Tuesday, November 30, 2010


sari silk, stitching & rhinestones on walnut ink stained muslin

i've been out and about - stayed out longer than i'd planned because of snow... yesterday it was -2 degrees when i got up, today it was 28; it felt so warm!

i finished this piece this morning, which i did work on while i was gone. it's about 2' long. the rhinestones are from a necklace roxanne gave me... love the idea of rhinestones, silk, and muslin together.

this is most of what i bought while i was out. i'm trying out the gouache and casein paints, and i am already deeply in love with the rembrandt soft pastels! i bought a set of cheap soft pastels a couple of weeks ago and i love those too. katherine dunn's book really made me want to try them...

casein paint, soft pastels, watercolors, oil pastels & graphite on canson watercolor paper

this is part of the piece i'm working on now. i can't seem to leave faces out... i don't want to leave faces out!

thank you everyone for your thanksgiving wishes in the last post. you are beautiful...



  1. I have Katherine Dunn's book on my Christmas list ! You are doing some fine art these days, Miss Lynne. And please, never leave those glorious faces out ! Oh, unless you ever really want to. ;)
    Big Love, Talented Playful One !

  2. I'm happy you don't wanna leave faces out because i love them a lot! ;-) This new piece looks so wonderful. And i LOVE your silk sari, stitched rhinestones, inked, stained muslin a lot. In fact i love all these silk/muslin pieces of you.

  3. I'm so glad that you are still posting on blogspot - for I couldn't fathom out tumblr; my stupidity no doubt.

  4. That banner is so appealing on a gut level. Will you be hanging it in the forest somewhere? Faces are always appealing too, I'm glad you haven't stopped. Love the intense color in the horse. Dog. No, horse, looks like hooves and a mane there.

  5. that is cooold, girl. i would be icey.

    i have flip flops on shorts and a hoodie, its cold for me now, but we had almost seventy today windy though. I want nothing to do with snow this year, i refuse the cold... even if i have to walk to the ends of the world. or build fires everywhere i go.

    though it is beautiful, like you!

    love the color

  6. I love your stitched piece and the painting/drawing! I recently bought Katherines book! I love it. I thought of you when I opened it up and saw the artwork!

  7. Hi Lynne,
    I took some time to have a look at all your posts I passed in the last few weeks. I am so happy about the things you showed - the video with the green shrine, the ponys, the landscape photos (so different than here), your new paintings. It's always a step into a dream-land to me. Thank you! :-) Hope you are fine.

    with lots of greetings

  8. oh yum that stitched banner...delicious!

  9. You know how much I love your faces. And YOU are beautiful!

  10. Don't leave faces out.

    LERVE the Red Wolf.

    Especially his face.

  11. I love all your animals, horses, wolves, farm animals. They pull at my heart! roxanne

  12. "You are beautiful" must be referring to the piece in the first picture.


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