Tuesday, November 23, 2010


watercolors, soft pastel, oil pastel, ink & colored pencil on canson watercolor paper ~ 8" x 10"

i'm sticking everything that i do now inside

one of these old music books. i got seven of them a couple of weeks ago for $3 at a library sale. i'm mostly working on watercolor paper and sticking that to the pages in the book, which are in good shape considering the book was published in 1924. i've always made my own journals with watercolor paper, but now i want the flexibility to work on lots of different surfaces. this way pieces done on muslin, plaster cloth or watercolor paper can have a home...

gesso, watercolors, acrylic paint, oil pastel & colored pencil on grocery bag

on the bottom of a brown paper bag - there was more of it, but i either cut or tore if off. lol, when all else fails, get rid of it... i glued it to the page with tacky glue, which cathy dorris turned me on to, and i now love. it's tacky in the beginning, and then it really holds.

i'm still editing photos that i took on my way to roxanne's home two weekends ago. to get to her place from here, i drive north through the klamath basin. i've driven that road so many times, but i never tire of it. the pic above was taken on the way up - there are a lot of old agricultural storage buildings along the road...

there was some sun the next day coming home. this is 'the mound' - when it comes into view i always get a big smile on my face!

this is on tumblr, but i love it.... taken near the spot where i snapped the one above. the light in that valley can just be extraordinary...

if the clear weather holds, i'm going out of town tomorrow for thanksgiving. i wish you all a happy day! thank you for your love and support here... i'm very grateful for it...



  1. I love those words; wonders came her way, as well as the art. Does your muse let you sleep? You are so inspiring and those photos, gorgeous!

  2. I am so grateful for you... love your new music books and the man with the hat and our photos of your trip are yum... have a blessed thanksgiving!

  3. I like your new creation..Lovely books, don't you love the feel of old books..It is funny I just got a couple of those in red at the recyle place.
    I took paper boxes and came back with books.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving..
    Did you get anything in your mail?

  4. I love what you did with the music sheet and your painted face! I wish I could just follow you around you really inspire me! Are you sick of me saying that?

  5. Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving ... I am thankful to have found you!
    Xo deb

  6. Your painting is so beautiful, and I love the title for it. Those books are a serious find and will provide a lovely backdrop for your inspiring work.
    Those photos too, wow, the sky in those parts looks beautiful!

  7. Thank YOU for all the loveliness you bring into our lives!

  8. Lynne, I am so glad you are keeping your blog here - Your work is very important to me. Wishing you a memorably wonderful thanksgiving.

  9. I'm always enchanted by how you see things! Using those music books for your art is a great idea.

    I can see why you love the drive, it looks like the kind of scenery I like, too. And how cool that you and Roxanne got together! (OK - I'm a teeny bit jealous - but really, really happy for you both!)

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Love and hugs,

  10. Thank you for the joy you bring into my day. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Nice idea to use the music books to unify all those little bits. I'm thankful that I have your blog to enjoy frequently. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  12. Thank you too. Exoblessings. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Grandeur in those roads u travel !

  13. LERVE the music book thingy.
    Very clever.
    Adds a je ne sais quoi to it all.

  14. So glad you are hanging around here too. I am stretched so thin on the cyber world that Tumblr is best left undiscovered for now.

  15. Thanks for the catch up... I dunno the tumblr thingy looks as though you are diluted too much, I think I will stick to here to visit. Though could be talked into it.... -J

  16. Super beautiful post and such gorgeous creations. I found you from Tammie's blog.Lovely to meet you..inspiring blog..shine on!

  17. Hi Lynne. Your art is beautiful and I am especially drawn to the whimsy of "Wonders". I know this is an older blog post, but am hoping somehow you see it. I would love to pursue a print for my 5 year old's bedroom. How would I find that?

    1. thank you for your nice words! i no longer have 'wonders' and never had a print made... you're welcome to try printing it from the image online, though. i don't know if the resolution is high enough, but you could give it a try...




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