Sunday, June 20, 2010

solstice love

i'm sending you wishes for a beautiful solstice... for me it's a time to focus more than ever on beaming love to our lovely earth, her waters, the sky above her, and all creatures who are at the mercy of the pollution and destruction caused by humans.

i've been making prayer flags...

let's beam as much love as we can, today and every day...



  1. Beautiful prayer flags and beautiful sentiments.

    Jacky xox

  2. Your prayer flags are beautiful, and i am sure there is wildlife out there feeling your love and healing thoughts. Solstice love to you sweet lady x

  3. Happy Solstice to you! The prayer flags are so beautiful and such a great idea for today. Blessed Be.

  4. I'm with you, all the way! What a gorgeous prayer flag.

  5. Beautiful prayer flag, Lynne - merry Solstice and happy beaming love day!

  6. Happy Solstice to you too.

    What a wonderful way to celebrate with prayer flags. I was looking for someway to celebrate myself.

    Hugs you you and mother earth.

  7. Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime, time to lay on the warm green grass and study the clouds, time to walk in the woods, after the rain and shake the branches on our heads. SUMMERTIME!!!!!!:)Bea

  8. See I told u summer was coming! Lol. Here she is now. Open warm and willing to carry your heart love.

    O how we all need it. I looked at images of oil clotting the water the marshes the birds. I felt toxic after. With fury and disbelief they let it get so blatantly out of control. We r already so polluted without the oil spills political muckery allowing. I wrote a post and deleted it cause it felt toxic too

    prayer power so potent fly. Fly strong! N

  9. A wonderful tribute to Solstice
    Thank you for creating the awareness

  10. hey beautiful beings... thank you for your words!

    love, love to you...

  11. i add my love to yours, lets beam and beam

    lovely post lynne~

  12. Happy Solstice to you as well!

  13. hope it was a great solstice dear, Lynne! sending those wishes out to the universe as well. your stitches are wonderful, cannot wait to see the finished flags!

  14. Happy yesterday!
    I see a bee in your prayer flag! I finished The Hive & Robbing the Bees and have 2 more bee books I want to read. I posted a new page of the Queen Bee book if you have a chance, please take a look.
    the next page will involve a bee "beard".

  15. Lovely idea. Mine are flying inside and out in the garden! -J

  16. That button!!! Hope u r receiving the molecular rain !!!


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