Sunday, June 12, 2011

rosie ~ gouache, oil pastels, watercolors & casein paint, chartreuse book, 4" x 6"

* * *

“Say to yourself, “I want to live a true life”.
Then watch yourself.
Discover the true response you make to life undistorted by others.
Self-knowledge is not social.
Artists, take every opportunity to be alone.”

~Agnes Martin via tumbler (thanks robyn : )



  1. but sometimes we need the friendship of bloggers so we are not REALLY soooo alone... xo

  2. I love alone.
    I love connected and together.
    So sweet is this life where I can have all I need.
    Happy Monday, Artist Woman Firend.

  3. Rosie looks like she is related to the Queen mum...... there is definitely royalty there.... I see it....... Happy Monday!

  4. I love to be alone too, and this quote is so true. This is who i really am. But I love to be with you too! roxanne

  5. This is amazing, she looks just like Princess Anne.


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