Tuesday, June 5, 2012

'free bird' ~ albrecht durer watercolor pencils in my 'daily book' 

i've come to think of the spring of 2012 as The Days of High Exuberance...   at first i thought High Birdness, but wait, what about High Flowerness and High Butterflyness, and, and...?!!   

i've seen so, so many flowers and taken pics of so, so many flowers.  i chose this one to show here because well, look, it's growing in rocks!  if that's not exuberance i don't know what is!

every year i see a lot of shooting stars, and this year was no different.   i'm showing this pic so that you can see what they look like if they don't grow where you live...  they're pinkish purple...

until this year... when i saw two white ones.  if i had stumbled on the white buffalo him/herself i couldn't have been more surprised and delighted.  i was in a state of deep amazement for hours...

to add to the wondrousness of this, tammie lee of spirithelpers also saw her first white shooting star (in montana - i'm in northeastern california) this spring.  you must go here to see how beautiful they are.  as beautiful as the ones here were, the ones that tammie saw are even more mind blowing.

i've drawn on a lot of sticks

and rusty stuff.

i now know that the color doesn't last much more than a year, and you really can't go back and add more color (on top of the old) because the surface is too waxy - the color from the prismacolor pencils fades, but the wax remains. 

it's worth it though...

* * *

words by allen ginsberg, written in my 'daily book'



  1. I think I may've said this before but your blog is so inspiring, I love the work you create on twigs and other natural found objects :)

  2. High Exuberance indeed! Unbelievably beautiful flowers and I love 'free-bird'

  3. I love that quote Lynne !!! reminds me of sunflowers, of Van Goghs sunflowers.
    Bleak and wintery over here, so I really enjoyed your beautiful flowers and that special 'free bird'.

    Loving the joyous colour.

    Jacky xox

  4. Free bird is such a gentle creature...and I am loving seeing the shooting stars...I never heard of them before. My son recently moved to Montana,maybe I will get to see one too.

    Your posts often remind me I still need to draw my giraffe.

    Happy Tuesday! xo

  5. New to your blog. Beautiful, everything. Wonderful, inspiring post.xoxo

  6. This post was the perfect way to start my morning before I head into the studio...

    I actually let out a sigh of contentedness... So much beauty.

    Thank you

  7. How bout High flying?
    Wonderful bird....
    I read about this small town recently that is famous for its white squirrels. Nature keeps surprising us!

  8. The flowers of spring are the best ! Such delight !
    We do not have shooting stars here but other beauties to marvel at. Thank you for sharing yours !
    Here's to continuing exuberance !
    light and love.

  9. a pretty spring with lots of high, hi's...and good old fashion high!

  10. : D .... my golden sunflower smile... xox

  11. Hi. thanks for sharing this "High"

    a lovely post!

    I think there is philosophy in "the color fades but the wax remains." :)

    want to also thank you for Patti Smith. I never really knew her, a song, that's about it. She's so real, intelligent, beautiful. Both songs on that video I really loved too. xo

  12. Your blog always brings me such sweet joy, especially the past few weeks when I have not been able to feed my creative spirit...in sustaining ways...the kind of stuff that lives in the heart....the current creative project is about celebrating and sharing it with others...and makes me happy..but it's not quite the same...I adore your leaving behind all these colored sticks and stones and lovelies and your photos...such gentle reminders of where our hearts truly reside.

  13. love the fact that the sticks are still beautiful and wax is still intactx lynda

  14. i was hoping that you would share your white star with your readers/friends.... it is quite lovely

    such a wonderful post... in every way
    imagine my surprise and smile when i saw you shared my flowers too!

  15. What a rejoicing post! Thank you for showing us the beautiful white shooting star. She is beautiful! She makes a wonderful flower essence - "Shooting Star teaches souls that the Earth is the right place to humanize one's cosmic consciousness, for it is the place to learn about heart-impelled love." from The Flower Essence Repertory, Pg 377, by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

  16. ahh its a free Lynne bird lol the shooting star is not one we see downunder but then im told that the wild flowers of western australia are amazing and varied so who knows .. i love how u celebrate the flora and fauna ...

    hugz bev

  17. Oh Lynne..... another amazing post. Gosh you make my day! Free Bird is perfect. Love it in every way. And those flowers. Glorious. I love how you leave your mark on found items. Turning trash into treasure. Thank you for sharing such beauty. xoxo

  18. Ahhh, Nature is wonderful, and so are your beautiful uplifting paintings. ox

  19. I love your free bird, it really captures the essence of the name perfectly and I love your idea of drawing on the roots and sticks, it adds such a rustic feel into your garden I may just go out and do the same. Thank you for sharing your paintings they always inspire me I bought my own set of nice watercolors to hopefully do some creating of my own.

  20. A white shooting star - now that is an exuberance! WE have the pink/pale magenta variety here by the muskeg-full, but white? Not that I have ever observed. Love the sharp scent they bear. And I love you little bird! -sus

  21. hi sarah,

    i hope you read this - i don't know how else to contact you! thank you for your kind words and for telling me about da vinci paints... i haven't tried them, but someone else just told me about da vinci gouache so i will have to check them both out.

    also, i replied to your comment in the 'teabag' post - that was when i first checked out da vinci watercolors!

    do try drawing on sticks - it'll make you smile for sure. : )



  22. Oh Lynne, love your watercolor birdie! :]
    Thank you for sharing your the sweet wonders of Spring... enjoy ((hugs))

  23. Breathtakingly gorgeous flowers you have in your part of the world, my dear Lynne Hoppe! It's funny that you mention your *High Exuberance*, because I'm feeling it too. Although I'm trying to slow down and *notice* things more, I feel like I've got more than a a wee bit of ADD these days. There is soooo much to see, even here in the dreaded 'burbs of the Midwest!
    I love your free bird. Makes me wish I could fly. . .

  24. I love it that you're spreading your sunshine art goodness all over the land. I like the sound of these Prismacolours, I think the ones we get here aren't as waxy as yours....?
    Jess xx

  25. dear lynne, your wandering and gazing takes you to beautiful places, but your eyes.. they find the magic. Love the way you painted the rusty can and the quote.

  26. Hey Lynne, the shooting stars look amazing.....at first I thought you meant stars in the night sky and wondered how on earth you could be so quick to snap a pic of them! Then I scrolled down a bit more and saw the flowers....all has been revealed.

    I love your drawings on sticks and the rusty can it's just beautiful ....I might just have to give that one a go.

    Claire :}

  27. Hellooooooo Lynne
    Where have I been?
    Not here for FAR too long.
    Love love love your 'free bird' and all the summer flowers.
    So much colour and joy here.


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