, hack a few large pieces about and glue them down as a ‘background’, drink coffee, find more pieces to shape the composition, cut and glue, destroy/obliterate non-working parts, cut, glue… repeat for hours."

the interview's worth reading...

thank you, tom...



  1. Now you've got me going.

    I used to glue bits of paper down between cups of coffee, and now I want to do it again. Your "before" piece is very artistic and can stand alone. Thank you for the introduction to Tom.

    You are now officially one of my inspirations (can I call a person an inspiration? sure I can). xoxo

  2. Sounds like an interesting interview-and I also mean to watch the journal video you recommended the other day. I have been glueing bits and pieces of pretty paper left over from other things into my journal and just leaving them as they look so lovely. I like your birds and your background-especially this bird. It looks like a creature from some kind of Scandinavian fairy tale.
    Have fun!

  3. Lynne, thank you for including tom's "process"! Much more fun living life and creating art with scraps of paper, some glue, and a sense of humour. Love it.

  4. Sounds like my kind of art making!:o) Thanks for the link, I'm going there now.
    I love your birds!
    Jess xx

  5. Whenever I look at your art, and then look at the size of each piece, I'm amazed by how much you fit into such a small space. Like this piece, all of that complexity on 3" x 4" x 1/2"! I love it!

    I also love how you're sneaking little bits of honey-comb texture into the backgrounds. :0)

  6. I love layers and collaging stuff myself so your bird piece really speaks volumes to me.



  7. of course you know how i love gluing paper down... and really like toms work...and philosopy...
    your birds are turning into a series... ? mmmm xoxxo

  8. what a sweet little bird! Is this a new trend? Collage is my first love, where I started and I could spend many hours ripping and arranging paper. To add coffee makes it very sweet indeed.

    Love Tom's description of his process, simple, direct, no bullshit! Gonna check him out.

    Thanks as always, Lynne.

  9. Love your art, the bird looks so wise and regal. The paper mixes, your a natural at making look awesome also!

  10. This is so wonderful Lynne! I am with is amazing what you do on a small surface. I am off to check out Tom. Thanks for sharing as always!

  11. Dear Lynne,

    I visited Tom's art and kept seeing faces in there, and weather patterns and more....looks like he uses old cd's?
    Anyway its a great process, I like your bird flying across the landscape of old paper

  12. lynn...i'll have more to say a little later but i've been waiting for the phoenix to appear!!! and i have to say, I like, I like, I really like where you are going...i think these might become your sketches for future work but i think you are moving in a big way....going to check out the tumblr ref and i'll be back...blowing 55 mph winds here today...i may just fly over head so if i do grab me and we can have a chat face o' ani (lol, btw, the word verification is wingsq! i like that synchronicity

  13. wow like Henrietta the Phoenix Rising has been popping up in my line of thought , as me moving on and rising to all i can be , its a connection again with us , but to see that Henrietta mentioned it also blew me away ...

    bug hugz bev

  14. Thank you for posting about the wonderful artist, Mr. Moglu! Your beautiful piece looked like a tapestry in the thumbnail....even more beautiful as I came in for a closer look!

  15. Oh, how I love these little masterpieces ! Beautiful.

    And Tom's words about process ? Perfection !
    Happy hacking !
    Love ya !

  16. What lovely stuff! really like the way you have captured the bird. I like Tom's work too,have seen it before. REALLY like his interview, his attitude to his work. Have fun experimenting with the collage' ox

  17. Don't you just love putting scraps of paper down with glue? and then making art on top of that! There is something so calming about it -the glueing of paper- kind of like embroidery.

  18. Beautiful! Love the direction these are going in...old, soft, whispered wings.

  19. Ah-ha I'm reading these posts backwards...nice to see where the collage inspiration is coming from and how u've taken the idea and put your own twist on it :)

  20. Tom Moglu's work is so gorgeous, thanks for sharing it!


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