Sunday, December 12, 2010

part II

gilberto ~pencil, soft pastels, casein paint, watercolors & oil pastel on muslin; approx. 5" x 6"

i think i wasn't very clear in my last post about the casein paint... : )

it's the casein paint that creates the texture - it comes in a tube and it's thick. it almost reminds me of wet plaster. it has a matte surface, but if you buff it with a soft cloth it quickly develops a soft sheen. it does smell something like pine-sol when it's wet, but not when it's dry. it is a milk based paint and it's non-toxic. let's see, what else... it dries quickly and they say not to use it in thick layers on canvas (or other flexible surfaces) because the binders will crack. of course i'm ignoring this completely. pencil erases off of it easily.

on gilberto i used soft pastels to put the color down for his face, and then i smudged creme caran d'ache oil pastel over most it. the casein paint (white background) is not slick - you have to really push the oil pastel around with a blending stump.

pencil, soft pastels, casein paint, old wallpaper, watercolors & oil pastel on muslin; approx. 4" x 5"

this is the next page (after gilberto) in a muslin journal i've been working in for months now. the dark spot near her nose is a hole in the page. this happens sometimes when i sand the pages... a bit of something gets under the sanding block and in the blink of an eye i've sanded right through the page...

thank you all for your questions about the casein paint... without them i would've thought i'd done a great job of explaining. ; )

* * *

toe tapping and smile making...



  1. wonderful info Lynne!
    I love both pieces, and that first one, wow wow!

  2. oh how i adore gilberto!
    all lovely texture, feeling & beauty!

  3. thanks for this clarity... I will have to try it, especially since it is milk based, nice.. and gilberto is wonderful love that enigmatic look... fab work..xo

  4. I am in LOVE with Gilberto!!! Does he ever go on sale? If not, does he ever need a vacation? I would happily put him up here at my house for as long as he would like to stay. How can just a face painted on something instill such a feeling in someone? This is definitely the sign of a good painter, Lynne! If you can evoke such emotions, such love, such adoration with just the strokes of your brushes, you are doing you job to the best of your ability. Love him (AND YOU!)

  5. I don't think I've ever seen the casein paint...something new to try...thanks for explaining.

  6. My friend who will try anything and achieve greatness like the wonderful Gilberto..OH if he has a brother please send him to me..LOL..
    NO Really...

  7. The way you smush paint...
    the way you play the bluse.
    Rock on, xox

  8. This process is just fascinating...somehow I keep forgetting to go back to the oil have a very wonderful touch with this medium. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. You probably don't mind about the hole, but if you ever did I bet you could 'fill' it with some gesso.

    If the casien does crack, that could look cool too -especially since you paint on the off-white muslin.


  10. Gosh I love the textural possibilities you are exploring. Casein sounds like good stuff. Thanks for the good info.
    The images are marvelous!

  11. Oh, I love gilberto too... I would like him to watch over me, he seems so wise and peaceful and light. I love the Gauguin painting on your tumblr blog. It was my favorite as a teenage artist. My mother bought me a poster of it. sending love. roxanne

  12. That song got me tappin the ol foot. Such a dif version.

    Mr g loooks like he is keeping watch over all the words written below him.


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