Friday, November 14, 2008

acts of love and beauty

sometime in september jacky wrote and asked if i'd be interested in swapping tree flags with dneese (aka grrl) and her. yes! of course! i sent mine off before i left for virginia... what i received from each of these incredible women floored me.

dneese's arrived first... the stamps alone sent me into paroxysms of joy...

inside was far more than a tree flag. a bundle of fabric,

guerilla art tags and stickers (many),

and a big, GORGEOUS tree flag. there was tremendous love and power in this package. the one thing i kept thinking about (for days) was the power of love and generosity. it can move mountains.

jacky's arrived next... there was such attention to detail in jacky's package, the photos don't begin to convey this... the care and love was palpable.

there were stamps, echidna quills (these i think i love more than bones), an art gallery guide (full of cool art), a porcelain doll's head from germany, and native grasses.

these grasses moved me to tears. when someone 'gets' you, the world shifts a little. each of the grasses was lovingly wrapped in brown paper and stuck between the pages of the gallery guide. the gallery guide protected them on their trip across the ocean.

and her beautiful tree flag. soon i'll go to mt. shasta and hang both of these flags... i want this aussie tree love flying from the most powerful place i know.

dneese and jacky, thank you...

so happy to know such brilliant poets.


  1. Lynne, you lucky woman. Strength all along and throughout each woman's work here. Thank you!

  2. wow - love and generosity AND creativity - a magical mix

  3. "When someone gets you, the world shifts a little."
    True and beautiful:)

  4. jo... you're so right on all counts. and you're welcome!

    hi kate, yeah, a magical mix for sure. not to mention powerful...

    hi beadedlily - yes, it is true isn't it? and very beautiful!

    hi leslie, it's so nice to see you here! i feel like i know you from seeing your pic/comments on many blogs that i know and love. thank you for stopping by!

    yep, jeane, life is good... abundantly good!

  5. Lynne, WOW...amazing stuff here...more than just stuff though! Much more...very special. :)

  6. Hi Lynne,

    What a tree flag will be flying from a tree in Mt. Shasta...amazing.
    So pleased your liked your package, this was a wonderful swap. I LOVE my flags and treasures from you and Dneese!

  7. Lynne, I am so moved by this post, the connection between you three women... artists reaching across the world. Your are a wonderful woman and so deserving of such gifts. I love the grasses and plants the most, but also the tree flags. Beautiful photographs and writing. I always love the words you choose! Roxanne

  8. oohhh
    i shouldnt' be here, but something called, and now

    well i have stamp envy, yes.

    and then those grasses is enough... its Christmas, always... and now this phrase, "Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane"

    Yup, i think i will try that tomorrow, see how it feels, blame the south, etc... can you do it with a smile in your heart? I hope so!!

    Sweet dreams.

  9. Sooo cool, how come you make them all look so great in your photos...

    These carepacks are so much fun to give and recieve... and I love it how you send them on..

  10. hey jo! yeah, amazing and special gifts from really beautiful people.

    hi jacky, smiling here, and thanking you *again*! : )

    hi roxanne, i will show these grasses to you the next time we see one another -- you will be smiling like i was! thank you for your nice words! and i always love the words you choose!

    lol, mansuetude, the stamps were calling you!

    that philip k. dick quote... you know when i first saw grrl's tags (on her blog) i got a huge smile at this quote because my husband is a longtime philip dick fan, and many are the times he's quoted his writings to me. so to see grrl have his words on one of her guerilla art tags was pure delight.

    well, obviously here i am, having left the south to make myself more sane... which i think goes to show that i wasn't very sane at the time i left, because who can be called sane if they are blaming? do i have a smile in my heart now? hmmmm... okay, i'll just say 'i hope so'!!

    maybe it will be 'good morning' when you read this! i love that you make me think! and smile.

    my dear grrl, it would be absolutely impossible to make your packages look anything other than glorious and powerful. because they are. xxxooo

  11. i have sundown now, and yes to your wisdom, who can be sane when they are blaming. !!!! That is a jem to be set in a ring...

    think of it.

    I never heard of philip k. dick but you should be quoted.

  12. gem... not jem

    don't mark me off for spelling i will flunk life!

  13. hi robyn, yes, it really is great fun to open packages like these...

    lol, mansuetude! i would never mark you off for spelling or anything! no, you are quite marked 'on' in my book...

  14. Wowww!so happy to see your blog,everything in here is great and lovely,your banner,your art work,it seems that you live with art every time!and you have a chance to have a lovely friend as in your last post!
    Best Wishes

  15. You are a lucky girl. What great friends. It's truly mind-blowing when someone gets you.

  16. Prayer flags!!!! Another one of those, "why didn't I think of that moments.

    Is that a round robin you did? If not, Imagine, many artists each starting one and they all get passed around until yours returns to you.

    Great gift, Lynne

  17. hi parisa, thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words! as you know, i'm smitten with your blog!

    hi chris, yes, it is mindblowing in the best kind of way!

    oh my, karen, a prayer flag round robin would be great... no, this was just a swap. but can you imagine the energy in a prayer flag after it's made its rounds?! wheeeee!!!


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