Monday, March 18, 2013

'edna rose' ~ watercolors, goauche, oil pastels, graphite and acrylic paint on collaged paper

after doing (more or less) precise, neat paintings for a while, it feels great to get messy again...  and i'm always impressed by how they inform each other - what i learn while doing neat influences the messy stuff, and vice versa.     

the main reason i'm working messy again is that with my dh's help, we reorganized my art room.  he took out an iron drain pipe that kept me from pushing everything against the wall.  now i have more room and easy access to what i need without getting up or turning all the way around in the chair.  this room was originally a laundry room - so imagine a space a little bigger than a full size washer and dryer side by side, and that's my art room.   i've always loved it, but it had gotten way too crowded.  it feels so much more spacious now and i wanna work in it again.

these days, any being i draw/paint that has wings or a feather/s i'm calling an 'intercessor'...  so edna rose is an intercessor,

 same ingredients as edna rose

and this is her partner.  you can tell they work together because they're both wearing green feathers.  ; )

that blue is really periwinkle, but nothing i can do in photoshop elements will make it so...

i'm working in three books (not counting my 'daily book') besides on pieces of loose paper.   it occurs to me that with blogging what we do tends to appear linear, when in fact for me nothing could be further from the truth.   i'm all over the place - working on/in whatever calls to me at the time.   

these pages are from the 'smudgy face' pocket moleskine i started in october.

i haven't stuck with just faces,

but i do always use colored pencil and graphite.

i'm okay knowing that it might take a year or two to finish a book...

watercolors, gouache and colored pencil on old paper

back to loose pieces of paper, this is too big to fit in the book box.   but, wow, that old, soft paper called to me... 

so maybe i'll do this with it...   if you click you'll see rows of bulldog clips hanging on nails; art can easily be rotated by changing what's in the clip!  i really think i'm gonna do this in my art room...   

* * *

“Look at any inspired painting. It’s like a gong sounding; it puts you in a state of reverberation.” 

~ Philip Guston


  1. Oh MY - once again you prepare a feast for my eyes and mind. I truly love what you do and the emotional quality your work brings to me.

  2. Good morning, Lynne!
    Your faces are amazing, the newest also. I love the colors and the style.
    Your creative space is looking fine :) Why do you think it is a mess? I think he is perfect. Love the paintings on the wall too.
    Looking for more and wishing a good health to you !


  3. I love so much about this post.

    -peeking into your art room!

    -knowing you are creating 'intecessors' with green feathers

    -your description of the nonlinear way of working

    -and always - your drawings


  4. You are always inspirational! Love Edna and everything! Love the messy and love the neat! Yay on the extra room!

    I am waiting on my order for Arches drawing paper!

  5. lovely a word,
    human angels with the lips to god's ear, god's heart in their work.
    Man, I love you Lynne!

  6. Edna intercedes my heart!! I love her!!

  7. Wow Lynne. I don't know where to start with all of these sweet and lovely gems flying from your fingers. Your Intercessors are so amazing. They pulled me right in, feathers and all. I love them so much. I understand exactly what you are saying about having lots of creative 'pots' on the fire at once. It's how I create as well, always different things going on around me, sometimes it feels like I'm in the middle of a 3 ring circus, each circle containing it's own lively show, at the same time tho, there is a calmness that is ever present in all of it, at it's heart, what we hold true always rises to the surface. I can see your heart in each of these pieces. Love that wall also. what an awesome idea.

  8. Edna Rose is a FINE mess...oh that sweet flowered top of hers...a sweetie from the countryside she is.

    Esther...must be related.

    Your posts always inspire and always take me away.


  9. room to grow - we all need more space then we can ever get - forget the money just give me more space. "edna rose" has a sculptured look - shapeshifting as she thinks about growing more plumes. has you been to the p.o. lately?

  10. I love these rough textures, Lynne, such a fine foil for the delicacy of your beings. The Intercessors - mmmm, i know they are Watching Over.
    smiling your way from Denver, sus

  11. Edna Rose looks like my Aunt Pat...she was instrumental in me living my life as an artist. Thank goodness for our husbands, Have a great week! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. I love Edna Rose so much and her cohort looks like a splendid partner. It is so interesting to see where artist do there work. Your space may be small but looks very inspiring and what a cool chair. I have never seen one like it.
    Thanks for the link to the bulldog clip idea I may have to steal it too. ;)

    Happy Spring

  13. iam never complaining about the size of my studio again... teehee... and the bull dog clips are great.. yes, back to messy... i loves it... xoxox

  14. I am always so excited to see you have a new post...What will you share? As always I come away enriched and inspired. intercessors...we all hope we have one, at least...I love Edna Rose and look forward to seeing more of your "intercessors"...Thanks for your giving heart...

  15. Dear Lynne how interesting , i think Edna Rose would be a perfect intercessor she looks so up for the job , hat on a determined look on her face and what a sidekick she has they will do well... your little nook looks perfect a warm spot to idle away your art time , umm now i can imagine u sitting there when i think of u , but usually u are in the woods lol the art hung on the bullclips i did it once and they kept buckling lol love the quote it resonates with me ...
    luv ya xoxo

  16. what a delicious and eclectic collection of goodies. First I love Edna Rose! She looks like someone who might have come knocking at my door.

    And the bird, so much fun to find the bird here.

    Bull dog clips: inspired!

    And I felt kind of guilty when you said you love your little space. I am always grumbling about the poor quality of light in my downstairs space which is better than my upstairs space because of more artificial light.

    Love the quote!

  17. Gotta love Edna Rose and her partner. Love the textures and the whimsey. Always so fun to visit your world. Thanks!

  18. I like very much your beautiful moleskine . and your little art space nicely organised . I like more and more art on little size , so precious !

  19. funny, last year i bought some boxes of bull dog clips in the thrift shop and i used them justthe way you show us. my studio is rather small too but is has a door which is open as soon as the weather is nice enough, that makes it a kind of bigger and i like to be 'in touch' with the outside, in winter i do work sometimes in the living room as the open fire is burning, i guess even these 'circumstances' have an influence on my work.
    as always, i love what i see here,i really do, xx

  20. Lynne, I love all these, but Edna's partner has my heart. Beautiful work.

  21. I am always in a state of reverberation when I come here. It has been fun to get to know your new beings and creatures a bit.

    How wonderful to have a "new" space full of new inspiration juice.

    Love the display idea ! Like a book on the wall !
    Sending Spring time love and light to you !

  22. Whether they are "messy", transparent, painted or drawn all your characters are always mysterious and soulful. Looking at them is like reading the kind of book that stays with you for a long time after you finished reading. :-)

  23. I always LOVE getting a glimpse of your art room, Lynne! I just keeps getting better.

  24. Lynne, Edna Rose has the best expression of thoughtful determination. The palate is beautiful, its a lovely work.
    I'm on my spring clean up of my own studio, which I can barely walk in , always feel better when its in place. I've been tossing old works and chipped plates and worn out brushes and its very freeing!

  25. lynne, thank you for stopping by the artseat! I do think you should hold on to edna rose! she is a beauty, if she ever wants to leave her nest let me know! you will fall in love making those book boxes! have a great week!

  26. Now I can imagine you sitting in your studio...creating your wonderful art and journals. Such a sweet space and I love that chair!!!
    Intercessors. How perfect for your work.
    Edna Rose is just wonderful. she has quite an intensity about her and I love her strong, straight nose... always such personality emanates from your folk.

    Jacky xox

  27. Amazing! I love Edna Rose! I love them all, actually! They capture such wonderful feeling and your materials are inspiring too!

    Sheila in Oregon


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