Thursday, July 23, 2015

'drink from your own well' ~ watercolors, pencil and ink in moleskine sketchbook

i don't think i did a very good job of explaining *why* i like slant well palettes...


no more digging a hole in the center of the paint in your pans or half pans...

if you want a small bit of paint for a light wash, you can pick up the diluted paint at the front of the well.   because i put a couple drops of water on the paint when i started working, all of the paint is wet;  it's easy to pick up a whole bunch of paint, or a tiny little bit.

i wanted to show you some of the books i refer to for flower painting inspiration and instruction - in case it's helpful.

carrie schmitt's 'painted blossoms' is one of them...   it's helped me figure out how to paint imaginary flowers,

watercolor and ink in moleskine sketchbook.

a little.

there are inspiring artists in it.  one that i especially love is lia porto.   if you don't know her paintings, check them out.

 watercolor in moleskine sketchbook

back to imaginary flowers...  without those darker bits in the rose itself, it's flat and barely looks like a rose.  it's those darker bits - and where to place those darker bits - that i'm trying to get the hang of.

i use these books when i can't think of *any* kind of flower to paint or draw.  there are lots of good shapes/ideas in these books.  looking in them you recognize what makes a flower look like a certain kind of flower.

 watercolors, ink, and pencil in moleskine sketchbook

the basic shape for the morning glories on this page came from 20 ways to draw a tulip.  

jean haines' books, world of watercolor and atmospheric watercolors are what i've used to try and learn how to paint flowers more loosely.  i have a looong way to go on this! 

 watercolors in 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" pentalic aqua journal

some practice flowers from last week.   i added the indigo to the top flower (a columbine) and immediately 'got' how much it helped balance the bright orange.   i have to *do* something like this to get it.  it will not sink in with reading.

watercolors and pencil in 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" pentalic aqua journal

jean doesn't use any pencil, but i did on these turk's cap lilies.  it's so much easier for me...

watercolors and pencil in 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" pentalic aqua journal

ha, this is not very loose, is it?!   

it takes a lot of water to paint the way jean paints, so i looked around for a collapsible water cup that i could stick in my daypack.   i found  faber-castell's clic and go collapsible water cups, and they are fantastic.   the outside is rubber so it's non slip, the top is wavy so you can rest your brush on it, and they collapse down to about an inch tall.    here mine's being filled under a very tiny waterfall where i was painting last week.  it looks like a flower!

the last things that i want to tell you about are the ink and dip pen that i use.  my favorite inks are pilot iroshizuku 'ina-ho rice ear', and j. herbin's 'ambre de birmanie'.   i use this nib holder, and this nib - they're inexpensive, but wonderful!

i'm beginning to get caught up on the things i want to tell you.  ; )

* * *

“The artist is the confidant of nature; flowers carry on dialogues with him through the graceful bending of their stems and the harmoniously tinted nuances of their blossoms. Every flower has a cordial word which nature directs toward him.” 

~August Rodin


  1. That little water cup is a great idea, I thought it was a flower when I first saw your photograph! :) x

  2. I do enjoy your posts about the how to and the materials and the instruction books. I think that you teach through your blog and inspire so many people to pick up their brushes. warmest regards. x

  3. Such lovely delicate flower paintings Lynne. I think 'Painted Blossoms' will be next on my book list.

  4. ah, I see we have been painting the same subject matter... i am working on a series of gigli for my giglio rellies at the reunion this summer... will have to share them soon, and I so love your columbine painting and all your sharings,.... that slant well is pretty fab... xoxo

  5. Drink from your own well, isn't that wonderful and so is the little minx lol I know you are having fun experimenting that's the best part , I love exploring new things ,enjoy your weekend xxx

  6. You rock at painting flowers whether they are loose or more defined. An your sketch 'drink from your own well" is perfect in every way!


  7. love the well drinker! and there is this beautiful summer lightness to scrolling through this post. While I don't paint with water colours it's always fun to see what your up to and where you draw your inspiration! Speaking of water, we have rain today, so welcome after so much tinder dryness.

  8. Hello Amazing Hiking girl! I've missed you this summer. Now I see your flowers and I want to paint flowers! I see your new slant palette and I want that too! I feel giddy with inspiration! But I seriously want a pink water cup that looks like a flower..haha! I met a young man delivering groceries to my home the other day, who saw my paints layed out on a table I use in the kitchen, and asked me if I was an artist. He said he was too when he had time. I asked him what he painted and he said "flowers." Then I was suddenly struck with a desire to do the same - and now you have inspired me further. What a wonderful adventure you've had this summer. I'm going to amazon now to look for a flower painting book! and a slant palette. I love the idea of tearing watercolor paper into book size pieces! Xolivia

  9. Lynne, I love your flowers, I used to draw imaginary flowers long ago and if I did water colors I would love that slanted palette, I think you explained it very well. You are such a generous person sharing all your materials. Love and hugs dear one. xoxo

  10. you are back
    and sharing your charming art with us
    and the things you enjoy using
    i just found the first flower book above this week (online) it caught my attention
    i so enjoyed reading your post slowly
    welcome back to us Lynne ;-)

  11. LOVING the flower work. Joyous. Especially "Sitting outside in the morning". Moi


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