Monday, November 8, 2010

like a poem

oil pastel and watercolors on book page

i've been doing a little of this and a little of that. "life, paint and passion' gave me lots to, ponder...

i painted this face in the book of matisse line drawings that i bought last summer. all of the color is from watercolors, like the 'creek people'. i love this book...

watercolors, white charcoal, and soft pastels on st. armand watercolor paper

i painted this not long after last week's post. there's a cat's head under there somewhere! i used a lot of dense white watercolor to create opacity...

watercolors, charcoal, and collage in zecchi journal

i've only worked a little in the zecchi journal.

derwent venetian red drawing pencil and acrylic paint in zecchi journal

i've been painting these map-y thing on the backs of the pages, though... something about the lines and numbers that appeals to me.

watercolors, oil pastels, charcoal, and acrylic paint on canson watercolor paper

the kitchen sink and then some on st. armand watercolor paper

i've spent the most time messing around in my new pocket moleskine sketchbook. once i opened it, it took me a couple of days to recover from the shock that they'd changed the paper! seriously, i guess i thought moleskine sketchbooks would never change!! the paper's whiter and not as smooth now. here i am making a list of creatures i could add to my drawings...

i had a dream where i was in a courthouse that had a GIGANTIC restaurant inside it. before i knew it i was sitting down eating a piece of yellow cake. when i got to the part near the plate, a blueberry cheesecake layer magically appeared! wow! when i'd finished eating i went to the courthouse area and ran into my dentist. he said, "oh yeah, that's the kind of cake they serve here."

the next night i kept seeing a mermaid with a deep red body...

the image on the right was part of an ad in 'art forum'; it's a piece by charles koegel. i saved every bit of that ad...

as you can see, i've been printing out a lot of pogo prints.

i decorated the cover...

one day i rode my bike to photograph the small horses that live down the road. i don't know what it is about these small horses, but i'm crazy about them. whenever i see them i want to pull the car over and talk to them!!

now i'm on the other side of the road feeding a regular size horse, and they're keeping their eye on me.

they're irresistible!!!

a couple of days i went out wandering.. . i found another lightning struck cedar tree that's been hollowed out inside, so i started another green shrine tree. i found the heart and bear rocks nearby,

and took some of my stash of rusty cans from green shrine tree #1 to it. this is only the beginning of its shrine-ness. : )

all summer i watched these moth wings accumulate in green shrine tree #1. they're like a poem to me... i left this huge so you can see it more clearly if you click.

i washed all of the glass in the creek; for a moment i thought i was the glass...

this leaf was stuck there, just like this.

i'll leave you with a short video i made at green shrine tree #1. you'll have to forgive a little blurriness and a little jerkiness...

* * *

"To keep your process flowing, to feel the enjoyment of creation, you first need to go where it is easy. Easy means ripe. Go where you are attracted, whether it be toward a detail or a large shape. While you work on the part that is easy, other parts will mature in you, and they will be ready and waiting. You move step by step, from the easiest to the easiest. It is never tedious or tiring because there is no need to force anything. Depth resides more in surrendering to spontaneity than in hardworking struggle."

~Michele Cassou and Sewart Cubley, Life, Paint and Passion



  1. you are just so fabulous! wishing to be able to wonder around in your mind.. ;)

  2. Your shrine trees are such wise old ones, so stately and tall. Love the watercolors; looks like this book (which is going to be arriving in my own mailbox any day now) is a catalysitic one. happy day!

  3. i like your free and spontaneous work !

  4. What a lovely journey with you...
    thank you...xoxox

  5. Great post Lynne. I especially love that frog and the fish is awesome!

    Sweet greetz!

  6. These images are so wonderful and inspiring!

    Thank you

  7. Oh LH, keeper of tree spirits! Thank you for another wonderful post! Do I have to say it....yes I do. I love your paintings all of them! About that Moleskine journal was it the one with the light purple label that is the one I usually get? I just want to be ready for when I go to purchase one.

  8. Ok, you got me there, you did. I was looking at each picture, carefully, looking at the color, shapes, images, getting lost in them.....and then I hit the video and I stare and watch and then you pan up the tree to it's top, in the clouds and I cry. Beautiful. :)Bea

  9. oh lynne! i came back to watch the video (didn't have time earlier today) and that was just sooooo beautiful.. it was like i was there myself! and then the little heart popping out from behind the branch.. fantastic - thank you again for making my day filled with yet another smile and tear of joy!

