Monday, November 10, 2008

art, travel...

and more peter beard...

saturday our art group got together in ashland, oregon. i drove to roxanne's home near klamath falls and she drove from there. the light was stunning until klamath falls... from there it was foggy, then rainy, then snowy. these are my favorite pics, taken while driving north on highway 139.

this mint green house is not far from here... i even like mint green in this light.

just left of center, that highest bump of clouds is mount shasta.

yes, i've shown you this mound/hill/mesa before, but i can't help myself from showing you this latest version. that shape, the sky, the grass in the foreground...

this area is one big field -- everything from mint and garlic, to potatoes and grains. storage silos beside a railroad track...

train cars near the silos.

blue, blue outbuildings... i could eat these! they could be dessert after i finish off that mound above! after this i drove into fog, and that was the end of picture taking...

this is roxanne's art card, traded for the one of mine. she has a most lovely post up with photos of the cards in it. i also have a card from anna, but can't find it anywhere as i write this...

thank you, roxanne...

i started this

and this

in my art group journal while we were together in ashland, and finished them at home later that night. much scraping, digging, and wiping was involved -- i was a woman possessed!

still possessed, this page had to go.

this is its current state... still not done, but i can live with it while i work on the opposite page.

and now...

more pics from the peter beard books. i left all of the images large so you can see some detail if you click on them.

many, many diaries...

i left this image very large so you can get a good look at the diaries here. that's peter leaning over them... and these aren't even all of them. his home in montauk, new york burned to the ground in 1977 and twenty years worth of diaries were burned then. and still, there are all of these...

a close-up. amazing, huh?


on another note, beadedlilly has given me the butterfly award for coolness -- thank you for your kind words, beadedlily -- they mean a lot!

and finally, this is the page with the printed out version of me on it... i don't know if it's done yet, but close. the words are from the book 'oneness', by rasha.


  1. Lynne - I'm tucked in under my duvet, with laptop - scanning my fav blogs and wham - here you are posted fully loaded again - so I start reading, enjoying your photos, art cards, Peter B's pics and then the final pic of your journal page - that little painting of you is everything! - it is such a strong piece!

  2. thank you, jeane! the background wasn't revealing itself, and then last night, bam! i woke up knowing these words needed to go there.

  3. :D I think you have many faithful readers and fans of your work, and you deserve every one. I'm just a drop in the puddle, but I'm glad my bit of feedback meant something:)

  4. This is a beautiful post, all the meadows and farmland in those golden colors... and the skies! I especially love the train photo... And your new work is spectacular! I love the first piece with the window and shades of red, and the second with "directions" in the center of the circle. And your last piece is great in all it's stages... Thank you for driving with me and helping me find the paints. You were right, I need more. Yesterday I called all the stores in Klamath Falls but no one carries them... Roxanne

  5. What an absolute feast. . .can't move I'm so full.
    Then, at the end, your lovely face.Thank you.

  6. hi beadedlily, thank you once again... you are very generous... : )

    thank you, roxanne! i will send you a link to the luminarte site so you can order from them if you want.

    annette, yes, it was almost too much to digest in one sitting, but i just couldn't leave anything out. i had to stagger away from the table, i mean computer myself. ; )

  7. Looks like you had a beautiful art journey, so many great photos!
    I never heard of Peter B until now, thanks for sharing. His work is amazing.

  8. Dunno about the mound, but the cards and diaries will be my breakfast. There is something so...boyish... about a journal when a man does it... like Dan Eldon, and my own gorgeous boy when he journals.. very gender specific, have you noticed?

  9. thank you, charlotte! yes, peter b. is quite amazing... his work really speaks to me.

    you know, grrl, i hadn't thought about it, but now that you mention it there's a definite similarity between dan e. and peter b.'s journals. i haven't seen many guy journals, though, so i'm not sure if there's a guy thing in general or not...

  10. Wow!
    Oh I love the blue buildings. And now the song "perfect blue buildings" is running around in my head. ( Counting Crows ).
    And the cards are wonderful. And then the pictures of the journals. So amazing. I have to order those books....maybe I'll get them for Christmas....

  11. oh, to be "posessed" to do such things, love the process... and your Mr Shasta image, i see some kind of powerful animal figures running to the right in the clouds--

    i love it, the energy. Your landscape photos are wonderful--and here are the blue buildings (burp.. ah excuse me... roughage to eat them, but beautiful) :)

    i like it here. thanks.

