Monday, November 22, 2010


sari silk on muslin ~ waiting to be stitched...

i'm feeling my way 'round the notion of having two blogs; finding what feels right as i seek a new point of blogging/internet equilibrium. tumblr is insanely (yes, that's the word that comes to mind) inspiring, but it's not a good place for leaving comments or asking questions... i'm going to try posting shorter, more frequent posts here. if i can do it there, why not here?

colored pencil in pocket moleskine

i've been working a lot in my little moleskine lately, mostly adding pogo prints, but also some drawings. seeing our old cat, jerry, gaze longingly at the counter top (too high for him to jump up to anymore), i thought how much he’d love some flying shoes…

tiny bones found at the petroglyph cliff near tulelake, CA, in a rusty aspirin tin i found at glass mountain. tied up and ready to go live with someone else...

* * *
"To paint is to pass through the doorway from the known to the unknown. Let yourself be lost, wander in new lands, dare to be your unusual self. Painting is a killer of concepts, projections, and prejudices. It will break the masks of learned behavior and reveal the inexplicable.

Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley ~ Life, Paint and Passion



  1. So nice to see you back here again...tmblr is nice, but this is much nicer. Jackie

  2. Ditto...I love visiting your blog to see what you are doing and leave comments.
    I love your new idea!
    Those flying boots for your cat are so cute. I need some for my dog Oakey (15) who cannot jump up onto the bed for a snooze any more.

    So happy you're back here too.

    Jacky xox

  3. Great post! And i also am happy that you also post here, so i can leave a comment. :-)

    I love the sari silk on muslin a lot! So beautiful...

    The drawing of Gerry with his red flyibg shoes is so adorable and sweet, makes me smile.
    And the bones in the rusty tin, tied up is awesome! So very tender and beautiful.

    Sweet greetz to you Lynne.

  4. Love seeing what you do. Happy about your coming back here. Wasn't crazy about tmblr as a way to follow you.

  5. I'm kind of new to your blog here, but ever time you have posted, I've had to come take a look. Your sari & muslin look great!

    Happy day to you.

  6. so glad you are here, finding it hard to leave comments on tumblr...adore your tiny bones shrine...xo

  7. I love both places, but here we can tell you that we love the art that you share... and you can share your thoughts and adventures as the beautiful artist that you are. Have a happy day dear one. roxanne

  8. I think Tumbler is for looking, oohing and aweing - a quick fix. Blogger is for connection and discussion, a slow cup of tea and a visit. I am getting to know you and the other tumblers in a different way over there. I love seeing what grabs your eye and heart.

  9. Hi Lynne,
    The flying shoes idea is so neat. Don't you love it when you get ideas like that?!?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Love
    the pieces you have shared here, cloth and journal. I am not use to looking for you on tumblr, so glad to see your post.

  11. I am glad to see you here where I can comment and feel a little more connected...Love the pieces and that quote is a perfect way to start a day in the studio !
    Paint, Beautiful One, Paint !

  12. What a lovely sketch of the flying kitty!! Well, the kitty who gets a ride.

    I didn't even know about your other blog. That just shows you how unobservant this drawer is!

  13. I went by and there is rockin stuff over there! But I kept trying to comment and get attention, and I couldn't. So, I'm back here.

    Just thought I should keep you updated.

  14. bones???


  15. Really cute and lovely cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    ...I love to have those shoes! ;)


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