  10. Ahhh... what a wonderful post to start my day! The watercolors are great (that frog looking so pleased with himself!)... ponies... tree shrine... I am filled up with inspiration :)
    xo Deb

  11. Nice post. What is it about the tree shrines that is so appealing? Not sure, maybe the simplicity and primitiveness of them. Doesn't matter, they are appealing. You live in a beautiful area. Here is beautiful too but I'd be tripping over sticks and ferns and stumps and humps in my forest, were I attempting to video it. The colorfulness of some of the art pages is also very appealing, not so stark as some of your work.

  12. First time here and I start through and start to panic, I love the frog, I live the girl face, I love the other girl face, I love the notebooks, Golly, I really loved that frog, but wait, the mermaid - with a red tail! And there are ponies - and they are little! and there are found things and wonders and ... I just had to stuff your blog URL into my favorites because it is all too wonderful.

  13. You so inspire me. Where does all your inspiration come from..Your wonderful trees and your stream. Or will you share my friend.
    Always a pleasure to visit.

  14. Dear Lynne,
    YOU are "like a poem".

  15. Ahh, Lynne, it's such a wonderful pleasure to land here in your part of the world this morning. I LOVE all the animals, especially the frog you painted!

    It's so fun to see that you also enjoy looking at things like the accumulated moth wings!!! I love to find abandoned bits of this and that in random places, too.

    And then I read this: "Depth resides more in surrendering to spontaneity than in hardworking struggle." -- Oh my . . .

  16. LH, have you used paper on muslin? I thought you had mentioned it before. I want to try it. Have you seen Sara Lechners' blog? Check this out If you haven't seen it I thought you might like it.

  17. Oh Lynne, my goodness!!! You have shared so much here... I love the frog too, and the brownish round girl with all the browns, and your journal pages.... and then, your creek video!!! Beautiful of the shrine tre ...especially when you zoom into the painted heart on the can. And the ending of the creek. It is all wonderful...and I am so looking forward to Saturday! roxanne

  18. Oh, so beautiful. THANK YOU! Wow, a green shrine tree #2. There really can never be too many. I love your water colours. The kitchen sink picture is amazing. Reminds me of Klimt. I got my computer back from repair. I've missed visiting my inspirational friends. Your post just blew me away xxJ

  19. well dear one, I am late getting here, but I love everything in this post as usual, your drawings of the mermaid and the mysterious yellow cake/cheese cake are wonderful... magical, little horses? well what is not to love about little things? and those moth wings... sigh
    and of course your wonderful shrines... I need to come walk with you and meditate with that lovely water as background music... grazie for this!

  20. the kitchen sink piece has my attention,

    and the tree shrines are coming along very nicely. Do you ever get anyone adding to them?

  21. Wow what a rich post! Love the kitchen sink, the book page and the frog is so cool! Love the colours. Aren't miniature horses a hoot. Small in size but huge in character. The Shrine tree and creek in the video make me want to visit you to see where you live. How wondrous to have this peaceful and serene place so near to you.

    May sweet contentment be yours

  22. I just came to your blog thru Bea's and wowow...your stuff is awesome!

  23. Such enchantment!
    Your post captures a feeling of wellbeing that comes from enjoying nature and being content with one's art. Something I strive for in my life too. Thanks for these honest posts Lynne. You are inspiring the hell out of me. Love the video and the Cassou quote too.

  24. I enjoyed a beautiful visit with you this morning. Art, nature, thinking, walking and little horses. What could be better?

  25. Oh the quote - lets make it easy! Thank you Lynn.

  26. beautiful images, art work! Hugs Karen

  27. I couldn't find the cat head!!

    i love your style of painting. and the video was great--makes me long for the woods.

    this is a sweet post. thank you.

  28. So fun to see your art. Each piece is wonderful. Love the frog and fish.
    When I was in Italy this summer.... I learned that the Italian Moleskine sold their company to China! That is when the paper changed. i was in total shock. I love it when you share your papers and paints with us. I just used watercolor crayons this week for the first time. So the St. Armand paper caught my eye.

  29. thank you for the quote about process, it was a gift. I have written it into my art journal.

  30. what a lovely post, your artwork is beautiful - I love the frog, and the collage piece and all of them. Those horses are so cute, I would be talking to them every day too!

    Crafty Green Poet

  31. Such an abundance of art and nature. My cup runneth over!


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