  12. LOOK at that sky!
    Love these photos. I have memories from just driving through wide spaces which will live with me forever. That's a great photo of the mound/hill/butte/lump whatever, it's incongruous but integral, it's rough, yet smooth. These photos give me wanderlust.

  13. What a wonderful road to drive down. Great art cards too!

  14. hi, leanne... oh, those blue buildings are killer aren't they? they're just so darn tasty! and yeah, the p.b. journals are amazing... i'm savoring the books -- i like knowing that there's still a lot i haven't looked at.

    mansuetude, oh yes, being possessed is a gift, is it not? VERY grateful for that... absorption in the process...

    i would not be a bit surprised to see powerful animals running past mt. shasta!

    i'm so glad you had a taste of the blue buildings... very tasty don't you think? (if a bit hard to digest : )

    hello chris! so nice to see you here! i think you've described the Isness of the mound perfectly... it *is* incongruous but integral, and rough yet smooth. as for wanderlust, that road will do it. i love driving on it... i feel so happy and free as i zoom along (and take many pics). and the sky. i'm addicted to it!

    hey seth, yep, wonderful road... i never tire of it -- okay except maybe when i'm headed back home at night, and it's dark and the road's so straight and i wish i had some new music to pop in the CD player... ; )

  15. extraordinary!! your scenic photos, you art group (you lucky girls!!) and Peter Beard...

  16. Hi! I just came by from Be...Dream...Play.
    I love your journal pages :)
    Do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my Blog Love List?


  17. hi stephanie, thank you for your nice words and for stopping by!

    yes, scrowl, please feel free to add me -- i'd be honored... and thank you for stopping by!

  18. This book is fantastic, Peter Beard must must just live his life through his and others journals, what a way to go.
    I love your painting exercises too, the backgrounds are wonderful.

  19. All those diaries and books are just amazing! I've never seen anything like it! Maybe I'll do a post on Peter Beard... Anyway, I like the shots of your roadtrip, the good old wide open road is always beautiful in its own special way.

  20. Your "still not done" page is so gorgeous and of course I love all your work in this post. Aahhh... the Peter Beard photographs are amazing!In fact this is a wonderful usual!!!

  21. Hi there Lynne

    I found you through my friend Jacky. Thought I would pop over and say hi! She said you sent her the nicest thankyou email for a parcel she sent to you. I know Jacky's parcels are wonderful.

    And am very lucky we get to see each other quite often.

    And really enjoying looking through your blog. You are a wonderful photographer and artist.
    Beautiful work!


    P.S. Love the Peter Beard book - very inspirational.

  22. hi ro, so glad you enjoyed the peter beard books... i love having them and sharing them... and thank you for your nice words about my paintings!

    ian, yes, the open road is always beautiful in its own way... i have to make myself pay attention to driving instead of picture taking. : O

    thank you, robyn! so glad you saw these p.b. photos... i wanted you to have a bit more of a taste of them!

    hello dot, thank you for your lovely comment... i will be posting about jacky's package soon... you are very lucky indeed to be able to get together with one another!

  23. Lynne, I'm still chewing, I mean working my way through this feast of a post. :)
    Landscape...that sky, the horizon, those buildings and the colours...just breathtaking.
    Roxannes art cards and thanks for her link.
    Your journal pages WOW, Oh a woman possessed! it's the only way to be.
    And finally Peter Beard...once again, full of wonder!

  24. Just what I needed...something else to add to the "must-have" list!! I am simply in awe of these journals!! Picking my jaw up off the floor now and heading on over to amazon!! Thank you for sharing!

  25. I just love the idea of all these books I set out on so many different ones but the dilemma is always...are they for me or to be shown, I should like the latter but it turnd out to be the former. Thankyou for your encouraging comments I so admire your own work.

  26. Hey Lynne - This week has been nice, time to catch up on blogs. I have enjoyed ALL your recent posts, especially your wonderful journal pages and paintings. And the photographs so rich in PLACE, just so beautiful. Thank you so much for posting about the PB books. I have several of his other books and have always been a big fan. I ordered them Immediately! I have loved sitting with them a bit each day and find them absolutely mesmerizing. What an extraordinary life! I feel very inspired by both the quantity and raw quality of expression. Thank you! As always, love checking in on what you are up to. All my best - Fran


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