Monday, September 26, 2011

kees van dongen

portrait of a woman

i'm gonna to take a bit of a blogging break, see where these fall days lead me... i leave you with paintings by an artist whose work i adore, kees van dongen. if i had to choose one painter whose portraits of women i love best, it would be kees. (and i love his name! even though i have no idea how it's pronounced!)

thank you to various folks on tumblr, where i saw many of these paintings for the first time, and a special thank you to beverley shiller for finding the video...

most of these were painted between 1900 and 1910.

the blue hat

the lace hat

woman and orange vendor

woman with a cigarette

woman with flowered hat

woman with frill

femme orientale

dancers - revel and coco

yellow boots

young mother


* * *

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  1. wow thanks for sharing this artist with us Lynne he's fabulous , had not known of him ...

    have a wonderful break from blogland but i will indeed miss seeing your work and shrines ...

    hugz bev

  2. Enjoy your break! And thank you for all your postings.

  3. WOW - Kees is fabulous - and I love the Andy Warhol quote. Have fun traipsing through the fall woods! I'll miss your blogging . . . .

  4. Beautiful art, loads of love! :) Julie

  5. Oh my goodness that's a lovely portrait and the Andy Warhol quote very timely for me! Have a lovely break, I hope you don't disappear altogether from Blogland. I've only just discovered you. :)
    Jess xx

  6. oh yes a break is good, the leaves are falling in my forest and I am looking forward to the fall here. are you breaking from tumblr too?
    love the warhol quote... think I should tatoo it somewhere.... hhhmmm

  7. Ooooooh yes! Have fun, dear friend.

  8. You say Kees like case in suitcase, lol! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely break. I guess I will be with many who will miss you.

  9. Great message and love the paintings!

  10. I see his work in yours. Is he your inspiration? I have seen a few pieces of his work in the past but am unfamiliar with him, overall. Now I want to know more.

  11. Interesting artist. Such strange and lovely women. I like the colours he uses. I hope you enjoy your blogging break in lovely Autumn!

  12. Great artist!
    Thanks for sharing..

    Mariette xox

  13. Rest...relax...listen to the sounds on your path...I will be back to check in later. This artist is superb and so inspirational. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. Interesting use of color, thanks for introducing me to this artist and I love the quote by Andy, have a nice autumn. I saw some goldenrod blooming in a ditch today, there's a nip in the air even here.

  15. Thanks for introducing me to Kees- I think I'm in love! I hope you have a lovely blogcation; go soak up some tree energy! big, big hugs from me to you :)

  16. take me with you....out into the forest. the golden air, the trees, the song that stuns our hearts as it leads us closer to all we love, the dark season.

  17. Aw, that's sad...I will miss your posts. But have a nice break and hope you accomplish all you set out to do!

  18. Hope you have a productive blog-break. I think it's something we all need to do from time to time. As wonderful as blogging can be, it can also be draining. Happy Autumn!

  19. Kees is amazing. Reminds me slightly of Modigliani whose people I love. Yes, someone already mentioned Kees is Case. I know this because I had a Dutch neighbour by this name.

    When I saw the first image I thought you might have done it! And enjoy your journey into fall. Look forward to seeing and hearing what comes up and what you create. Happy falling!

  20. those paintings are delightful!

  21. Lynn I love this artist, his use of underlighting, like T.Lautrec, the lush color and impassioned brush stokes! The sultry mood.
    Enjoy your fall sabbatical.

  22. Enjoy your blogging break Lynne.

  23. Thanks for showcasing this artist Lynn. His women are bright and colorful, filled with a bit of humor, playful, and full of life. I see why you love him so much. I have a Tarkay lithograph with women that i love- these women have so much intrigue about them with lots of styles within them. Enjoy your blogging break!

  24. I am charmed with Kees's expressiveness. But also I'm charmed with finding post yours. I wish you a few happy days and a return with renewed forces. Regards

  25. The Blue Hat is my favorite, although I love the colors he uses in all these beautiful, expressive faces. Thanks for reminding me of this superb artist from the not so distant past. Have a creative time on your blog-break, Lynne - I will be waiting for your return. love, sus

  26. belle série de kees van dongen.. le peintre des mondaines..
    j'ai visité une grande exposition de ces tableaux..dernièrement à paris ..

  27. Hi, there. I hope you are enjoying the autumn!

    This quote by Warhol is great. Isn't it cool that most of us artists struggle with the same imponderables?



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