Monday, January 12, 2009

beautiful people...

that's what i thought as i read your comments on the gaza post...
thank you, for your comments there and on all posts... i feel blessed.

this weekend i finally finished covering The Book. this is what it looked like in september when i left for virginia.

and here's what it looks like now. the gorgeous fiber-y ribbon that's holding it closed was part of this package from jacky.

a conglomeration of stuff for sure.

here's a pic from last summer (before it was bound)... the only thing that i added to the inside of the book

are pages made from vellum with feathers between them. the book starts and ends with these 'feather pages'.

thanks again to seth for being the inspiration behind this project! i learned a lot and used some of what i learned when i 'built' the journal i'm using now. pages with pockets for sticking stuff in, for instance. each journal informs the one that follows, that's for sure.

i'd like to say a big "thank you" to a friend and fellow artist for a package that i received last week... this isn't the first time that she's blown me away with a package of art supplies, but the amazement factor was especially high with this one. this time she sent me a big box filled with st. amand watercolor paper in all sizes, textures, and colors.

now you have to understand that i LOVE (insert 5 million exclamation marks here) st. armand watercolor paper, and it's not easy to find. i was beside myself with joy!! and that's a peter beard dvd there - lynne's art nirvana in a box! thank you my friend! oh the journals this paper will make!

now i'd like to pass on some art goodness that was given to me... as you might remember i won issue #5 of 'pasticcio' in a drawing on sarah fishburn's blog; i'd like return sarah's kindness by passing it on to the next person. if you're interested, just leave a comment saying so ~ i'll put everyone's name in a hat and draw a name later in the week.

besides finishing The Book i've been trying to find my groove for a collaborative project that i'm part of. as you can see the art table is full, so there's no room to actually do art on it. i improvised with a giant clipboard that i had stored away. i've since cleaned off the table and started working on smaller pieces. yep, trying to find my groove...

'freebird', 1/11/o8

the one and only painting i've done since i posted last...

and what about that moon?!!



  1. Lynne its amazing to think that same moon was gazing over my house last night before it made its way over to your house...its an amazing world.
    Your summer journal is very special, I love those pages of feathers between the vellum.
    What a huge treat all of the St. Armand watercolour paper (what a lovely friend too).
    Your messenger bird is beautiful, I just love them.

    Jacky xox

  2. it's truly amazing, jacky... and to think you're having summer now while we're having winter. thank you about the journal... i'm glad it's officially a journal now and not an unfinished project. : )

  3. wow what a post and what a shame I'm dashing out to work and cant read it all. I'm coming back here later!! How on earth did you do that photo montage - my mind is boggling. And the journal. sumptuous gorgeousness. Can't wait to come back later....

  4. I love the pic of your work space! oh, where to put all those paints! we share that problem! your summer journal is intrigueing! and the bird says it all! yes , I'd love to read pasticcio and pass it on! thanks for a delightful blog. lyle

  5. Love the fullness of the journal.

    I'd love to get a chance to read Pasticcio, and then offer it up to another.

    Great idea!

  6. That moon was truly special and I love that it shines on all of us.

    Can I arrange to secrete myself in your art room somewhere? I won't be any trouble I promise. . . but I NEED to hold your journal and devour all the wonders you have created in it.
    I won't dribble or make crumbs, go on.,please. . .x

  7. hmmmmmm - didn't that book have a cover of bees in September? - I love the roughness of the outside material and the muslin wrap - uh oh, I'm falling in love with your bird paintings - still looking at 'messenger bird' - his brother looking a bit more dapper in his attitude! oh, wv is flier

  8. Wow, I feel like I just ate a huge feast and am sitting back in my chair, fully satiated with a sleepy smile on my face! So much richness...
    Only thing to make it better would be joining Annette for that studio visit and to touch each and every page of that book! Loving the expression on Free Bird's face, and want to peek behind that fold...

  9. "and what about that moon" was exactly what I said, as I gazed at it the other night!!!
    I think your journal is spectacular!
    What a treasure, you have created!
    Enjoy your paper Lynne...looks good!
    Freebird is those outstretched wings...wonder where she will fly too next! joxx

  10. Your freebird is amazing.

    Congratulations on finishing your book it looks great.

    I loved your beautiful people picture and I was quite thrilled (isn't that funny, the thrill of feeling you matter)to see my picture.

    Love Renee

  11. you truly are a wonder & a treat. that journal looks so packed with LOVE and LIFE. wow. & "Freebird" ... ahhhh ...

  12. I love your summer book, Lynne. The glimpse of your studio is wonderful too. Lots of creative energy floating around that busy desk.
    And that wonderful moon. Yes indeed.

  13. hey kate! the montage... it wasn't very hard. i right clicked and saved everyone's pic to my computer, then put them together in photoshop elements. after that i deleted everyone's individual profile pics from my computer, and said a heartfelt thank you. : )

    hi lyle, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! i'll put your name in the hat!

    thank you, vicki -- yeah it's full for sure! i'll put your name in the drawing!

    annette, you know you are welcome here ANY time! and when we're not in the art room we'll go sit beside big trees...

    jeane, that's the journal i made in september and am still working in (silk with chenille bees). this is the one before that. the one where i cut the cover off of an old book and proceeded from there. now who is 'wv'?

    karin, you come right on over with annette! we'll have a grand time! behind that fold is still blank... i'm wondering what will go there!

    hi jo, thank you... it sounds like free bird is leaning towards adventure and new discoveries. ; )

    renee, oh! that makes me smile about the picture! thank you for telling me! and thank you about freebird! xo

    you are a kind and generous soul, michelle...

    thank you, leslie... my studio is small but potent. : )

  14. oh, okay, I'm on it now and wv is word the bee cover, so glad it isn't covered up YET!

