Sunday, January 4, 2009

exploring this house

exploring this house ~ jan. 1 - 3, 2008

sometimes i just paint, la la la, for the pure joy of it, but most of the time i paint and glue until the image says "done"; right brain understands the message, i smile (sometimes for a long time : ) and think about the next painting! this page was different in that a very specific image was trying to come through, and it took a couple of days for me to get out of the way and let it come in. the boots... i knew the boots were staying, but beyond that i was clueless. i tried different things...

layer 2, nope...

i woke up on the third morning knowing that i was supposed to look in an art book for an image to put in the upper right corner. i immediately found this and scanned it so i could resize it to fit the page. it's a painting by titian, representing zeus (who's transformed himself into a shower of gold) raining down on danae, with the nurse catching the golden dust. danae has been imprisoned in the tower by her father...

yes! exploring this house of conscious and subconscious, male and female, linear and spacial. the here-to-fore hidden is pouring in... well, that's my interpretation of the golden dust!

several times i wanted to just tear this page out - remove all evidence of the struggle - but the dalai lama was on the back side! in the end, of course, i was very happy that i hadn't. sheesh. art as a metaphor for life...

eugenia, the sparkly arrow, and the silver nugget ~ jan. 3, 2008

painted later in the day... mercifully, this page was not a slow process. i took the pic at an angle to try and get the mica to show up.

this book is one of the many things transforming my world right now. catherine shainberg founded the 'school of images' in 1982 in new york city. from the website:

In line with our predecessors, The School of ImagesTM's work is experiential. The practice is pure Kabbalah (Kabbalah means "receiving"), in that one "receives" from their inner gazing. Thus, the brand of Kabbalah taught at SOI is not an arcane, difficult system to access, but an exploration of the imaginal field whose language is common to people of all denominations. The imagery exercises practiced at SOI are peerless tools for instantaneous vision, transformation and healing.

i highly recommend it...

and finally, this...

two (maybe three) days later the sun is shining on the the crystals again so i grabbed my camera for another shot, but wait, where'd that plant come from? i ask jim if he's been rearranging the plants... no, he says. wow, this plant is growing away from the light so it can swing over and hang out with the crystals, and it's covered quite a distance in just a few days to do so! this is one of the most beautiful sights i've ever seen!

an altered version... please help yourself to any of the versions if you'd like!

beautiful week to you!



  1. I'm glad you didn't do any tearing out of pages either! I must admit, most of my art goes through it's 'ugly duckling' stage before it gets near a place that I find satisfying, or appealing to what I'm after!
    Thanks for the link to School of Images - I'm going to have to check that out in the future, being a short train ride away :)
    and Eugenia's sparkling silvery self is adorable!!
    x♡x Karin

  2. hi karin! lol, yeah, mine go through at least one ugly duckling stage too, but not two clueless days of it!!

    yes, do check out the school of images. you're one of the first people i thought of when i started learning more about it... xxoo

  3. That was a good story. So interesting to see the image under the final image.

    That book looks fantastic!!! It is now on my wish list. Jeesh, just what I (don't) need -another order to Amazon, lol. Expensive freight, all the way to Australia.

  4. I really love the last Picture!it is so amazing!!!
    And thanks for your supporting words!
    World Peace

  5. the day opens here, a big foggy, but your image, the top one, it is so powerful. A huge transmutation image--on the lines of an alchemy of the self or Soul. Something is surely working on the inner levels!

    At least I (i) (eye) see it that way. I love your link to that Kabbalah-istic site, too...

    funny about your plant's growth pattern... energy.

  6. beautiful pictures, and plants. I love your blog

  7. ah, the bubbling continues - I think when it gets a bit hard?, that we and our process are growing - moving up a notch to a different plain, but bringing all we learned with us - a very positive thing - those boots are absolutely wonderful and the altered pic at the end is really lovely!

  8. hi zom, lol, well in retrospect i wonder if i really needed to tell the *whole* story! sometimes in blogging it's hard for me to know what to tell and what not...

    yes, that book *is* fantastic! i guess i just assumed that amazon had free shipping even to australia (if you buy $25 worth)! well, i appreciate the free shipping dealhere, that's for sure.

    parisa, you're welcome... i've been thinking about you... and thank you!

    yeah, mansuetude, transmutation. and i love that word... i remember when i first heard it -- it went through my mind over and over again for days. it's the best word for what happens to growth seeking humans here, i think.

    and the plant... energy for sure. feeling pulled to the energy of the crystal more than sunlight. this is what's amazing to me.

    thank you so much, ms. sunday... i appreciate your words!

    hey jeane... yeah, bubble, bubble continues... and of course i agree that it's good -- the process is good! and thank you about the bottom pic!

  9. Your "Exploring this House" is a strong piece and I bet you wouldn't have predicted this combination in a hundred years....yet it works know, when you know!! Your last altered photo is so delicate and beautiful.
    Mary Ann

  10. always 'give' so much in so many ways...I hope you know that.
    Brave pursuits happening here, that always land on thier feet...shouting "YES".
    An art teacher once told me to "explore the bits that annoy you, that's where the growth is" do this instinctively...I love it.
    Mica...oh how I dream about this sparkly stuff! I want to be Eugenia...
    Book looks interesting, and that plant...oh how beautiful this is.

  11. I'm glad you didn't give up on this work too. It is wonderful, and I love the boots.

    Thanks for the links to the book and the SOI. I'll be going back to check out both.

    The plant growing toward your crystals is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh Lynne, the crystals are completely magical.... and the plant growing over them amazing. Your art is so telling of you and what you are wondering and dreaming about. That is so hard to do for me! I hope your week is a lovely one! Roxanne

  13. hi leslie, those boots, yeah. they're from the 'free people' catalog... i don't see myself ever wearing boots with studs all over them, but i like them mightily anyway! thank *you* for stopping by!

    hey roxanne! yeah, my art is telling, that's for sure. but i think yours is too... i'm glad you like the crystal pic -- that whole thing made me very happy! have a lovely week too!

  14. Love this crystal refraction of light. Amazing view!

  15. I am really loving that plant growing towards the energy of those amazing crystals. ....and the boots....I think there is room for a series of boot art. I have a pair that look just like those!!! Perfectly worn.

    ...and a beautiful week to you as well, Lynne.

  16. I love meandering through your la la. I feel as light as a feather. Thank you Lynne.

  17. thank you for the post & especially the last three photo's ... I seriously needed that. :)

  18. thank you, b & w!

    whoa, karen -- perfectly worn?! that would be boot perfection! yeah, i think there's definitely room for a series on boot art. i love boots...

    light as a feather, eh, robyn! i'm smiling! xo

    you're welcome, michelle... very grateful for you and others who appreciate these photos. : )

  19. The light on those crystals with the plant drawing itself to them is so REAL and beautiful!!! I loved the boots but especially the messenger!
    I enjoy seeing how you keep working, working, and listening.... (love that!)

  20. That is so cool that the plant is reaching out to the crystal. And very interesting to see the thought process behind the page.


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