Tuesday, June 12, 2012

 albrecht durer watercolor pencils in my 'daily book' ~ 4" x 6"

i just haven't been painting that much...

i do keep up in my 'daily book', putting in pogo prints and then painting around them, but barely.  i'm behind with that...

i've done quite a bit of covering up of what i have painted.  i glued a painting by bonnard on top of the face on the left page, and i don't remember what was under the flower painting that i cut out of a catalog and glued to the right.  but i like it much better than what was there before!!

my heart is with this

and this

and this.

for now...

edited to add:  since i didn't make myself clear, i must say that i cannot take credit for these flowers in any way!   the only things that grow in my garden are peppermint and some struggling lettuce plants!  these are wild flowers that i've seen on my wanders.  my preoccupation is with wandering and gazing...

* * *

 "Drawing is the simplest way of establishing a picture vocabulary because it is an instant, personal declaration of what is important and what is not."

~ Betty Goodwin via tumblr


  1. Wonderful photo's and i can imagine that you are most in the garden right now. So am i. :-)

  2. Sometimes we are just not as prolific as others ... enjoy this quiet time with nature.

    Beautiful face!

    Jacky xox

  3. The beauty of summer is calling me too. I want to spend time in the flower beds vs painting.

    I am loving those wispy little hairs in your first painting...like the wind is blowing. :)


  4. You must go where your heart is.
    Gardening is art too :-).
    Lovely work.

  5. ... as would mine. How could it be otherwise?

  6. It is so important to take the time to fill the well of your creativity. And what better way to do that, than to marvel at all the miracles of nature.

    Happy wandering, my friend!

  7. yup... i know me too... struggling to get to the studio... whose idea was an august show? sheesh..

  8. don't know if i'd say you're not working...taking it in and thinking is a different form of practice. the journal is flowing and full and the flowers are saying much too.

  9. Me too! Our weather has been too wet for much gardening so the weeds are growing magnificently!
    I'm going to try painting on a table outside (maybe even in the rain!) for a change. xo

  10. Very lovely post, Lynne. :]
    Outside of being creative, nature goes hand in hand.
    To collect and gather ourself, to change with the seasons... ((hugs))

  11. It is so hard to stay in the studio when the weather is fair! Your sunshine would make a wanderer of me, too! xxoo, sus

  12. hi. i'm new here...i admired a heart you had painted on a piece of bone that Michelle Walker posted and she said i needed to come over here and see your work. i'm so glad i did (michelle is so smart...she knows what i like!). and i do love the hearts you paint...the one of the rusty can is one that I would choose for a tatoo (if i were to ever get one!).

    i'm not an artist, but i have surrounded myself with artists of all kinds, hoping that one day, those bits of light that i am ispired by will actually turn into my own creations.

    thanks for letting me roam about over here. i love your flowers, too....i'll most definitely be back.

  13. Love seeing your journal pages and the flowers are so beautiful. A gentle reminder of the sweet joy that can be found in the smallest creations. We just had a good old fashioned morning thunderstorm roll through, it's darker than it is brighter for 11 AM and the birds are all out hunting for a hearty lunch. They are happy and chirping and chattering amongst each other. Nature's version of sharing. I'd love to have a peek at the journals they might carry under their wings. I think they'd look a bit like yours. xxooxx

  14. Lynne, that moth on the flower is so gorgeous! And I love the Bonnard print being pasted over yours, which I'm sure is shining through with all its might~

  15. hey there u happy wanderer u lol love the idea of using found pics to cover work that is not pleasing now i know what to do with some of my not to my liking work lol love seeing your open pages,,,

    hugz bev

  16. HELLO lovely lady. found you via pinterest and loving your heart and art. great to find you on here. love and hugs from a uk artist x

  17. lovely to have a glimpse into your gazing and the artful expressions you are enjoying....

    i found a pile of rusty jar lids on a camp trip this past week, i thought of you as i drew on a few leaving them here and there as i went ~

  18. Hey Lynne, been a while since I visited......
    Shall sit down at lunch time and have a good old catchup on what you've been doing. I can tell I'll be itching to get my paints out and start doing something with them....

    Congrats on winning Julie's giveaway......isn't her work wonderful!!

    Claire :}

  19. Connecting with nature -- a beautiful thing!

  20. Yes, wandering and gazing is one of my preoccupations too!


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