Thursday, June 2, 2011

doris jean ~ gouache and watercolors on traditional gesso, te's book, 4" x 4"

my trusty computer seems to be on its last legs; i can hardly see the images on the screen as i type this (doris jean looks very strange), so i'm gonna stop posting until a new computer gets here. thank you again to everyone for your kind words about these faces!! i have few more to post and then i'm gonna get on with the book that i'm working in now.

here it is a few days ago at a coffee shop in mt. shasta... it's an old book of john milton's poetry. there's no publication date listed, but i'd say late 1800s or early 1900s. it's a gem...

okay! thank you again, and love!

* * *

Todd: Hi Aaron! Tell me why collaboration is better than competition.

Aaron: Being friends with people is just way better than not. In the grand scheme of things art just means nothing and people who take it seriously have really lost the plot. (It's) more fun to just make things.

~ Todd Selby and Aaron Rose in The Selby is in your Place. Aaron is an artist and director of the film Beautiful Losers, about outsider art and artists (streaming on netflix).



  1. I keep loving each and every face. They would make for one amazing party of they all got together!

  2. Oh Lynne I just love Doris Jean - and I also love love love the Todd Selby & Aaron Rose quote. I just had an interesting run-in with another artist who accused me of not taking my art 'seriously!' Good to see (validation) my way is much more fun :-) thank you for that!

    And what a delicious book you've found to work in!

  3. Doris is quite lovely... and your current book looks equally as "yummy"!
    See you back here soon!

  4. I am LOVING what you are painting !
    You're just great !

  5. once again
    i consider that you share spirits
    from other realms
    with us
    through your art

    a new computer, apple or pc? still thinking on the video editing!

    and gosh, i would have loved to be at the coffee shop with you ~

  6. Ok, See you when you get fixed up. -J

  7. Lovin the faces,,,especially Wednesday's child!
    Wednesday's child is full of woe,,,oh no :(
    A new computer!

  8. Dear Lynnie, all your faces, each one so different from the last, but all kindred spirits! I am glad that you knew the demise of your computer was coming so that you could save things! Love the coffee shop photo too. Mt. Shasta, hmmmmm, maybe a nice town to explore!!?? roxanne

  9. Yes, the making is the biggest part for us, isn't it ? But I seriously love these people who emerge from your makings. Doris Jean is wonderful. I am delightedly creating a story for her in my head. It begins with the shaggy white dog she met as she exited the coffee shop one evening just as the stars began poking out of the sky...

  10. Smooches!
    These are singular and lovely.

  11. I love Doris...may I share this image with the city kids I share art with on Wednesday nights? Email me at money exchanges hands ...I volunteer each Wednesday to reach children who seem to be lost in this economic period. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. I like Doris Jean's little pet in the corner-like she is thinking about it. I love the Selby is in your place-perfect for nosey people like me! Great quote!

  13. great quotes from aaron & agree! collaboration~inspiration!


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