Sunday, June 26, 2011

tina #1, elegant tina ~ graphite, china ink & watercolors - 4" x 6"

back to 'the tinas'... : )

i painted most of them on the pages that i cut out of my book... it seemed a good way to use the pages that were piling up. once i got a little stack of them (and i really liked them!) i decided to try selling them for a very reasonable price. so, you can buy most of' the tinas' at a new blog that i've created, 'bird on a wire'.

some people have asked what china ink is, and there seems to be a difference of opinion about it on the internet. in my mind it's the same as sumi ink.
it is lovely, lovely stuff, and it goes a long ways.



  1. I am loving Tina..Yes I will have to purchase this book..I also am heading to that new place of yours.. Hope you have a blessed and inspired week.

  2. oooh, this is exciting. a new blog with items for sale, more Tina's, love it.
    Just got back from Bird on a Wire and love the Tina's. I am having a tough time choosing, but will be ordering soon! xoxo

  3. every moment i spend here....i am filled with your beauty.
    you inspire me so.


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