Thursday, June 10, 2010

no messing up

angelica ~ acrylic paint, oil pastel, colored pencil, matte gel medium on plaster cloth

i've been having days of furious painting and days of none. it seems to come in spurts...

guy ~ acrylic paint and oil pastels on plaster cloth in muslin journal

in the last two days i've been crazy inspired by this beautiful journal from vivian bonder... it's filled with a great watercolor paper - 4" x 4", one of my favorite sizes, and i'm lovin' it... thank you, viv!!

first i paint a face with watercolors using my left hand, which drives the right hand crazy, because if it thought i was slow and inept at *drawing* with my left hand, that is nothing compared to using a brush left handed! but, i ignore the impatient voice and keep going, putting down any 'ol thing that comes to me, no matter how goofy it looks.

then i add more color and some definition with colored pencils...

and maybe a little acrylic paint. leola had a very grey smear around her mouth and eyes where i'd put paynes grey on a wet page; so i took some white acrylic paint to it.

i highly recommend this 'technique' (ha, ha). there's no messing up, just adding to. just having fun...

i've been putting up bits of prayer flag from a strand that broke. this can take a lot of time, you know...

* * *

"Creativity takes courage"

~ Henri Matisse



  1. Hello Lynne!

    Nice to meet you! I like it here. I just got the Modigliani book and a big book about Hundertwasser. We have some things in common!

    Catherine Witherell

  2. Regina has a delicate little whisperer on her brow. And as if mapped. Intriquing.

    Never heard a name Leola. Sounds like someone is panning for gold and shouts out in surprise!

    Blessings. Hope your getting some warm up there.

  3. am enamored of angelica... and that watercolor journal is simply smashing! hope it is warming up for you... we are due for rain this weekend! it is going to be a mossy world!! xx's

  4. If creativity takes're one of the most courageous people I know.


  5. Your paintings never fail to get me in my gut and imagination. I love that feeling.

    Here is to our brave and fearless creations !
    Big Love to you, Wonderful Artist Friend !

  6. Oh Lynne, the reason I admire you so much, is because you do what I could never are like picasso. OOOps, never say never.
    I will try...
    You, Lynne, are such an inspiration.
    Honestly, your art moves me.

  7. What a beautiful journal. It looks like she needle felted the cover, yes? Love the colors.
    Hmmm, left vs right.....That could get physical. I don't know how inclusive my right hand is. It likes to do everything without any help from lefty. I'll have to give it a try. :)Bea

  8. OMG! I love what you did all of it! I especially love the first two and how you got the transparent images to come through! Absolutely wonderful!

  9. hello, catherine! it's so nice to meet you! if you got the taschen hundertwasser, isn't it wonderful? oh i love that book... yes, we do have things in common... : )

    hee, m.... that's funny - something a gold panner would shout out. i may start saying it myself. leola! i've found it!! i had a great aunt leola. she had the whitest, most beautiful hair you can imagine. she was very quiet. no warmth here yet... maybe soon... xoexoxo

    lol, cat, aint' that the truth... i doubt the plants here have ever had this much rain. no warmth here yet - how about you? xo

    julie, thank you... i appreciate that... : ) xo

    my dear Big Heart, i am honored... yes, here's to fearless, playful creating... xo

    lisa, thank you, sweet woman... that is so kind of you. the reason i admire you so much is that your art and life speak of your heart; you sing your own song and it is beautiful. i'm inspired by you... xo

    bea, viv sewed silk from recycled saris onto the felt - by both machine and hand. yes, try your left hand - it will surprise you! xo

    thank you, janine!

  10. the bit about the flags taken time, made me chuckle out loud. some day, i may have to try left handed art. wonderful whimsy is what i find in your art.

  11. Hello Lynne...your joy comes through in your work and even in your explanation of your process! Your work makes me smile and I enjoy it so much! And, each time I visit I learn new techniques...thank you!
    Cynthia xo

  12. I finally had the time to stop by and see what you've been up to, and my oh my! What a feast for the eyes and mind and soul! I absolutely love the idea of drawing/painting with the non-dominant hand, although I haven't had the courage to try it yet.
    We have a local artist here who does everything this way, and upside down, too! She says it helps her to access her inner child. Isn't that wonderful?

