Tuesday, June 26, 2012

wow!  i had no idea there would be so many responses!  thank you!!  therese arsenault, you're the winner of the stillman and birn gamma!  

the pic above is of all my finished journals since 2006...  i've tried many a technique in these books;  i've gone through *all* kinds of media, stamping, stenciling, and collage, as i slowly figured out that my 'thing' is painting...

side view

there are three or four books in my closet that i started but didn't finish...  i haven't always persevered.

bookmarks on blank business cards ~ collage, stamping, and paint

but i have been inventive when the need arose...

these are bookmarks that i made and stuck in small pockets taped to the last (blank) pages of a journal.  i was determined to finish it even though i dreaded working in it near the end.  my solution was to stick these bookmarks in vellum pockets on those pages.    yes, yes, art can make you resourceful...

i've learned a lot about books, book making and paper in the last six years, which is why i appreciate the stillman and birn books so much.  when you've tried a lot of different books, you know a good one when you find it.

* * *



  1. Great to see all your journals stacked up. I'm amazed!
    Congrats to Therese!

  2. Congratulations to Therese. Lynne, your journal stack is impressive. The idea of book marks from biz cards inspires. Love the quote! xxoo, sus

  3. So "Beautiful" to see your stack of journals! :]
    Congratulations to Therese, the winner!

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  5. Lynne - love your stacked journals - what a journey! Congrats to Therese - the S&B's are fabulous.

    Love the quote!


  6. What a beautiful pile of love! Thanks for all your inspiring posts and gifts of the spirit.

  7. Lovely to see your pile of art journals. I have quite a stash too so I'm happy to see I'm in good company. :)Congratulations to Therese!
    Jess xx

  8. i love ,love this photo of your journals . makes me smile ...

  9. Congratulations Therese!

    The photos of your workspace with all those gorgeous journals stopped me in my tracks. Wow.

  10. A big ol' pile of love for sure ... and a pretty big commitment of space in your compact world. Of course, I love the graphic element of the stacked journals. My mind's already shopping the images, pondering using them as backgrounds, accents, borders ...
    sending huge hugs!

  11. beautiful

    even closed up so we see the random shape of bulging hours. (VW would be envious. :)

    Amazing how efforts alter us and add up over years!

    To many more journals, cheers.

  12. Look at all your work! I would love to sit in a coffee shop with you thumbing through all your pages asking you about this one and that one.

    Hurray for the winner! : )

  13. Congratulations to winner Therese Arsenault...we hope you enjoy your prize! Many thanks to Lynne Hoppe for sponsoring this giveaway.

  14. Your mountain of journals is absolutely amazing! I would love to spend a month or more just looking through them! :)
    Fantastic quote - posting it in my studio.

  15. Oh Lynne, thanks for sharing your journals with us...what an awesome stack. I L O V E and adore a plump and full journal...artwork literally bursting at the seam, or spine as it were. Oh such journals make my heart jump about with excitement. I wish I lived close by, come over and page through them...chatting about all that you poured into them...thirsty pages waiting to be quenched with creativity...xxooxx

  16. congrats to the winner! and your stacks are so beautiful, so much gorgeosity in learning... xox

  17. wow, such a beautiful pile of books and to consider that they are full of your amazing art!

  18. What a treasure you have in those books. A beautiful and inspiring photo....reminds me I have a lot of work yet to do.
    Congrats Therese and thanks Lynne for the chance to win and the intro to these sketchbooks. I'm going to try them.

  19. congrats Therese u lucky duck lol and Lynne i want to come visit and just sit and look at all those wonderful journals while u go a wandering lol or maybe i will wander with u and look at them with a glass of vino later on lol...

    hugz bev

  20. Congratulations to Therese, hope you have fun trying out your new journal.
    Great to see your work piled up so high Lynne. Am so glad you have discovered YOUR THING and hope that it continues to bring you pleasure. ox

  21. Dear Lynne. I love to see all of your art journals. These artist books are truly magical works from a beautiful, creative soul. I know their magic. I have held them in my own hands!
    Would you want to get together this summer?
    sending love...

  22. Great to see all of your journals stacked like that! You are prolific Lynne.
    I would love to pop over one day and see them, turn the pages, feel the textures, see the special details.
    I finished another journal last week and took a photo of my stack too (he hee... only four journals, but gave me a real feeling of satisfaction). I do love looking back through them. It surprises me sometimes ...what I've created, words I've written.
    Congratulations to the winner of your journal giveaway. I will look for one of these journals to use when I finish the one I am just starting (another Moleskin, but I do love the thickness of the paper).

    Jacky xox

  23. You are SOOOOO inspiring Lynne and the amount of work that you have done : WOW !!! I could have told you before that your thing is painting :)) You give your portraits this ' something ' that I can best describe with 'soul' .... like a true painter !

  24. Oh how I love to see a stack of journals like that, knowing that the pages inside are filled with beauty and creativity.


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