Friday, September 2, 2011

'in my own world 2' ~ foil stars, casein paint, gouache, watercolors, graphite and oil pastels in 'the merry men', 5" x7"

this ended up being the final version,

although i thought this one was, so i took a pic of it. i really liked that tulip behind her head, but i just couldn't get it right. eventually the tulip wanted to be a flame, which just *felt* a lot better even though i really liked that tulip...

on another note... if you leave a comment and don't receive an e-mail reply from me, it's because you don't have an e-mail address associated with your google/blogger account. if you're not sure, go to 'edit profile', and under 'identity', your e-mail addy will be there - or not. if it's not there, then i can't reply to your comments, and others can't e-mail you through your blog (if you have a blogger blog). it's only recently that i figured this out... before that i was replying to everyone, not knowing that many people weren't getting them!

if you have a few minutes and want to gaze at some incredible and colorful abstract paintings, go to micheal madigan's website ...



  1. funny how we get attached to the way they look in process insn't it?... i like the tulip too and it tells a different story entirely... so interesting...
    micheals work is wonderful... xoxo

  2. I like the tulip and the flame! I like the way you went with your intuition. I like michael;s paintings and i like the little crown a la Basquiat (i haven't a clue if i've spelt his name right..i can never remember)..i have a funny story about Basquiat crown's...i must tell u one day......

  3. The final version stole my heart. It just says so much more to me and yet the tulip is whimsical....
    Now I'm off to Michael's website.

  4. Seeing the flames, I felt "yes!"; seeing the tulip (I see a crown), was more "ahhh, sweet". But then I'm all about fire, can't help it.

  5. Oh Lynne, how I have missed logging on to see your treasures. Love this one, flames or tulip. The colors are delicious! We just got power after the wrath of Irene today. 6 days without really changes a person. Have an awesome weekend!

  6. I love both. Decisions, decisions... The tulip also looks like a crown. xox Colette

  7. I like the tulip but I love the flame.
    Ideas afire ?
    Enjoy this holiday weekend, My Lovely One !

  8. The keeper of the flame. I am liking the update.

  9. Lynne,
    the last take is fantastic, love the flame,-or the sunset on fire.
    xo Dorthe

  10. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and let the magic happen.
    I imagine the tulip will find herself the perfect spot on a different page.
    I LOVE the picture one post down. It took me somewhere else for a moment.

  11. It turned out wonderfully,I find so many thoughts come into my head when I look at it

  12. :)
    i don't need a reply to my comment. comments are a gift.

    i love this.

    i am so inspired when i come here.

    i really really am.

    also, i am using my plaster now, thanks to you.

  13. Both versions are fabulous, but the final one is more mysterious, I think. Thanks for the link to Michael Madigan, too - I LOVE the colors.

  14. Colour colour colour. I love the colour in these. And the life.


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