    Love and hugs,

  13. Leola!

    I love it.

    Beautiful description of the real one

    Exo expounded.

  14. I love your drawing process! I've never tried it though I can assure you that I can't draw with my right hand either so I don't know if this would work:) Your art is amazing.

  15. Thanks for sharing once again. I enjoy the rawness of your work, especially the first two pieces you showed. They look nearly born, rather than created.

    I watched Antonia's Line last night. Excellent! Enjoyed it very much in all its quirky splendor.

  16. I love your work. Do you buy plaster cloth or create it?

  17. Dear Lynne, you have been so busy. I love seeing your new creations. I love the quality, the scratches, the whites and the black and the layers that seem to be pulled or sanded off.
    And I love your "courage" in using your left hand. Thanks for your comment, your words are always so dear to me, I need to get re-charged! sending love and a beautiful weekend to you... roxanne

  18. I was wondering only the other day

    how the prayer flags were doing...

    nice to see another one


  19. so much change - so many new things - such beauty and delight......
    chat we must - I should be back around the 21st.
    and the biggest cyber hug ever!

  20. Great journal and your watercolours are wonderful. How brave painting with your left hand (I must give it a go one day, but I'm having enough trouble with the right!!!).
    Nice to see the prayer flags out again and some lovely weather for Mt. Shasta trips.
    mrs. mizzle still yearns for a trip back to Mt. Shasta.

    Jacky sos

  21. Hi Lynne,

    I am spellbound by your plaster cloth work. I tried making my own plaster pages a while ago with the "soak and roll" bandage type medium you can get at craft stores. I really had no idea what I was doing...I just soaked them and cut strips and smooshed them together. It was a disaster. All my pages started to fall apart as they dried. :( Can you share how you make your plaster substrate? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring work. :)


  22. Your work is looking amazing Lynne. It seems to have taken on a whole new dimension or quality while I have been away. So good to see xxJ

  23. mrs. mizzle, she was so beautiful in her youth. i wonder what she looks like these days...
    i like guy a lot.
    i'm reading my second book about bees now. i thrive on obsessions, can you tell?
    happy days,

  24. thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your place here...I will be back!

  25. Lynne, love the journal and your new work is so inspiring. I am going to have to do more work with my non dominate hand. You have got me all jazzed up to get into the studio again. :)

  26. hee, tammie, i'm glad you got a chuckle out of that... one CAN spend a lot of time at it, you know... ; ) xo

    hiya cynthia, thank you! your comment makes me smile. : )

    thank you, angela! yes, it does help access the inner child... i have no doubt about that. and i can't draw with my right hand anyway, so why not use my left?! xo

    m.! expounded and rebounded!!

    jan, i'm glad you liked 'antonia's line'. now we're even. : ) and thank you about angelica and guy... they felt pretty 'born' to me too..

    hi della rae - thank you! i've written you, but in case anyone else reads this, i'll say it here, too. i buy the plaster cloth at michael's for about $10 a roll. thank you for coming by!

    my dear roxanne, i hope you ARE recharging... yes, there was a lot of scraping and wiping off on both guy and angelica (lol, i just wrote 'guy and roxanne', well it's been a wiping off kind of year, hasn't it?). love to you...

    grrl, one does wonder about prayer flags, doesn't one? ; ) xxoo

    kathy, i'm sending you a huge cyber hug right back! we'll talk soon!

    jacky, we're going to mount shasta tomorrow... will be thinking of you and mrs. mizzle... xo

    hey sarah, thank you so much! the instructions are now up! : )

    hey jasmine... so nice to see you back in blogland... : ) xo

    lol, joanie, i think she's still pretty good looking. ; ) ha! your second book about bees! you amaze me! when you fly out here on your big ears we will have much to discuss!! xo

    hi deb - ditto!

    ah patti, you're so sweet... everything you do sends me over the top...

  27. I'm in awe of your evolution, Lynne.
    You're an inspiration to me.


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