Wednesday, July 7, 2010

flutter and flap

i think my favorite thing to do these days is watch things flutter and flap in the wind. whether it's leaves or pieces of cloth, i'm mesmerized... i put up more stuff so i can watch it blow around.

before any more time goes by i want to say a big thank you to kim mailhot for a love filled package she sent to me a couple of weeks ago... most of it has already been distributed on mt. shasta.

the rocks were left where people will find them; what a delight it was to place them here and there! i felt like a 'blessing bestower'!

the heart rock i kept, and the sticks are now in the bark on big mt. shasta trees (i forgot my camera that day! i felt naked!)

thank you, thank you sweet kim for this goodness... also in the package was a tablet of paper made from stone. have you heard of it? it's wonderful!

i've been drawing and painting a little, a very little...

most of the faces have this crown chakra thingie on them... like thai buddhas have. (well, sort of ; )

this is the cover for 'regina', which i finally finished. i've started in a new muslin journal, but only barely.

i've hardly opened my pocket moleskine...

what i've mostly been doing is being outside.

i started a stick that has only burned designs on it. it's more than 5' long, so holding it and burning at the same time is intense. that tiny dot of light has to be just right or it doesn't burn. i can hardly breath and burn at the same time, although i'm getting better.


burning muslin - thank you, kathy, for this idea!

experimenting with patina-ing copper using salt, vinegar, and a few drops of miracle gro. it's addictive... (you shouldn't get the liquid on your hands once the copper starts to dissolve, and it's my understanding that the copper salts that form the patina shouldn't be against your skin for long.)

walking and taking pics... this is a wild columbine not far from here.

hanging stuff in windy places!

cooling my feet off in the creek... i left my flip flop on a rock to dry after i'd been out walking, and took this pic while i was resting on the edge of the creek. somehow it describes perfectly how i feel right now. in the flow but not part of it. between the old and the new...

* * *

a few weeks ago i watched this video of harry ally working and it influenced me tremendously. afterwards i felt like my art doesn't even begin to hit the mark. now i feel in limbo - not satisfied with what i've been doing but not knowing how to proceed. except to just do whatever presents itself each day and know that it will unfold...



  1. aieeeeahhh - the burned and stitched muslin!!!!!! kind of makes me all twitchy for some reason - must be excitement ... absolutely love it!!!
    And the flip flop in the creek, such a perfect analogy.

  2. The top piece is my favourite! It reminds me of an Ndebele wedding apron. I love the burned designs on the stick.

  3. Oh boy! So much more fun stuff to see...thank you! I bet you could wear that fluttery piece like in the Fisher King...sneaky grin here!

    I just love those stones and your new pieces! Now I have to go back and watch the video! Love it all!

  4. I'm so moved by that Harry Ally video--thanks so much for sharing that! It seems to be a continual struggle to reach deep enough, doesn't it? Love all your bits here, especially the stitched ones. Makes me want to go make something to flutter in the wind!

  5. well from this perspective your art hits a high mark...
    but I can understand that something/someone inspirational will sometimes cause us to reach higher and I feel I will get there too... it is a continuous quest........
    and as for not knowing how to proceed, I think just trust that you will be lead and put the materials in your hand. your work is awesome..
    your stitches are great too.. xoxo

  6. Harry Ally is incredibly facinating and I think your feelings when you watch him are the same feelings your art dredges up in me. A kind of inadequate-ness
    ...yet at the same time...hope.
    I keep striving for honesty and some how to paint my feelings.
    Ah well, I'm not done living or trying yet.
    Another post that I will reread.
    I wish I could have a book of your blog posts. The art. The links. Thank you again Lynne, you're this cat's meow :)

  7. I learn almost more than I can retain when I come over here. Well, okay. It is more than I can retain, but maybe that's just me. I'll be back.


  8. Wow, great post Lynne! There is so much to think about here! I loved the faces and the things fluttering in the wind. The video on Harry Ally was very interesting! Hopeful inadequacy, Love it! Says it all doesn't it?

  9. Hi Lynne,
    this time I really waited for your new post. :-) I love the idea with the stones and the little "thing" with the patina is wonderful, like a kind of emblem. I had a look at the video and HP of Harry Ally - it was very stimulative - thank you for sharing.

    With creative greetings

  10. Hi Friend ! I feel so honored to have contributed a little bit of my spirit into your Mt. Shasta adventures ! How wonderful !
    I am so glad you have had fun with the bits and bobs I sent.
    Your art and your exploration inspire and fill me with wonder. Hitting the mark with your audience is only part of it, I know, but it is a great place to launch from, don't you think ?
    Big LOve to you, Wonderful Artist Woman.

