Saturday, March 9, 2013

'charlotte' ~ watercolors and goauche on white arches drawing paper, 4" x 6"

i've been feeling mighty quiet... 

i'm still painting/drawing on arches cotton drawing paper (both white and cream) and dura-lar;  i enjoy the arches paper so much, and i'm slowly getting to know the dura-lar.  definitely best to use a kneaded eraser on it.

colored pencil and graphite on dura-lar
i like to draw/color pieces on dura-lar to lay over paintings on paper... 

watercolors, gouache and colored pencil on misc. papers

i've also been working on this canvas paper and i like it a lot!  the piece on the top right is on it.  the piece in the middle left is strathmore 500 series bristol (vellum surface) and i don't like it so much.  watercolors aren't brilliant on it, and it just feels sort of flat to me, even with colored pencils.   i still might try the plate surface, though...

and i've printed out photos of art that i love (by artists who are no longer alive - i think this is legally cool).  after my pogo printer quit working i bought a canon selphy cp900 printer; it prints truly gorgeous images but i've hardly used it.  one of the best things about it is that you can print up to eight different images on one 4" x 6" sheet of paper.  i printed two per sheet for most of these images.

so what am i doing with all of these pieces of paper?!  i'm putting them in a box that i made from a book.  this is what it looked like in the beginning. i love the modern library logo and didn't intend to cover it up,

until i saw this picture of frida.  i wanted something to keep everything in, and so far i'm tickled with this idea.   the 'box'  looks full, but if you press everything down it's only about half full.  i am already thinking about the next one, though. 

the book was published in 1944 and is what they call a 'flexi-cover'.  it's fabric over thin-ish cardboard (thin bookboard?), so it's very lightweight.  plus it's a modern library book.  i adore modern library books...

one thing that i like about painting on loose pieces of paper/dura-lar is that you can mix them up and create new combinations.  in the morning i had this dura-lar piece over another painting;  late in the day i put it over this one.    it's very smile making!  i'm still painting on both sides of the paper, just as i would in a book.

if you're wondering what happened to my 'daily book', well, it's sitting there...  still dearly loved but not being used for now. this is the first time since i started painting in 2006 that i've worked outside a book.   i'll just follow this trail and see where it leads...

* * *

"The mouth is singularly the most important feature of the face for conveying the mood or feeling of the individual.  It is the number one sign of expression.  It is forthright and seldom subtle as the eyes may be.  The corners of the mouth alone speak worlds."


  1. I love your book box to store your drawings and printed pictures. Your drawings all look amazing... and yes definitely smile making to layer them. So beautifully done Lynne.

  2. coming here is entering your world and i like it there, that layering you do is so surprising beautiful Lynne, like making reality and dreams or thoughts visible at the same time.
    And Frida yes, she will always be an inspiration, so nice to see her opening your book box, xx

  3. How fun to be able to layer -- and then change those layers -- smile making indeed!
    Love the book box idea - beautiful and inspiring as always.

  4. Hi Lynne, It is fun to come here and enter your world for a while, I agree. Love the Veil Idea with the moveable layer. I often use a milky layer of paint to soften harsher lines or colors but you can't move it . This is brilliant. Love the images you are creating lately.

  5. Your quiet speaks volumes. ;-)
    The book box is fab ! Especially made out of such treasures. I have started working on canvases and other things outside the bindings and I have to say I love it ! But I also miss my journal. Something about having it all together in one document that is so special ! If only there were more painting and creating hours in the day...
    Sending love and spring time juju to you in your quiet place.

  6. I was looking at your book box thinking I LOVE this little book box...But there was a tiny word on the spine I couldn't biggy sized and there it was on a smidgen of paper...LOVE. Your posts always make me happy.

