Thursday, January 22, 2009

begin anywhere

'an incomplete manifesto for growth', by 'bruce mau design'.

pages from last year... i had another idea for starting this post, but when i saw 'begin anywhere' it seemed the perfect introduction...

i've been creating bits and pieces for a collaborative project instead of working in my journal.

much ripping and painting, some beeswax here and there...

and large quantities of gel medium everywhere.

and tree flags... i made tree flags that are waiting to shower their love on east coast trees.

a new kind of tree flag came to me when i was out measuring for the guerilla knit up. i really like these, and it just goes to show how one thing leads to another...

speaking of the guerilla knit up, this is how my first try at the knifty knitter ended up. the pegs filled up with yarn! surely it wasn't that i hadn't read the instructions thoroughly! never!!

heh, well i'd missed the last paragraph that told you to take the bottom loop off every time you reach the end.

twenty-three inches... only three more inches until my first piece is done. i'm going to put it on a tree at the entrance of a nearby national forest campground. along with one of my new tree flags...

yep, begin anywhere...



  1. This post is awesome! Such a perfect group of colors...the knifty knitter I am LOve everything here, Lynne!

  2. thank you, julie! i'm thinking 'crochet' after 23 inches of the knifty knitter. ; )

  3. Wow,So lovely colors!Amazing!
    And about the color papers on my last post:This is the media that I use for my first children book.Surely,I will post it to you when it would be published.
    Hope you would like it! :)
    And so thanks about your mail!

  4. Lynne h, thank you for this post. I prepare an art teacher workshop.
    'An incomplete manifesto for growth' is very inspiring.
    Love your works! I need the optimist colors!

  5. Lovely colours! I've not seen these peg boards before - can u buy them? thank you for sharing 'begin anywhere' perfect for me today!

  6. parisa, i will love seeing your book when it's published! i know it will be fabulous!

    thank you, karin... i think i probably get more joy from the tree flags than the trees do. : )

    b & w, you are so very welcome. isn't 'the incomplete manifesto...' wonderful? sometimes i just pick one thing and work with that in mind.

    rambling rose, that makes me smile that this was perfect for you today! yes, you can buy these knitting peg boards at lots of places -- i got mine at michaels, but i've also seen them at jo anns' fabric store.

  7. Hi Lynne,

    some lovely stuff going one here - loving the bits and pieces. And I am sure your chosen place will be thrilled to be adorned with your first real knifty knitter piece !

    begin anywhere...begin where you are..:)

  8. Lynne, I love this post. I love the tree flag and I love all the journal paintings. You are amazing just like a certain friend of yours (Karin).

    I have two big trees in my front yard and I could just see a tree flag in it, I never heard of them before coming to your site. Is it to send out a thank you to the tree or the world?

    Also I love grrrll guerilla knit, that will be so fun for you to do.

    I love this blog.

    Love Renee

  9. I just love the permission in that instruction; begin anywhere. I feel myself breath deeply with that expanding thought….I may post this somewhere in my studio.

  10. how I wish I could come spend a week playing with you - seems I could learn SO much! love the ripping & painting, etc ... cracked up at the first attempt & am thrilled the second attempt looks so juicy! can't wait to see the lucky tree. :)

    ... time for me to start here.

  11. I love that two simple words joined together "begin anywhere" can be SO provoking! I need to paint these words on my studio wall. In fact I will...
    Lynne your pages are like positive affirmations. So inspiring.
    Those images of created collage bits and pieces are are your amazing flags.
    Like the "knit ups" even the ones stuck to the pegs! Look forward to seeing where they all end up. Great post Lynne.

  12. Looking forward to seeing the tree flags and "knit-ups" out in the world!
    I just so enjoyed this post and your statement "begin anywhere" touched a deep connecting place. Thank you.

