Saturday, August 1, 2015

'totca' ~ watercolors, pencil and ink in pentalic aqua journal, 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

i've been on a kachina spree.   i painted this one after a beautiful day out walking...

ink and watercolors in pocket moleskine sketchbook

 the last of the things that i wanted to tell you about.  

moleskine sketchbooks...

they no longer have the manila folder-like paper in them.  the new paper is accepting of watercolors, and the paint stays vibrant on it.   it's  not like watercolor paper, but it's pretty good.

 colored pencil and watercolors in pocket moleskine sketchbook

like the old paper, it's great for colored pencil.

ink and watercolors in pocket moleskine sketchbook

unlike the old paper it's really great for ink.

'rose dogwood' ~ colored pencil and ink in molskine sketchbook

and smooth enough that i can draw tiny faces on it.  i've finally accepted the fact that paper with texture doesn't work for tiny faces (or tiny anything) - details blur together.   i need  smooth paper to draw people like 'rose dogwood', who's about an  inch tall altogether. 

 my new criteria for a 'daily book':  a pocket sized book with smooth, off white paper that doesn't suck the life out of watercolors or buckle like crazy.  there aren't many (ready made) books that have all that...

schmincke watercolors...

i know, i  know, i've always been a zecchi and sennelier girl, but heh, i think i'm now a schmincke convert.

it's a long story, but it started with that bigger tube of translucent orange on the left.  i kept reading about how beautiful it was so i got a tube, and it's *stunning*.   at about the same time i stumbled on the work of susan harrison-tustain and read about her schmincke palette of 12 colors.   because i was having trouble with color mixing (making lots of muddy/dull colors) i'd been researching pigments and color mixing, and her palette made immediate sense to me.

her palette of 12 colors is here...

it is an incredible palette.    i painted the swirls above by randomly picking up colors to see if i could create an ugly or dull color.  i think it's impossible.

because 5 ml tubes of schmincke watercolors aren't available in the U.S., i bought mine from jackson's art supply in london.  the total for eleven 5 ml tubes, including shipping, was about $75.

different colors, but a way to try schmincke without breaking the bank, this 12 color set of half pans from 'wet paint' for $63.95.  no i don't have this set.  i'm restraining myself.  ; )

and two daniel smith colors that i've gotten recently and love...  transparent pyrrol orange -a beautiful and potent red orange, and kingman green turquoise - a gorgeous, earthy green turquoise.   i found out about the pyrrole orange on jane blundell's blog. if you're a watercolor person you've probably already spent hours there, but if by some chance you've missed it, you'll find lots of helpful info on her blog.

one last thing that i wanna pass along - paper related.   if you haven't been to blick lately they've changed their policy re: ordering large sheets of paper.  you can now buy less than 10 sheets if you pay a $3 handling fee.   i'm happy about that!

from a walk i went on last sunday...

i saw all of this in one day.

a lot of red and orange wondrousness.

and a trout that i watched for a long time, hoping to see it come to the surface to catch a bug.   after about a half hour it thrilled me by jumping completely out of the water *two* times!

dragonflies and fish...  i don't know how they move the way they do.

i found this bone not far from the pond where i watched the trout.  i thought i'd try painting on it with watercolors.  it worked!   i 'sealed' it with some of my lip balm and left it for the trout.

* * *

“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.”

~ Leo Tolstoy


  1. Your watercolours are so beautiful. Thanks for explaining how you use smooth paper I use Jacksons too. They are the best mail order art shop in the UK. Rose dogwood is very her :)

  2. dear Lynne, thank you for your thoughts on paper, watercolour brands and the link to Susan's palette. I like to learn in this gentle way you offer. I'm always touched by your dear little paintings that are immediately personal with charm and restraint.

  3. I'm with you on the smooth paper. I prefer hot press watercolor paper to cold press for some paintings. I'm intrigued by your kachinas. They brought back memories of New Mexico... xoxo

  4. Beautiful post, the colors are stunning as are all your drawings, I see a lot of kachinas living in New Mexico and I like yours best. Also love that trout on bone, such a lovely gift.
    Yesterday on my hike I saw two bunnies and 5 mountain goats, I never think to catch a photo.

  5. I love all of your paintings, Lynne! I've always been intrigued by kachinas, and yours capture their magic, I think. I also really like the wistful-looking lady, and Rose Dogwood is entirely charming. The colors in that watercolor set make me want to buy them, even though I haven't done any watercolors lately - I just can't resist color! Your photos are wonderful, too, and I'm captivated by the painting you made for the fish!
    Big hugs to you! xox

  6. Hey Sweet Lynne your photos of wee creatures are stunning and delicate, love em all. Of course you'd have to mention those schmincke watercolors. It seems there is quite a stir over these on several groups I'm on. There has been quite a flurry of activity over at Wet Paint over them too. I'm thinking that sometime down the road I will have to snag me a set. I'm all about vibrant color and of course good paper. Your pages and wee creations always always make me smile and grin with delight and wonder. Rose Dogwood is quite a beauty. xxooxx

  7. Oh I love Rose Dogwood lol and your trout bone so you are indeed a temptress I have longed for those watercolours ,oh well maybe one day great post and big hug xxx

  8. I love Schmincke and won't buy anything else now, I use the pans and they're just as juicy. I'm almost at the end of an annoying sketchbook whose pages won't take watercolour at all even when I've gessoed the page. I shall have a look at the new moleskines, they sound perfect! Lovely drawings and photos as ever Lynne! :)
    Jess x

  9. Pure gold. Such great news about the moleskin, DB, and the schminke. I am so used to doing portraits in either acrylics or underglazes it wold be a real departure to do in watercolors . The colors glow!
    Ps I tried to fix my spelling mistakes, honest!

  10. I just love seeing the world through your eyes Lynne. This post is just wonderful. So those tiny pocket size moleskins you got me started on have different paper now?


  11. just love your nature photos, and of course your magical art work... i grew up in AZ, so saw lots of kachinas, wonderful to see them thru you... and thanks for the tip on Jacksons... xoxo

  12. so thrilled, now that i am resettled, to catch up on your blog. i had missed checking in regularly. and, as usual, i thrive on your creativity.....bringing out the gouche as i write. blessings to you dearest soul. loved that hike of yours, what an honor.

  13. Love your free and loose paintings, Lynne. And I too am a Zecchi fan! Especially their caput mortuum and dragon's blood!

  14. love seeing your kachina's and 'rose dogwood'!
    always fun to hear about supplies too. I am a D. Smith fan. Though i did buy some Zecchi while in Italia and do love them and others. So lovely to see what you have been up to.

  15. Hi Lynne, We're thinking alike. I am a Schmincke fan now too. Been dreaming about buying them for years and I bought that 12 set 1/2 pans from Wet Paint. I have some 1/2 pans of MaimeriBlu and they seem soooo similar. I love the pochettes idea and the other ideas for replacinggood papers in an unused book. You always inspire me...especially to have a go outdoors to paint. Cheers-Darlene


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