Friday, December 10, 2010

casein paint

pencil, colored pencil, casein paint, gouache, oil pastel & watercolors in zecchi journal ~ 3.5 x 5

i've been messing around with white shiva casein paint, seeing what i can do with it. the reason i got it was because i was looking for a gesso-like paint that wasn't acrylic. so far i like it better than gesso...

sir charles edward - pencil, colored pencil, casein paint, gouache, oil pastel, soft pastel & watercolors in zecchi journal ~ 3.5 x 5

you can paint on it with watercolors and gouache and it doesn't dissolve, but if you get your finger wet and smear it around on the surface, viola! you'll cover up or 'fade out' what you've already done. sir charles once had a body...

dancing shoes - colored pencil, casein paint, gouache, soft pastel & watercolors in zecchi journal ~ 3.5 x 5

and you can dig into it... the butterfly in the upper left was done by digging into it with an awl. anything you can easily dig into is at the top of my list.

most of the opaque color on these pages is pelikan gouache, which i'm growing to love more every day. thank you, olivia, for turning me on to it...

some close-ups so you can see more of the texture. i left them big if you want to click.

unnamed angel - soft pastel, colored pencil, pencil, gouache & casein paint in zecchi journal ~ 3.5 x 5

i feel like i've found another 'ingredient' that'll enable me to paint what and how i want to paint. its only drawback is that it smells like the stuff they used to mop the floors with in grade school when it's wet (pine-sol with an edge). it's odorless when dry, though.

it comes in big tubes for $11.26 at dick blick...

* * *

"In the universe there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors."

~ William Blake, via tumblr



  1. oooooohhh, me likey very very much!
    Dapper dudes and stylie shoes and subtle angels... really love the textures!

  2. Wow, so awesome!!! LOVE it!! your a great inspiration!!!!

  3. casein paint, that is milk paint isn't it?
    I have never tried it, how cool.

  4. seeing the words William Blake and tumblr
    so close together married a lot of time and space inside me. I flinched. Both very visionary :spaces:

    love the cat and your dancing shoes.
    what size are they? hmmm


  5. what amazing texture. thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing your find Lynne! I love these textures. You achieved them with the casein paint? Does it have a flat surface, rather than the shiny surface left by acrylic? Very nice!


  7. Hi Lynne,
    I am in love with Sir Charles Edward. Great! It's good to see your "experiences". Lia likes the unnamed angel a lot - hihi. Wish you further inspirations...
    The words of William Blake are very nice too - you are opening lots of doors.

    See you! :-)

  8. fantastic texture and I do so love masked kitty...
    which is the smelly stuff the casien paint... I am guessing and not the water colors? x0

  9. These are all gorgeous as usual, Lynne..and I am taking note..I love how you have been using a lot of supplies that are new to me!

  10. I love this quote
    and your cat won my heart too ~
    As always thank you for sharing your new experiments with us!

  11. You are so searching and finding these wonderful different mediums..I do love Sir Charles Edward...He so makes me smile.
    oh let me be truthful..He makes me laugh out loud..

  12. I really like the effects of your paintings on that ground. Reminds me a bit of Klee-your imagery. The softness is what I've been wanting too. Thanks for showing me this new ground!

  13. Dear Lynne,
    I am in love
    with your (mostly) white
    and your special way
    with bits of red
    in a powder sugar world...

    xox - eb.


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