  15. jeane, no way am i covering up bee cover!! ooohh, wv stands for word verification... now what are the chances it'd be 'flier'? this isn't the first time i've been amazed by wv, though...

  16. Here's to beautiful people (of which you are one!), lovely, luscious books, boxes of goodies, and finding your groove!

  17. What a beautiful post! I love your delicious book and your art space. thank you for sharing these photos with us.

  18. Your free bird and journal have put a smile on my dial, not to mention the glorious photo mosaic.

    Yes please count me in for the draw. I've been wondering about Pasticcio.

  19. It may be too late to tell you how much I would love to have that publication, but besides all that...

    5 million exclamation marks? I've NEVER seen anyone that enthused! Thank you for making a memory for me: Lynne Hoppe, most enthused person about St. Armand paper I know of. YAY! A new milestone! I've never heard of this paper (I'm very naive), but I'm working on journals (for the millionth time I inform you--which could be a milestone for you: Chris is the only person who's told me something a million times) and I have noted right here (well, on my notepad) to check out St. Armand for paper extraordinaire.

    But all of that is NOT why I called. I called to say: HAS ANY TOME EVER BEEN MORE LUCIOUS??!!!

    (to the nth power).

  20. Lynne...where to begin on this one. Your book is just incredible. Glad I could enlarge the photo but I wish I could hold thsi one in my hand and leaf through each page. Thanks so much for your lovely thought that I inspired you. You do that for me with every post! St. Armand paper is the best. What a nice gift. And I already have and love that issue of Pasticcio. Congrats on winning it!!

  21. Wow!
    Oh the journal is absolutely amazing and inspiring. What a gift it would be to sit down in front of the fire and flip slowly through your pages. And the freebird/firebird is beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing.
    I would love to be in the running for the Pasticcio. Thanks for the offer.

  22. Hi Lynne, its me again.... I would love to go in the draw for the magazine too. Looks so interesting, would be lovely to take a look through.

    Your winter, our summer.... we have had a few scorchers lately, but has cooled right off for the weekend. Arent we lucky as I want to do some stitching.

  23. hey cynjon! yes to all of that! : )

    just a plane ride away, you're so welcome! and thank you!

    robyn, good, because as you know putting a smile on your dial is one of my missions. : ) your name's in!

    chris, your name's in the hat too! lol! you can talk about working on your journal millions of times and i'm happy to hear it, being the journaling fool that i am... yeah, 5 million exclamation marks is extreme (to say the least) probably could have gone with just 4. ; )

    hey seth, thank you for your kind words, and thank you again for all the inspiration!

    thanks, leanne! your name's in!

    jacky, i'm glad your temps have cooled down... i swear it's hard to fathom 'scorchers' right now, but i'm tryin'. your name's in the hat!

  24. Wow! What a wonderful book, what a wonderful post!

  25. What a wondrous post this is. The collage of artistic souls... and your journal looks perfect with its cover wrapped around it so beautifully. Your desk with work laid out on it is so inviting, and your messenger bird... i so love it! roxanne

  26. I just discovered your blog and we share a secret love: St. Armand papers in Montreal; I have visited, purchased and work with fairly frequently. Do you like their flax paper?

  27. hello b & w! thank you!

    thank you, roxanne... it took a while, but i finally finished The Book! xxoo

    velma, you're only the second person i've met who loves st. armand paper! how nice to meet you! no, i've never tried the flax paper (i wonder if there's some in this package?). what color is it? is it watercolor paper? i'd love to know more... thank you for taking the time to tell me about it!

  28. oh to be a "beautiful" in a "beautiful eye"! Thank you...

    i love the care of your book cover, the use of other's materials given to you... i was here days ago and saw your bird, "freebird" which was so odd because someone was listening to the song "freebird" right then and there... i fell off the world, laughing...

    Synchronicity, smack in the head.

    Hope you are warm and well.

  29. Hi! :)
    I like your posts,cause they are full of different and lovely things:paintings,handy crafts,saying about feelings,photographs and...!you really live in Art.

    I want to say thanks again about heart for Gaza!I hope this madness finish soon and the people would live in peace and proud of this victory to standing to the powers!

    Your journal book is wonderful!I specially like the feather's page!!!so great idea and presentation.
    And yes I would be so happy if you put my name in the hat! ;)

  30. Lynne, So much to see...these are amazing photos of your work. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I could reach in and touch.
    Wow! Your thank you collage was so thoughtful...I even see me in there!
    Mary Ann

  31. hey mansuetude, yep, i'm warm and well... 'freebird' (the song) always makes me think about the south, and when i was in virginia last fall i heard the best version EVER on the car radio. a long, long piano intro - live version. it made my day.

    happy you fell off the world laughing. that synchronicity'll do that. : )

    thank you, parisa! and you're welcome again for the gaza heart. my sincere pleasure... xxoo

    lol, mary ann! it was a dilemma where to put you! your pic was so tiny i couldn't decide what to do. then i thought, 'ahhh, i'll put her in jeane's camera lens'. thank you for your kind words!

  32. Great site. Inspirational! I would love to be in on "Pasticcio". Who ever gets it, it would be fun for everyone to sign, date and put a locale in it, then pass it on, a traveling pants concept in book form....just keep it going around the country or world, sisterhood of the arts....
    I don't have a blog, just an email:
    thx for the opportunity

  33. hi cb, oh! i wish you'd stopped by a little earlier so your name could have been in the hat! yes, that'd be very cool to have a traveling book/magazine... thank you for your kind words!

  34. Beautiful bird projects.
    Loving your watercolour style:)


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