Wednesday, June 15, 2011

thank you ~ watercolors, gouache, oil pastel and casein paint

well, dear readers, here we are at the end of the chartreuse book... there were more faces in it than those i showed here - about half the book had paintings in it,

and the other half looked like this - pogo prints, some words, and little doodles. i printed 100 pogo prints on my trip to virginia, and in general i print one or two every day...

the slightly flexible cover of the quo vadis habana was nice in that it accommodated the thickness created by adding paper to the pages that i painted on (not to mention the pogo prints). i probably took the centerfolds out of five signatures, so i didn't take much paper out considering how much i added. i loved the size - 4" x 6.4", but in my opinion the paper is too thin for anything other than pencil, ink, or colored pencil (and the new habanas are made with an even lighter paper).

my favorite things: the color (!), the size (bigger than most 'pocket' journals), and the elastic band - it stays snug against the back of the book while you're working in it. i think it'd be a great book for writing, and pencil or ink sketching. i could hardly make pencil smudge in it, so if you like nice clean pencil lines, this would be a good choice...

please feel free to ask any questions!



  1. You are such an inspiration. I work in painting on clay surface mostly, but have been trying to get in more color. Just for fun, and to get some intense pigment, I've ordered paper, some Casien paint, pastels, fixative and am watching for the UPS truck. Thank you for your generosity in all your recommendations, I can't wait to experiment.

  2. wonderful, looks like it worked out very well for you and I love the elastic band...

  3. this book must be fabulous to open and enjoy
    overflowing with your magic~

  4. I have really enjoyed seeing all you have shown us from your chartreuse book Lynne. I always forget how the books get thicker until I get about halfway through and then I remember! I continue to love my pogo!

  5. This is interesting Lynne. You're doing art but there's a wonderful, seminal women's lib book from 1962 (I think) called "The Golden Notebook" by Doris Lessing. It's about a writer who has different colored books based on the categories about which she writes.

  6. Lynne, thank you sooooo much for sharing this with us. I cant wait to see what's next. I also want to thank you for sharing so much of your "how to's". It's much appreciated. I LOVE the atmosphere here at your blog and the creative souls that visit and share. Here's to a rainbow of art journals!!!!!

  7. It is always so satisfying to finish a journal -- and yours is a beaut!

  8. This is such a yummy looking journal. I've seen this and been so tempted to buy it! But I've now joined the Sketchbook Project again and I'll be busy with that one.
    Congrats to you! I even love the sight of it in your palm!

  9. What an amazing book - full of your wonderful faces and lovely pogo prints. Thank you for sharing so much of it. I enjoyed seeing it... what's next? some tea bag art?

  10. your treasure moments, your hand. one thing about the sketchbook project 2010, i realize, was how attached i became to my journal after i'd sent it off forever.
    these women are beautiful...i'll look further to see more of your pieces.

    chartreuse, such a jolt of joy!

  11. I love it..Thank you for always sharing..You are so much an inspiration to me my friend.
    Such an inspiration...TRULY.

  12. Always enjoy your blog Lynne and your journal looks like a real treasure.

  13. Hiya- just found your site- Wonderful!!! I have a Pogo too, but found that the colors get pinky rather quickly. Is this something you've noticed?
    I must say the size is just right for putting pix in a small book or journal. Love your girls! Going to get that book "100 Girls".


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