  7. Lynn, I love that book box, you are so very smart. Don't be too quiet, I miss you :-).xoxo

  8. quiet is library and other lands where boxed items may be found we call them "clam-shell" boxes. i could never get my corners squared - i was a failed box maker! but the dura-la-la images/layering reminds me a bit of wim wender - wings of desire:faraway, so close - a little bit like the angel talking to the image beneath - and the eyes appear to be opening and closing with the layering effect...cheers lady of the fields. x

  9. Lynne, there are such riches here,
    your work has taken on a new dimension somehow, as if you have leaped across a precipice and landed squarely on your feet,
    bare feet of course!

  10. I've been using the Mixed Media strathmore 400 series; it's supposed to be their best one. I don't much like the bristol one either. xoxo

  11. I adore the book box so very much. I love all your outside the journal explorations, I think it's good to amble outside the confines of a journal every once in awhile just to stay fresh, lends a different perspective and well, good to stretch in new directions and the best part is that when you are ready, your daily journal will be ready for your return. xxooxx

  12. I have not heard of or experienced dura-lar but I am intrigued by the possibilities for over lays and transparencies. I will follow your bread crumbs of art inspirations any where. Thank you for your generosity! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  13. Ahhhh...I can sigh and relax in Lynne's world. Always interesting and always unique.
    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into having such a great blog.

  14. Popped on the box for a quick peak and here's your blog post. Love! I have been thinking of you and your beautiful creating. I am always in awe the amount of work you produce and your open and kindness to share your experiences.

    It feels like love...

  15. Hi, Lynne - I would love to sit for an afternoon and arrange and rearrange the layers in your book box. Happy week to you, sus

  16. Hey you. Still watching you. and loving what i see.

  17. i might have to pay more attention to the corners of mouths ;-), starting today!

    loved seeing what you are up to
    your box/s are divine and i agree, one can put a lot in a box!

    sending love,

  18. corners of my mouth always lifted while visiting your lovely faces and work.

    feeling the blessing!

  19. oh my Charlotte is so grown up lol and she looks determined lol love your selection of artists m and the box is wonderful , havent tried Dura -lar but u have made it look interesting , hehe u have a way of doing that ... Frida perfect choice for the opening of your book box ..
    luv ya

  20. Oh Lynne...your art in this post is all so lovely. The colors and the pretty face on the middle right in the photo with all the little works is so so good. Perfect really. Your box is awesome...what a great idea. I am lazy...I just go to Walmart and buy those plastic shoe boxes to store everything...but I'd rather have something pretty. Hmmmm....whack! :) xo

    PS: the Arches cotton paper is fantastic...I've been working on them a lot. I cut one piece up into fours and the delicacy of the paper makes me work "light" which I really want to do more of. I am so happy you blogged about that paper!!! OK...I'll be quiet now.

  21. your book is great, and i think you are really onto something with your seethru papers ... i can visualize complex narrative pieces...brilliant!! xox

  22. Oh how I'd love to sift through the images in your bookbox... I print off many pieces of art for my folders (which are becoming too full...I love so many artists and cant get enough of their images). A real treasure box you have made here Lynne.

    Charlotte looks a very private person...not prone to giving too much away???

    Really enjoying your art using the transparencies.

    Love to you.

    Jacky xox

  23. Happy to see you!
    Thanks for the meander.

  24. Really intrigued by the layers and being able to see painted images coming through the pencil drawings on the dura-lar. A lovely mystical effect. Such a clever treasure box too!

  25. I'm tickled pink that you are working outside of the book. I love what you are doing with the papers, pages, overlays, brilliant original storage idea. I love the way you get to handle the art again and again and again as things get moved around and stacked up in different order as they get stashed away safely again in that gorgeous box. Wonderful. N, xo

  26. I'm loving your paper box. As well as the layered art. The mystery is intriguing. Inspiring and filled with authentic joy.

    Coming here always puts a smile on my face and fills the heart.

  27. I love edna rose! she is a true beauty! I would love to inquire about her...
    the book box is cool I have made a few myself for various projects, made several jewelry kits and made a wonderful keepsake/memory box for my son when he turned 21. I love the size and feel of these old books they are very comforting. I like the idea of story art in them as well...
    beautiful work lynne!


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