Sunday, October 23, 2011

'sylvia' ~ gouache, watercolors, oil pastels, casein paint, colored pencil & soft pastels in 'the merry men'

in the last month or so i've been experimenting... and resting creatively while whatever it is that's brewing gets brewed. i feel like i'm coming out the other end of that now, and one thing that i know more than ever is that i love to draw and paint faces. i just do!

hey! amy is offering free video art workshops!! she is one beautiful human being and very good with words, so i'm gonna paste here what she says on her blog:

Let's pass artiness around and get it to everyone.

Let's make everything arty and awesome and happy.

I will be loading some templates and supply lists for you when they are necessary.
I am very excited.

I will do all that i can to make art and information and techniques available to everyone.

We all deserve art, right?

If you have good information or are not shy and would like to share a tutorial or host a portion of a workshop, please Please contact me via email:

I think the best thing we can do is share what we know.

So please. If you know good stuff (and you do)
and are willing to share your good information, let me know.

Let's make a free arty information revolution.

click here for more info...
(can you see me blowing her the most enormous kisses in the world?)

* * *



  1. and I just love the faces that you paint. Especially liking the revealing of the text underneath. it's a delicious shading/shadow technique.
    xoxo Kim

  2. Hi, Lynne - I am dashing off to look up Amy right now. (Your new girl Sylvia is beautiful, looks very self-confidant)!

  3. oh rude blogger, just ate my novel that I wrote about Sylvia!

    Sylvia (who is divine!) grew up wealthy in a mansion but then the family fell on hard times. She lives on a small monthly stipend but still has impeccable taste which she indulges with care managing a little champagne and vases of flowers occasionally.

    And that rock! Did you really find it?? You must come and visit the heart rock tree down the road from me.

    And thanks for the Amy info. I am dashing off too!

  4. Your awesome and so is your art! You shine creativity with a capital C! :)

  5. A serenely beautiful face today Lynne. Interesting about the art workshops too. Thanks!

  6. your love of drawing/painting faces shows through each personality you create - each one so unique
    And what fun - going to check out Amy's blog - free art all around! YAY

  7. Oh this rock !!!

    Will check things out with Amy. Perhaps playing along is just what I need to keep the real artist juices flowing...
    Happy Monday, Lovely Lynne !

  8. ohhohh the heart rock...
    and here's to artists sharing what they know... love love love.. xo

  9. lynne.
    thank you.
    thank you thank you.

    i want people to share. this is wonderful.


  10. happy to know you love painting faces because I do too! Please continue to delight us!

  11. Dear Lynne,

    I just heard the most cheering thing about portraits. That the nose is very inert, and shows no emotion on a person's face,its the mouth and Eyes that count.
    wonderful portrait here.

  12. Hi Lynne love Sylvia she reminds me of a school marm who lashed out on red lippy lol and thanks for the link to Amy ....

    hugz bev

  13. Beautiful painting Lynne. Thankyou for the link to the lovely Amy's work. It's so nice of you both to be so generous with your techniques. I need all the help I can get!! I'm trying to teach myself to draw, well, I'm trying to draw anyway!!. Marg. ox

  14. I love to paint faces and I love to make patterns and of couse I lOVe colour! I'm concentrating on these things and enjoy the process so much when I follow what's in my heart and not my head. :)
    Jess xx

  15. Hello Lynne and Sylvia! I know what you mean about faces, I keep coming back to them too. Maybe it's the eyes. The eyes always pull me in.

    Amy and her blog are just so much fun! I love her and her enthusiasm about creativity and art.

    Happy brewing!

  16. i love the way you go with the flow. lily and her mum loved loved loved your painting. :) xx

  17. I want to thank you for your kind and gentle ways of sharing your journey. You have a soft way of nudging the heart to pick the pencil and make a sacred mark...without judgement. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  18. oh i just follow the link she seems supercool too
    thank you thank you thank you!!!


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