Sunday, June 27, 2010



i was thinking it should be nominated for the nobel peace prize. it's so calming...

i'm still stitching, and enjoying the summer weather. i don't think i've ever appreciated sunshine and warm weather as much as i am now; when it doesn't arrive until the third week in june, it almost feels miraculous.

i've been drawing a little and messing around with sticks... after the astrological acrobatics of last week, my feet are beginning to touch ground again...

a couple of days ago someone showed me how to burn into the wood with a magnifying glass (and the sun, of course). wow... it takes practice and it's definitely hot sitting in the sun doing it, but what better way to mark a summer stick?! if you want to try it, hold the magnifying glass above the stick so that the 'sunspot' is as tiny as possible - for me this is about 6" - 8" above the stick. when you get it right, the wood starts smoking immediately. and yeah, wear sunglasses!!

i'll be outside as much as i can for as long as this weather holds. if i'm not here, i'm there. : )



  1. Wonderful! I love the idea of using your "solar woodburner", too. Enjoy your sunshine.
    Peace & Love,

  2. Wonderful of course! Don't forget your sunglasses out there!

  3. What fun! Just be careful out there, wear your sunscreen! :)Bea

  4. You are amazing Lynne! Solar burning sticks .... ingenius! (My daughter used to do this to her bedroom carpet when she was a little girl. "A boy taught me" .... which made it alright.)

  5. I will nominate it!
    But can't we please make up our own peace prize? We need a new one! ; )

    Summer seems here forever! Steamy breezes late last night by the water--i am STILL not settled by what is going on in the "universe" it feels like a sweeping through of power...

    Is that Love's fire you are kindling?! :)Don't start a forest fire. I looked up Smokey The Bear the other day, he is getting too old to come out and help!

    Exos raining wind light! Bliss

  6. Robyn just commented a second before me, That is so funny about the boy taught me!

  7. my heart leaps at the rightness of your 'work'.

    your readers hereby award you the peace prize.


  8. Oh Lynne, I can just see you out in the sun stitching and carving and all peaceful. I am thinking of you... roxanne

  9. loani, that's what i thought. : )

    thank you, barb... peace, love, and sunshine to you, too! xo

    hey janine! got 'em on!

    okay, bea, i'll be careful... i'm not a sunscreen wearer - but i do love shade... ; )

    lol, robyn, the person who showed me how to do it came up with the idea as a way to keep his 11 year old son from burning up ants. your daughter probably took the original intention and ran with it too. ; )

    lol, m, thank you - i appreciate the nod... ; ) yeah, it's Love's fire for sure! i'm not sure we're going to feel 'settled' for quite a while... things are a shakin' and a movin' for sure. it's all very be-here-now inducing...

    sparked and kindled EXOs from me to you... xo

    thank you, judy, that is the nicest thing for you to say... i feel the same about you and your 'work'. xo

    and i'm thinking of you, roxanne... trusting you're out enjoying this weather, as i know it's as healing for you as it is for me. xo

  10. Hi Lynne,
    You always write the kindest responses to everyone. The running stitch piece is lovely. I'm glad you're enjoying the sunshine.
    Happy days,

  11. I might try the burning stick if ever the sun will stay out long enough. Maybe I better stick with stitching, sitting outside bundled up.

    The primitive etchings would look good on my bamboo, except the bamboo is still alive so I should only use the colors.

  12. Hi Lynne,
    you are really a kind of nature. I love to see your works. Have fun!

  13. Nice Lynne hit. If I'm not here, I'm there, too! -J

  14. Perfect! Your projects evoke such wonderful memories of summer joys from my childhood. I'm sure we must have spent hours on hot central Florida sidewalks burning stuff with my Dad's magnifying glass and all the muslin I used to buy for 35 cents a yard then sew into clothing to be tie-dyed with hand sewn details. Wow - haven't thought of any of that for ... well forever!
    Thanks for the memory jog!

    smooches and sweet blessings dear friend!

    p.s. must schedule a chat!

  15. this piece with stitching is wonderful, a combination of earth and light. I love that you burned the wood with the sun.
    It is hot here now... slow in coming here as well, but the mosquitoes keep us from sitting in one place for long.

  16. a stitch that wins the Nobel Peace Prize!! yay! I think it's as good a recipient as any.

    i'm afraid of sitting in the sun. But I certainly welcome the sun when it finally shows up.

  17. thank you, joanie... that is kind... happy days to you, too... xo

    jan, oh i do hope you get sun and warmth soon. i figured you'd be having it too since you're not really that far from me. yeah, well, in the meantime, stick to stitching all bundled up. that's good too. : )

    heya nicole, thank you! i always love to see you here...

    lol, jayne, good place to be, huh? ; )

    kathy, here we are having just chatted... i've been outside burning muslin to great effect. : ) smooches...

    thank you, tammie... here's to many more sunny WARM days for both of us. xo

    hi chris, as i sit here i wonder who would accept the prize? maybe the needle? xoxo

  18. that is AMAZING OF course as always... your burning technique...

  19. Enjoy the outdoors. It sounds wonderful. And burning wood with a magnifying glass? Cool and old school!

  20. i am calmed by your simple stitch.

  21. Lynne...What a fun thing to do in the summer...stitching and carving a stick with the sun! I would never have thought of that! Have a lovely summer outside!


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