Wednesday, October 26, 2011

'clementine' ~ watercolors, gouache, oil pastels, casein paint,bits of paper glued to page, colored pencil and graphite in 'the merry men' - 5" x 7"

there's a painting underneath clementine that i worked for *hours* on. finally i just said 'bah!' (or something like that, ha ha) and covered it up with white casein paint. you can still see bits of the original painting. what doesn't get fully covered up almost always seems to enhance the final version. i love the legs on the front of clementine's dress, but i definitely didn't plan it so they'd show up.

lately i've been gluing down pieces of old wallpaper before i start drawing. there's something about old wallpaper that i really like. it's the one collage thing i always come back to.

pogo prints in pocket moleskine

i finished the pocket moleskine that i started in late august. in it i messed around with various things, like writing the date in different ways. i decided that my writing gets a lot more interesting if i vary the width of it.

i drew with an 8B (soft lead) pencil a lot. what i really love is smudging it. i did a bunch of pencil smudging...

like here... i'm on a hexagon/honeycomb kick. i don't know why, but i'm happy drawing honeycomb!

this is what i drew today watching amy's video workshop. it's supposed to be realistic, but i did lop a bit off of her lower lip to make her a little wonky. lol, she'll probably be real wonky by the time i finish painting her. even though i don't draw realistically, i do like to try different things... thank you, amy!!

* * *

“What do I ask of a painting? I ask it to astonish, disturb, seduce, convince.”

~ Lucien Freud,
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  1. That's the coolest little moleskine. I can see making a practice of that. I have to admit I just love reading your lists of "ingredients" in your pieces, kind of poetic and alchemic. Can't go wrong with layers it seems, Lynne...
    xoxo Kim

  2. LOL u never know Clementine may just decide to use those legs , she sure looks like shes been around lol

    and i would know that was your moleskine anywhere love the figure with wings among the honeycomb ...

    hugz bev

  3. oh there is some wonderful interesting art here .... I love what you do Lynne... I love how you think [ ha ha ]
    I love what 'shows up '

  4. I love Clementine! She reminds me of someone I know. Love the texture and layers you have going on. It is always so fun to come here and see what you have been up to!

  5. well...i have been lost under a mountain of details.
    and not painting....but i have create a face i think you will approve of.

    she's waiting for the beauty of you to be fully "seen".


  6. oh ... I love the honeycomb drawing and idea.... ( and Clementine of course too, I always like your paintings !) but now I discovered , I also like your drawings :)

  7. oh i love clementine, and her dress. the neckline is beautiful. love the honeycomb man with wings. sorry, i'm no good with words, but your work just fills me with joy. thankyou for sharing it Lynne. ox

  8. so lovely to see all the layers, thank you for sharing your beautiful art! :)

  9. Here's to saying "bah!" (or something like that :0) ), being a little wonky, and not covering up everything that's been there before. I love Clementine, and I really, really, really love the shades of blue and orange you used. Faboo, my friend.

  10. I remember seeing Clementine at one of my aunty's card games. Clementine looks like an ordinary woman but hidden below that surface is a world of wisdom. She doesn't share it that often, but if you need it, she offers it freely. Otherwise she hides behind her "ordinariness" .

    I have been painting and repainting a large canvas now for many days, just experimenting, putting paint on, taking it off, getting in touch with process rather than results, experimenting with find form in abstraction. So glad to hear your story of painting over!!

    Delicious as always, sweet and sour all at once, like a good clementine!

  11. Just stopped by to get inspired and you never let me down..You are the best..Hows the air? LOL.

  12. Wonderful drawings in moleskine. I love Clementine!

  13. wonderful images and once again gentle words to guide the human heart. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. love your honeycomb being with wings
    love that you have enjoyed smudging as well as honeycomb
    awesome to see what you are up to


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