Saturday, January 17, 2009

knifty knitter

okay grrl, am i a guerilla knitter now? this thing says it will knit scarves, ponchos, and much more. what's that? you wanna to see proof?! i'm workin' on it!

if you're one of the few people who doesn't know about grrl's global guerilla knit up challenge, you can go here to read about it. there's still time to join... i was happy to see today that she's posted a supply list for guerilla knit kits.

glad you didn't leave this item out, grrl. we virgos like to be precise, you know...

parisa, you're the winner! please e-mail me with your address and i'll send it off to you. i like to go to parisa's blog to see tehran through the lens of her camera. and, of course, gaze at her art...

taken last week on our way to the grocery store. hay is big business here. it's a fact that there are more cows in this county than humans. just over 9,000 humans in 3,944 square miles (10,215 square km), and a lot more cows.

i don't think i was actually aiming to shoot this sign, but then again maybe i was. a sign this big in someone's front yard?! and it's lit at night!

my journal, waiting for me...


follow your heart
and see where it might take you
don't let the world outside
break you
they know not who you are inside

~ 'follow'
~brandi carlile

listening to brandi carlile today...



  1. your picture of your journal waiting for you is really really good! somehow it seems animated or alive....

  2. lovely post although how u manage to upload the photos in the right order is beyond me. i am so impressed :o)

  3. hee, jeane, it IS. ; )

    thank you, kate!! here's my secret about the photos... i make a list, and the photo that shows up last in the post is at the top of the list. everything's exactly reversed. crazy...

  4. I'm loving your birds Lynne. ....and your journal is something I would love to see. Looking forward to seeing your guerilla knits.

  5. Go Guerilla Knitters and Crocheters!
    Can't wait to see your tree, bench, or whatever you choose to cover. I enlisted the Hubby to help me install mine....though I have to actually crochet it first.
    Love the picture of your journal and I agree with Jeane, it does look really alive.

  6. yipeee! you DID get your knit machine! I hope you are having fun breaking it in and learning how to make it do its magic!

    congrats to parisa and thanks for the link.

    loved the photo's you shared (but I could NOT live in the house with the lit up billboard - EEK!)

    yummy. your journal & the purple bird ... ah ... to have that kind of inspired consistancy.

  7. So thanks dear Lynne!You made me so happy!...Your journal is so fantastic and your nice shot show it's beauty to us in the best way!

  8. Fantastic photo of your journal, sitting waiting patiently for your next inspired entry. Glad you joined the guerillas. Maybe you can knit up that sign you showed in your post!!

  9. I laughed when I read your blog title.... you go grrl! We're all a knitting out here (and soon to be a decorating).

    I love the photo of your journal patiently awaiting your return on that simple metal chair...

  10. oh this bird's from last year, robyn... i've been drawn (heh, little pun there) to birds since i started painting. the knifty knitter -- well, i've started my first piece. i'm seriously thinking crochet hook now. ; )

    so you're a guerilla crocheter, leanne? my dh went with me today to help measure some posts... we can make them honorary guerilla knitters and crocheters. : )

    lol, michelle, i got it and i think i've conquered the beast. humbled me, it did... oh this bird is from last year -- i'm not *that* consistent! and ditto living in a house with a lit up billboard in the front yard! good heavens!

    parisa, it's my great pleasure to be sending 'pasticcio' to you. i've gotten so much joy from your blog... xo

    hey seth, yes, it's waiting for me to accrue enough pieces for our project so that i feel i can spend time with it again. it *is* patient! lol! no way am i knitting up that post -- that thing is huge!

    hi jacky! yeah, knitter and crocheters-r-us! beautifying (or at least color-ifying ; ) the world one stitch at a time...

  11. I was given a book once on how to knit...there was even patterns for bikinis and womens stockings!!! straight out of the 70s.

    Love seeing the images of your county Lynne!!! amazing, all that hay!wow...feed for allot of cows!!!
    I would love a neon sign in my front yard!!! imagine the fun you could have with messaging...

    I think the image of your special journal waiting quietly on that chair is beautiful Lynne!

  12. Great!! I like your work so much =)

  13. Good luck at your knitting, you are braver than me.

    Can you believe that sign is basically right outside someones home. YIKES



  14. Wow... stunning photo of your journal! Love the chair and this light atmosphere.

  15. hi jo, lol, bikinis and women's stockings! no way are they gonna be a product of the knifty knitter! and a neon sign in your front yard... whoa! no way for me! : )

    hi flower girl! thank you so much!

    no renee, i can *not* believe that someone has a sign that big in their front yard, even though i'm seeing it with my own eyes! thank you about the knifty knitter. it's pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.

    thank you b & w.... it was one of those shots that demanded to be taken.

  16. oh those hay bales are so square, its odd cause they seem so round and single in the fields here. Did you know we got us some real snow here in the Carolinas???? you Jealous?

    I love the quote about the heart, the world, and our fears will try try try to pull the roots of it out of us, and tell us we was growing some weeds.

    Ode to peace.

  17. Ohhh I'd love to turn the pages of your journal, it looks so inviting and inspiring. I get hot flushes, sorry, power surges, when I see other people's hand made journals

  18. Lynne, I love the shot of the haybales here,they are so golden... and the chair with your journal, just waiting patiently. Anticipating... and your art... I can hardly see it in person! See you Saturday... Roxanne

  19. Another virgo, signing in! I just can't help but think about all the communities in all our world being decorated by guerrilla artists. Think of how pretty it's going to be!!

  20. Nice blog.
    Full of expression:)
    Congrats parisa won!

  21. yeah, i don't know why they're square out here and round back there... but they're *all* big. no! i am not jealous of your snow! help yourself dear mansuetude!! peace and crackling fires to you...

    lol, ro, i have the same condition. heart racing, temp. rising, shortness of breath. : )

    thank you, roxanne! i love hay bales... see you soon. xo

    hey chris, yes, won't it be nice? globally nice... this virgo has been measuring and she's amazed at the circumference of even small posts.

    thank you, yoon see! i was very happy that parisa won...

  22. mm..the new pasdticcio is in my favourite color... chartreuse is certainly the new black


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