  13. hi kim, thank you... yes bits and pieces on all fronts. and yes, here we are, beginning where we are. : )

    hi renee, your comments always make me smile all over... thank you for being you... i put the tree flags in trees as a way of saying 'thank you' to them. i started doing it when i was out walking in the woods and saw a lot of plastic flagging around. i decided i'd make my own version after that. : )

    hi leslie, aren't those words freeing? and most helpful. many are the times i've used them.

    lol, michelle... i'm pretty sure if we got together i'd learn more from you than the other way around. yeah, that first knifty knitter attempt is a crack up... good thing i'm not SERIOUS about all this. ; )

    thank you, jo, for all of your positive thoughts. 'begin anywhere' -- two words that can make such a difference. i like the whole list, but this is the one that i come back to the most.

    hi mary ann! thank you! that truly puts a smile on my face...

  14. ooooh, I want to put a request in for a tree flag for Hapi Hapi Land!

    Knit on, wonderful!

  15. Lynne - I laughed so hard at the pic of your first try with the knifty knitter thingy - what a contraption you've got,but when it's working it looks like it can crank out some knit up material - John Cage is one of my heros - his thoughts and ideas are almost too simple to grasp! don't you love doing bits and pieces for bigger pieces? - this was a great post - well as usual - yes, of course as usual....

  16. done, cynjon! heh, i may have to 'crochet on'... this knifty knitter's a little unwieldy.

    lol, jeane -- it IS a contraption! i was working on it in the car the other day and the knifty knitter was almost in jim's lap! i smiled and said 'the knifty knitter takes up a lot of room.' (who cares about reaching the steering wheel : ) yeah, john cage... i wanted to put another quote by him in the post but couldn't get it to flow with everything else. another time... the bits and pieces have turned out to be quite rewarding.

  17. Your knitting is fantastic...only 3 inches to go, you are on a roll (now that you have mastered the contraption).
    Lovely to see your tree flags and to know that there will be more flags adorning your trees in the National Park, and that they will be sporting their new knitwear.

  18. your blog posts just get beautifuller and beautifuller.

  19. YAY! Lynne! Can't wait to see your guerilla piece up. The flags are beautiful.
    The page from last year about seeing life as unserious and playful was just beautiful. It really touched me.
    Thanks for this post.

  20. Begin anywhere...
    i keep thinking, I am already begun, i was born so that is that! i am in the middle...of, evolution.

    (can you tell i am reading philosophy... its almost 60 degrees today!) Kawabunga!!

  21. Your pages are as rich and plush as medieval tapestries. Such beautiful colours.
    Begin anywhere.....I love that. My Monday morning motto is going to be "Begin anywhere".

  22. 'Begin anywhere'
    I love that! I have days where i just dont know where to begin.
    You've just inspired me Lynne.

  23. Lynne...I have to comment again....
    Those words "begin anywhere" have really made an impact over here, down under!!! I just keep saying them...incredible inspiration!!!

  24. just found that list link! I likey likey...

    you know, you are pretty amazing. Period. Amen. O kawabunga! (is kawabunga a sanskrit derivative?) (i think it is) :)

  25. jacky, you are most generous about my knitting! i know that yours will be really and truly beautiful...

    kate, you are so kind... thank you...

    hey leanne! i was just over at grrl's looking at your piece... gorgeous! i don't know if i'll be able to match your sense of color or not!

    lol,mansuetude... how right you are, wise one. we HAVE begun. evolving and transiting are we... and now 60 degrees after snow?!

    oh, robyn... thank you... and i will check to see where these two words lead you. : )

    hey tony and lisa, that makes me smile! check out the whole list if you haven't yet -- it's good.

    jo! oh my goodness -- if these words have spurred on your incredible talent to greater heights i am smiling a HUGE smile!! thank you! xo

    m, that list IS good. . kawabunga as a sanskrit derivitive? surely you jest. ; )

  26. yahoo!
    These knitty things really work...and the yarn you use is amazing..what is it?

  27. grrl, i dont' know what it's called... i bought a bunch of skeins last year and split them with a friend, so there's no label on it. all i know is it's time to USE it!!

  28. Love all the stuff I swee in this post...especially the bits and pieces for that collaborative :-) I also like the first journal page. Begin anywhere. Great advice!

  29. Your face paintings are intriguing in the way they change and grow, but still true to you. After our talk the other day I was really struck by your quest in your art, always to stay true... Your art pieces for your collaborative are so divine, and the whole idea is wonderful... have a beautiful Saturday!


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