Saturday, September 24, 2011

'they know not what they do' ~ caran d'ache crayons, casein paint, oil pastels, watercolors, and graphite in 'the merry men'

'they know not what they do' has to do with my feelings about the execution of troy davis... i worked on it for a couple of nights - there's a lot of stuff covered up on the page, but in the end it seemed to capture my feelings just about perfectly...

my main thing lately hast not been painting, though! it's getting out in the woods to visit the trees (and everything!) before the rain and cold weather get here...

green shrine tree #1, new heart rock

green shrine tree #2 - old heart rock, tidied up!

this is an old 'flag' at green shrine tree #1... i'm showing it because i've been showing how these drawings done with caran d'ache crayons and pigma micron pens (on muslin) are holding up. i'm beginning to lose count now, but i think this one is going into its fourth winter. i'm amazed at the amount of color left!

a flag from this summer - with beeswax... the new version of tree flags, lol

this is me today, stitching some sari silk and rhinestones to muslin. after i tied it to a branch i looked down, and there was

a perfect piece of charcoal...

* * *

“The difficulty of always feeling that you ought to be doing something is that you tend to undervalue the times when you’re apparently doing nothing, and those are very important times.”

~ Brian Eno, via tumblr



  1. Wonderful post Lynne, love the stone hearts and your tree flags, when I'm out in nature I always look for hearts nature has made, the last heart I photographed was in a creek where some plants and mosses have formed a heart.Have a nice sunday.
    Hugs Anni

  2. i love your painting ...speaks volumes .
    yes , spend time outside before winter hits . i am looking forward to spending time outside once this heat goes away ..

  3. Your blog makes me so happy. Thank you!

  4. Lynne, the outdoors sounds like a fine place to be. It's still quite warm & humid here in CT, but I know that is could change overnight. Yesterday, I walked around our property collecting leaves,berries, goldenrod,fallen walnuts (or some type of nut) and wrapped them in a piece of fabric and then placed into a copper pot with water, anxious to see what they will bring in the form of dye. I love your flags and your shrines, and think it must be a wonderful place to visit. It's quite amazing the flags are still so colorful after 4 years. Lovely. Thank you for taking me to your space- it's beautiful. xo

  5. oof - riding the bottom swing of the pendulum and heading into the new moon ... should be an interesting couple of days ... really needed that Brian Eno quote this morning.

    love the sari silk and muslin and stitching - raw and sparkly - my favorite combination.


  6. Your forest shrine pictures always make me smile, Lynne! But I also find this painting very compelling. Thank you for feeling so deeply - love, Sus (on the road)

  7. I know what you mean -- I was out yesterday enjoying the trees and the ravine, and breathing it all in.

    And -- "they know not what they do" indeed. xoxo

  8. P.S. The painting is brilliant, especially the little details... xoxo

  9. I'm proud you did this piece with Troy Davis in mind. Shows great heart and courage.

  10. Your piece communicates your feelings so well, and mine too for that matter.... I know what you mean about enjoying the trees, the rain has come here this morning to Portland, but it is a beautiful, blissful rain and the trees seem to be loving it.
    xoxo Cynthia

  11. before I scrolled down and saw what your latest "girl" was about I imagined her as a footloose tree loving young one, spritely and dedicated to the forest. then I saw she was inspired by the darker side of human nature. And yet she looks spritely, so that is hopeful.

    And the forest, it was whispered in your painting and sure enough that's where you've been. I too have been frequenting a comforting glade of cedars, just sitting with them and drinking in their wisdom. So the Brian Eno quote was the perfect conclusion to this highly satisfying post!

    A hug to you and your forest!

  12. Enjoying your post on this Sunday afternoon, love trees, nurture them, view them, and now in there colors of Sept. and Oct. Why is it that spring does not hurry but autumn does.

    I like the dog I see in one of the hearts, perfect outline of dog head. Missing my dog.

    following your directives and enjoying it so much.

  13. I am so glad u r on the planet lynne. Beautiful work.
    Happy birthday/solstice forest sky etc. Still warm and full of amazing variety of butterflies down here south of Charlestown. Rather lovely.

  14. This is a beautiful piece of art inspired by a terrible act, dear friend... I would love to walk through the trees and come upon shrines like the ones you honor your trees with. I wouldn't want to leave. Lucky trees :0)

  15. Hi Lynne wonderful post and i loved sharing the woods with u , im impressed by the crayons standing up so well to...its good to make a statement with your art and make a stand ....

    hugz bev

  16. I have spent 8 days walking through palmetto trees, warm beach foam, gathering crushed shells others pass by, pulled in by nature, the one true and honest thing in this world. So blessed this evening to see your posting, read your words, see your shrines. I was half hour from Georgia, so we went into Savannah, and all I could think about was inhumanity of the week. You could have posted your painting without commentary, it takes a truly empathetic, tenderhearted person to share what is behind the paint and in your heart. Thank you .... I think it is very important as artists to make statements from time to gives purpose to our work. I will go to bed tonight thinking upon this post. You are gifted in so many areas of life......

  17. i am so moved by this painting, it is beautiful. ox

  18. I love your paintings, be they in your own world or about an injustice. I have been playing around a little with doing the same thing with my non dominant hand and water solualbe crayons and pencils. Its really cool starting off with non dominant hand, its a whole new way of being. I hope to have more time when I finish my Afrimation ABC to just play around with out any must finish focus. Thansk for you work. I keep returning to your site.
    Love Rosie

  19. Hey Lynne another wonderful painting that speaks volumes............

    To walk in the woods and leave the everyday behind for just a little while..........sounds perfect.

    Claire :}

  20. Thanks Lynne, for saying so much of what we all feel. A loving tribute to a man unknown to us, who lived a difficult life and an even more difficult death.
    The death penalty should be against the law.

    "thou shalt not murder" Deuteronomy 6:17

  21. Oh, how this world and that wood love you, Lynne. And need you so.

    I love you, Beautiful Heart.

  22. 'they know not what they do' is a wonderful piece full of feeling and gorgeous to look at.

    loved seeing all your other wonderful arts and enjoying glimpses of your days.

  23. HI..My forest friend..Lover of Trees and Hearts. I wonder how many there of us out there in this big world?
    Take care and keep breathing the good air..LOL

  24. Another good painting Lynne. It made me feel sad when I saw it, so I guess it did what you wanted it to do. Keep enjoying those trees! They force us to look up.

  25. I was feeling a little guilty about being seduced outside by the beautiful fall weather, but hey, plenty of time to paint when the snow falls. Really like the little flat heart totems.


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