Thursday, November 20, 2008

slowing down...

i feel like a set of gears that turns more slowly every day. every day a little less sun, every day digging in a little deeper. every day one day closer to the day i love most, the winter solstice. when the veils are thin and magic is just... right... there. i wonder about blogging this next month as each day feels quieter and quieter, but tell myself to take one day at time and BE with it. whatever...

our son was home for a visit on sunday, and we walked up to a place called kelly springs together. the forest service has put a concrete tank here to fill up with water for the animals. i love that humans have put a water tank in the middle of the forest for animals.

you could almost touch the quiet.

this is what the creek looks like now. the cairn has fallen, but most of the other rocks are still in place. and the water's cold! every fall i take out my most cherished rocks so they won't get washed away in winter's high water. i made sure i did this before i left for virginia while the water was still somewhat friendly to bare feet. now i get to wait and see what rocks are with me in the spring. everything will be washed flat. i love this...

the sun is so low it's shining directly in the art room windows -- everything is illuminated...



and quieter

and quieter...


  1. how well you describe this time of year - quieter - I can actually hear myself - its been dark for hours here - the last bits of good light fading before 5pm - you remember - your pics of the water tank are really beautiful - but my fav is the pic of your work area - I made it big and just looked at everything - I could see the remnents of how it must have looked when you first set it up and now how it is completely infused with your creativity and energy......

  2. I was just about to leave a comment on your lovelies in the last post, when up popped this one.
    Oh, how I am with you here! At this time of year I feel the need to slow right down and cocoon myself in my nest.It's dark here now, before 5 pm and I get the urge to be still and reflect.
    If you do decide to hibernate, pop up now and then just to sniff the air and let us know you're fine.
    What wonderful pictures of the forest and your walk with your son. I can never see enough of your part of paradise.xx

  3. Oh it is so the same here. Wishing I could just go into a kind of sleep. I feel like a tree sometimes collecting all I have in my centre, waiting and recharging for Spring. How then am I supposed to function in a 'normal' way? Impossible and so against nature.
    I too delved into your art room and loved it! Growth all over.
    Consider yourself extremely lucky to be so near a clear stream.
    See you then!

  4. jeane, the one thing i wish were different about the pic of my art room, is that the arm part of the swing arm lamp is covering up the bottom of the painting that was on the back of grrl's last package. it's the woman with the white hair and eyes on the right -- oh, she's killer and i wish everyone could see her lips too!

    you know, annette, i wasn't sure if anyone else would feel as i do. the world seems to be rushing towards thanksgiving and christmas now, but for me, yes, it's time to slow down and dig into my nest. how nice it is to know that others feel as i do...

    jo, oh yes, i agree, it feels so against nature to me too... i'm thankful that i don't have to work at a job these days. i'm so grateful to be able to live according to my own rhythym. that is priceless to me.

    this stream comes out of the national forest just a few hundred yards from here. it's so clean -- there are a few houses upstream from us, and above that just woods...

  5. Wow,what a lovely photo of that forest!!!so great colors!I'm sure you had a lovely time there with your son!

  6. the sun in that water shot is magnificent... and the animals will drink..the ones that are tall enough.Time to go inwards....huh??

    woman on the back of my last package? that was a stencil of maria callas... the opera singer..

  7. Such a beautiful post, Lynne!

    I lived in Texas for most of my life and never felt the seasons as acutely as I do here in England. My creative energy drains away with the shortening of the days. But I know this will pass soon. The winter solstice is a month away, then it's all up hill from there :-)

  8. thank you

    for talking for my inner silence, giving it a voice outside me to honor its heart.

    thank you

  9. This time of year is definitely the time to Just Be, in quietness and comfort.

  10. Lovely photos Lynne, especially your studio. I can't believe xmas is so close. I find its a go-slow time for my creativity.

  11. hi parisa! yes, we did... my husband was there too -- so wonderful to walk and be together!

    lol, grrl! you'll have to explain the 'huh??'. yeah, for me when the days are shortest i feel like i'm closing up inside myself. hibernating...

    that's a stencil? wow, what a great stencil... i LOVE that image.

    just a plane ride away -- thank you for your kind words! yes, everything will change after the solstice. then we'll be headed the other way. : )

    mansuetude, you are welcome. i'm so glad to have other humans to share this with...

    thank you so much, trish. and thanks for stopping by!

    hey cynjon, are you back home yet? i need to go by your place... hapi hapi land is a good place to just BE.

    thanks, robyn... i think it's an intense time for me -- the solstice that is. i think my creativity level stays high, maybe higher than usual, but a very quiet sort of high.

  12. I too love Winter Solstice wonderful for me, to be able to sit here, and share this special time of the season with you...truly amazing :)
    Beautiful images...
    Your studio is just perfect...I love yor looks so inviting. The place to be I think!

  13. Omg!! your photography is just awesome!! great work. lovely colours!and I specially love your studio! =)

  14. Beautiful all.
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. I honestly cried reading this. It's joyful quiet. I love these images.
    thank you

  16. boy, jo, isn't that the truth. there you are coming up on the summer solstice, and here i am near the winter solstice. it truly is amazing...

    hi flower girl, thank you so much!! all of those paintings on the walls are from different artists -- i love having their voices right there, speaking to me.

    thank you, leanne...

    hey kate, thank you...

    hi beadedlily, yes, i love that quiet... here's to lots of it in the coming month...

    chris, joyful quiet -- that is beautiful...

  17. That corner is a work of art itself!

  18. :)))
    You have a great imagination!
    (about 2 heads and speaking between them,so funny,thanks!) :)

  19. Lynne, I love the feel of this post. It is like nesting... you have captured the warmth of being at home with your family as it gets cold and darker. I think it is that wanting to slow down is what I have been fighting. Maybe I just need to flow with it, like you. Thank you for the surprise card. I love it... Roxanne

  20. thank you, seth!

    lol, parisa! yes, that's what they looked like! : )

    hi roxanne, well, soon you'll have some days off for thanksgiving, and then for christmas. those will be good days for slowing down... i loved putting the stuff together for the card. : )

  21. wow. Such beautiful light in these photos. And thank you so much for sharing your corner:)) It's absolutely wonderful and just glowing with creativity.

  22. Quiet. Yes. How nice that you describe listening so well.

  23. hi christine, thank you! oh that sun just makes for the most gorgeous pics, doesn't it?

    thank you, leslie...

  24. WOW the last photo is something... I love the place.


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