Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'lulu' ~ watercolors, gouache, acrylic paint, oil pastels and matte gel medium on collaged paper, 4" x 6"

i've been having a good time painting on collaged paper...  it's great to let the paper tell me what to draw/paint.   i take my glasses off, hold the (collaged) paper at arms length and see what shows up. if i don't see anything i squint either harder or looser!
'sir edgar and lady elaine' ~ all of these pieces have the same ingredients as 'lulu'

sir edgar and lady elaine (of the magenta branch of intercessors) are headed out. sir edgar appears to be in charge, but don't let appearances fool you...

a nameless white intercessor...  

on all of these pieces i used cream or white oil pastel for the skin. this may be my favorite way to do skin...   one thing that people have asked is how i get the oil pastels into small places;  i use a blending stump to push them around, or i use a white prismacolor pencil in very tiny spots.

the piece i'm working on now...  i've just put white oil pastel down for her skin.  i so love the way it looks, as is.  sometimes i just wanna stop there.  the bird is under a layer of gel medium.  i painted him last night but couldn't see anywhere interesting to go with him (within my skill level, lol), so i decided to make him a layer.  somehow or other the girl showed up after i did that.  (i may have been squinting just right)

if you've been coming here for a while you know that i stopped using acrylic paint a while ago, yet here i am listing it as an ingredient again!   i decided to switch back to white acrylic because  i just don't like the smell of casein paint.  so i bought the blick white acrylic, which i really like.  it's very thick.  the bleached sand was leftover from my acrylic days...   they're good for covering stuff up...
'adele' ~ colored pencil and graphite in pocket moleskine

i drew adele this morning.  as you can see, she and lulu have the same kind of hair and shape of head.  and they both have flowers in their hair!  maybe lulu's her crazy older sister...

* * *

"The art student should be doggedly persistent.  If things don't go well in a given practice session, s/he should know that the best of artists have had many such sessions. But, the remarkable thing about going through a disheartening session is that the student is very often on the threshold of marvelous discovery."

~ Jack Hamm, 'Drawing the Head and Figure'


  1. your collaged intercessors have such depth and i like adelle and her crazy older sister... have been using Open acrylic with my acrylic paints, doesn't dry as fast, makes them more like oils... have you tried it? xoxo

  2. Thank you for a glimpse into how you create your beautiful faces. I admire your work very much.

  3. Lynne, these are all so magical! I love them.
    I also love the quote, it helps as I have been having a lot of frustrating drawing sessions :-).

  4. You seem to be heading in a really ethereal direction which totally suits your work. I really like the collaged paper. It lends something extra.

    And I like your description of how you work. I have tried this with abstraction but not with any success. You have given me the nudge to try again.

    And as always your faces tell such wonderful stories. Pages of them.

  5. Oh Lynne the personality in each of these lovlies is so touching and gorgeous I might add. I love them all, and the bird layer might just surprise you with something special within that piece; that girl has something to share for sure. I can see it in her eyes. I love seeing all of these emerge from the paint and paper, it's almost like they are already living in the papers and paint, the journal and you are simply calling them out, bringing them into the light; it is a truly magical process.

  6. Lynne, these layered, textured, soft paintings are just amazing. Your faces always tell a story and i love how you take us along on your process. Thank you for sharing this. xox

  7. oh. I am somewhat lovestruck with these paintings. I noticed that smell of casein paint :) but I only have one tube (white). I pulled out my oil pastels last night and tried them on brown paper. I'm still experimenting with them...
    Thank you for brightening my day xoxo

  8. i am in love ...amazing .

  9. I love all of these pictures Lynne! The collaged surface makes them so interesting and a little mysterious. I have not painted or drawn much for ages but am really starting to miss it. Maybe a collaged surface is the way to start! I know what you mean about the smell of the casein paint-weird medicinal kind of aroma.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. So much beauty here Lynne...I love your collaged intercessors and how their stories unfold as you paint.

    Loving these beautiful colours...happy colours!

    Great quote too. So often disheartened by our art...but true, so often on the cusp of something wonderful happening.

    Love your intuitive art Lynne.

    Jacky xox

  11. I am always learning from your generous spirit...i still have not tried the casein paints... so I am trying to use what I have for now. Once again I leave feeling uplifted and blessed! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. I have been away from my studio, traveling - your drawings and paintings are making me itch to get back there, which I will be able to do again Thursday. Thanks for the inspiration, Lynne. Your intercessors are powerful. love, sus

  13. oh Lynne i love the guardian angel leaning down shes beautiful , love them all really, Sir Edgar and Lady Elaine lol well what a lovely pair , must say the magenta branch look very uppity lol
    hugz bev

  14. Lynne,
    Is Lulu for sale? I want her. She looks like me.

    Julie Fillo

  15. nice textures ! my favorite is Adèle , so sweet with her lovely flowers in the hair :)

  16. Lulu, Adele, these wonderful pretty sweet faces all nice and cakey with paint and touches of color like only you can do. The nameless intercessor looks like a Sally to me. In the old country she would be called Solita, but to us, here in America, she's Sally. :)

    You might also like Unbleached Titanium acrylic paint. It's a really nice off-white color.

    Your work is always SO inspiring Lynne. I love love love your art. Really I do. It tells stories and it beckons the artist to look closer at how it's made.


  17. Sigh.... such beauty. I just look and then look again. All so beautiful. I love the piece you are working on just as it is now, and can understand why you would want to stop right there. I am sure she will let you know whether to stop or not. ALSO love the quote..wrote the last bit in my journal - not necessarily about art, but perhaps about life in general. Thanks!

  18. I haven't been doing much blog visiting lately - I have missed your drawings. Such gentle sweetness and complexity. xx

  19. Girl and Bird .... tugging at my heart strings. Just love it!!

  20. Well, your technique makes your portraits just glow! Love the luminosity they give off....

    ....Sir Edgar made me blush a bit....haha!

  21. Oh my Lynne, these are just delicious, just adore those two winged creatures, so so beautiful.


  22. I just ADORE your work, Lynne! Amazing! Wish I could just sit down and have something beautiful come out of my heart/hand too.

    Thanks Always,


  23. The intercessors are so lovely, Lynne... your methods and media seem to suit them perfectly. And that Jack Hamm dude is sooooooooo right! There is a really good Ted talk on this very subject, but right now I can't remember who did it. My brain is too full; stuff keeps falling out!

  24. You have such a natural talent, it's a joy to see :) I love the collaged paintings! What more can I say?!xx

  25. hello lynnefriend,

    i ran away from everything on the internet. but i still turn on my computer to come and visit your blog. your artwork never disappoints me.

    anyway, been thinking of you and wanted to let you know i've been visiting - just not making noise (:



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