Thursday, January 1, 2009

thank you 2008

for growth and change...

An environmental advocacy group’s tests of river water and ash near the site of a huge coal ash spill in East Tennessee showed levels of arsenic, lead, chromium and other metals at 2 to 300 times higher than drinking water standards, the group said Thursday.

The findings far exceed levels reported by the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Environmental Protection Agency or the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Those agencies have reported elevated levels of thallium, lead and arsenic found near the spill but have not released the full results of those tests.
~ new york times

"Burning fossil fuel for electricity is a dirty business," he said. "Everywhere this happens there are huge ash piles, there are environmental issues. My dream out of all of this is maybe this is an epiphany for TVA and for the country that some things have got to change." ~ phil bredesen, governor of tennessee

may your new year be filled with brilliance!



  1. Beautiful your book!
    Interesting great post!
    May your new year be filled with brilliance too!
    I love this images!

  2. thank you, i love black and white! this is my journal that i paint/glue stuff in every day!

    brilliance to you too! (now i am off to bed : )

  3. Happy new year, Lynne....those colors are floating off your pages..almost like they are solar powered.

  4. Growth and change... yes I agree. Lynne, your colors in this are so beautiful. I want to make art today but can't pick my direction. Wonderful post... and have a great day! Roxanne

  5. uh oh! - I'm feeling something bubbling under the surface here - my fav is still the grass lady in your header - I pop over just to check her out!

  6. I've been here to take in this post about 6-7 times now, trying to take it all in and find the words to respond. Still not finding all the words, but it touches me - the juxtaposition of your beauty, colors, hope contrast beautifully against the disastrous in life encapsulating truth. thank you,

  7. Lynne, sweet girl, Happy New Year to you too!
    Wonderful colours shining through your last two posts, as always!
    I reckon that your words and work are 'brilliant'and every time I visit you I leave smiling.x

  8. I agree with Jeane...I can feel something "bubbling" here too Lynne!
    It's all so good, so vivid and exciting.
    Looking forward to sharing time here with you lynne in 09...I feel so blessed to be able to connect with such are "brilliant" Jo xx

  9. More glorious pages! Sending you good wishes for 2009 and looking forward to seeing your creativity blossom even more....if that's possible.

  10. such a beautiful thank you to 2008

    ... am still sad about the spill, but hopeful that there's some magic in the works ...

    wishing you great goodness in 2009

  11. thank you, julie... and a happy, healthy new year to you, too!

    hi roxanne, ooohhh, i bet you've made something gorgeous by now! it's evening, so i'll wish you a happy evening and a creative day tomorrow!

    hee, jeane, i'm sure grass lady is delighted. yeah, bubble, bubble. : )

    thank YOU, karin... yes, i felt much the same way. i had words under the paintings at first but they didn't fit. somehow this was what spoke to me, and in a way that left brain doesn't grok.

    annette, your words are music to my ears. : ) smiling back at ya...

    thank you, jo... i feel the same about you. where will 2009 take us...

    hey robyn... and i'm looking forward to seeing where your jouney takes you in 2009! sending good wishes back to you!

    thank you, michelle. yep, i'm with you, i'm hopeful about the spill, and in the meantime i'm sendng big doses of heart centered energy!

  12. to brilliance!
    i am thinking, to toast to it, or ask of it, one already glimpses owning it!

  13. Lynne,
    I wish you a year filled with joy and abundance. You are such an inspiration.. thank you. Love you!

  14. These are beautiful pages. Your journal has wonderful watercolour paper. Did you make the book?

  15. Beautiful art journal pages! Makes me want to get mine out too!

  16. mansuetude, and i recognize it when i see it, brilliant one. : )

    caroline, i am happy to see you here! YOU are the inspiration for so many of us! love and light to you, sweet woman...

    hi zom, thank you! you're the first person who's ever mentioned the paper! yes, i made it... here's a link to the post that shows it when it was first made:

    i used one 22" x 30" sheet of st. armand watercolor paper (my favorite), and a sheet of arches 140# rough.

    i'm very crazy about your journals. : )

    hi jules! thanks for stopping by! yes, do get it out!

  17. Oh! The beauty of this page makes me smile. The colors are so brilliant and vibrant. Amazing.

    I am sad about the spill as well. I am sending my prayers out for a change.

  18. Here's to hope of a purer year.

  19. Lovely work as usual, Lynne!

    The spill is quite frightening on many levels, and took place not all that far from here. (well, mind you *nothing* in Tennessee is all that far!)

  20. I wish you a sweet and happy 2009!

    Beautiful work!!

  21. hi lynne,
    my friend karin (beyond words) urged me to look at your blog and i'm so glad i did! your art is very inspired and we both love the dalai lama:) my blog is
    hope you don't mind that i listed you as a fav. i am going to go back and see more of your posts...
    in gratitude,

  22. hi leanne! thank you! those are the twinkling h20s... they can put down some color. i'm with you in sending prayers for change... xo

    chris, to that i say, amen sista.

    wow, cynjon... i'm so very glad that hapi hapi land wasn't effected. and thank you for the compliment!

    hi charlotte, thank you so much, and a beautiful new year to you, too!

    jennifer, i'm honored to have my blog in your sidebar. you have such a beautiful blog yourself. everything about it makes me smile.


  23. yay - I've been blogging for a while now, but without connecting to others - it felt kind of empty - thanks for responding to my comments! namaste:)

  24. chris and jennifer... : ) : ) : )

  25. mmm!
    I see you love crystals...
    yours are REALLY clear..

    like they listen to you and vibrate with you...

  26. Another thought-provoking and special post. So glad 2008 was a year of growth for you. I love the shot of your art table.


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