Saturday, September 10, 2011

'ramona arrives in her well traveled heart' ~ wallpaper, gouache, watercolors, casein paint and oil pastels in 'the merry men', by robert louis stevenson

both ramona and jeanette ended up having many layers of paint on the page, so instead of adding paint for more color and interest,

i used this dental tool to dig into the paint to reveal what's underneath.

i mostly use this end - it may be a big gouge-y mark, or just a small scrape to take a bit off of, say, the pupil of an eye...

if you click on this you can (sorta!) see where i scraped the paint off...

the green in jeanette's hair is from the green that was there before i gave her hair. in other places i went right through the paint, past the text on the page, and into the paper.

people have asked if i glue a couple of pages together to make them thicker/more sturdy, and the answer is that i don't. the layer of matte gel medium that i put on the page first provides a lot of protection, but sometimes i even dig through that.... and that's fine, especially since i'm not painting on the back side of the pages in this book.

* * *

otis' cover of ' a change is gonna come' completely mesmerized me today!



  1. I like the idea of using matte medium gel Lynne I have never tried that one yet. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous art with us! Otis' voice was a bonus to listen to while reading through your posts.

  2. I love Jeannette and Ramona-both so colourful! I was doing an aquarelle face in the car yesterday waiting for Andy to go round the supermarket and needed something to dig through the layers-but didn't have anything-your dental tool would have been great. Where did you get it?!
    I like the fact that Ramona is travelling in her heart.

  3. wow!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the texture you created. Gorgeously YUMMY!

  4. Lynne, I love the green vine around her heart,
    and all the wear and tear there too, but its obviously beating just fine.

  5. Mat medium as a base layer...genius. One more thing I've learned from you.

  6. I am digging your digging. And may I say that Ramona is quite fancy!

  7. I love the effect of your digging paint off. another wonderful piece.

  8. I really dig Ramona. :0) That dental tool is a bit frightening, though! The layers and textures you created with it are absolutely gorgeous.

  9. It is good to see the artist hand.

    Beautiful heart image with Ramona.

    I love Otis Redding.... Most soulful singer.
    " a change is gonna come" is wonderful.

  10. Great piece, Lynne!!! I also have some dental!! Digging is so much fun!! xo

  11. Ramona is most lovely! i'm glad you didn't hurt her with the dental tool. lol- I like to do some some digging and scraping myself, though... it's kind of therapeutic, I think... xxoo

  12. I looooooooove her ..... and she is all heart :) wonderful ! I have also all sort of tool to take the colour also of the paper/canvas.... As I believe that painting is not only putting paint on , but also taking it of :) Great work Lynne as... always :)

  13. Ramona really does have a well worn heart. Full of color, bumps, scrapes and a wreath of valor. An angel of real life and filled with longing. Is she a harbinger of change for you, Lynne? Only you need to know...The music was perfect for this post. Thank you, again. Wonderful, wonderful.

  14. I absolutely love your style! Do you ever teach any classes?

  15. hey kate, i don't know how else to reach you, so i'll answer here! no, i've never taught any classes, and the main reason is that i don't know how i'd teach just following your intuition, because that is what i do. i'll happily share the materials and techniques that are reproduceable, but beyond that it all seems 'unteachable', lol!



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