  11. Well.........hmmmm....I love his backgrounds, I love how he uses his hands to apply the paint and scratch into it and spray it, etc.
    I love staring at his paintings. He and I paint from different places, though. He's searching, he seems unhappy with the finished one and moves on to the next. I can understand that drive. I tend to look at my artwork as what came out of me, at that moment in time.
    It's not a mistake it just is. The next one will always be different, I change cell by cell, second by second but nothing that my soul creates is a mistake, it just is.

  12. keep being you... love your flappy in the breeze pieces... beautiful.

  13. I'm so glad you are spending so much time outside. You will find that once you stop to create, there will be unlimited inspiration and ideas.
    I love your package from Kim. So you. Your flappy things are really cool too. We have been making strings of shells left behind on the shores by the oyster catcher birds and leaving them to flap and bluster in the wind. They are not doing very well at defending my spinach from the birds but they do look very pretty.

    Happy days to you xJ

  14. kathy, this morning there was no sun and i thought, "but how will i burn anything?!!" xoxo

    hi robyn, thank you... i like it too. i like having layers of fabric (not all stitched down) on one 'flag'. xo

    janine, i can't remember the fluttery piece! i'll have to watch it again. love that movie...

    robin, yes it does seem to be a continual journey deeper. neverending... for me what makes it frustrating is that i can *feel* the deeper thing, but i can't reach it. i've often had this image of me holding up various things to the Muse. "is this it?", i ask. "how about this?" finally the Muse smiles, but it can take a lot of trials...

    hi cat, thank you... yes, it's the trusting thing for sure. and patience...

    lisa, that is the kindest thing for you to say. thank you. feeling as i do now, it means a lot. you're this cat's meow... xo

    tonya, hopeful inadequacy! yes, we are ever hopeful and trusting that all will unfold!!

    hee, nicole! you're making me smile!! i'm glad you liked harry... maybe i can begin to repay you for henry. ; )

    hey sweet kim, yes, i truly did have fun leaving everything around... it was so different having treasures to leave that i didn't have to make first!

    yes, i think that hitting the mark with your audience is a good place to launch from, it's just that it's not easy to see the path from there at times (as i'm sure you know). so what is coming to me is to be grateful for that; and patient for the rest... xo

    bea, i think i get what you're saying... generally i feel as you do - that each piece is a snapshot of where i am at any given point in time, and that's that. and i can also feel that what i've done in the past is not that great, somehow superficial and not deep enough. but it's not so much that i don't *like* older stuff as much as i no longer resonate with it. oh bah!! these words! to me harry's art has a strong voice. i want my art to speak to me, and it just isn't now. thank you for writing your thoughts here!! xo

    thank you, jennifer...

    jasmine, i LOVE the idea of flappy shells... whether they scares the birds off or not. : )

  15. hey leslie - i left you out! well i feel that way at your place at times, too... : ) xo

  16. So glad I saw that video. Such rich and meaningful work and so many quotes to think about. "This whole art thing is about a search" Absolutely. And I loved the way he so confidently scratched that large X right across the figure he had made.

  17. Fun images. Thanks for posting.

  18. I feel that the light-time of the year is a collecting phase. Work never stops, but there is definately more gathering of influences and inspiration that is digested and resurfaced during the winter work time.
    Thanks for the stroll... -J

  19. Ahhhh, if only we had a breeze around these parts to watch things flutter in!

    Have you heard of Windy, the plastic bag that's stuck in the tree? Maybe not as fun to watch as fabric or leaves, but...

    What is the spiky white flower?

  20. Lynne, this is a magical post, it is almost like you bring us there, into your world...
    First I love the flip-flop sitting there on the rock resting over the water... about to dive in I am thinking...
    and then the tiger lily, gorgeous, and the video, so much to soak in watching that.
    And your journey to Mt. Shasta with gifts from Kim...
    and the gifts you share with us, your experimetnts with patina and the browns of burning,
    the wondering faces and the stick with the designs. All so beautiful like you, my friend...

  21. It is Sticks and Stones Graffiti that's what it is.

    Or Rock Bombing.

    Smiles left behind for strangers.

    LERVE it.

  22. Wow! This film is amazing! Thank you for sharing it.
    And your art - as he said - you have your own language and it is just as beautiful and creative!

  23. I have not watched this video yet, but I love your art. You have a style of your own that makes it wonderful. This post overflows with evidence!


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